Chapter 9: Heroine Halos power!

Farrah Whitlock, the new unlocked side character with scary physical features was now helping our Heroine on finding a part-time job because she was financially struggling.

The both of them were having a pleasant conversation until Farrah stopped into an almost run down restaurant with a sign Whitlock Resto. Some of the windows had cracks in it and the place had overgrown weeds in the side.

Farrah looks around before opening the door for Analissa who still smiles politely at her in understanding.

Deep inside Farrah was afraid the restaurants physical outlook would turn off Analissas want to work there but it didn seem to be the case. ”Um… please come inside. ” (Farrah)


The door opens making a squeaky sound and Farrah moves aside to let the petite blonde girl in. ”Thank you. ” (Analissa) walks inside and sees a well kept place, but it was all empty.

The wooden chairs and tables had no one on it. It was clean, well organized and… huh?

”W-Whats that smell? ” (Analissa) asks, her nose perking up and couldn help but sniff the air due to smelling something appetizing.

Farrah seems to be happy to be home and was very welcoming to the new girl she just met. ”My grandma must be cooking… would you like to have a seat? You
e surely famished after all the suitor chasing. ” she walks over to an empty chair and pulls it out for her.

What a gentlewoman! Still the whole chasing suitor joke got her giggling a little because she was right.

Analissa nodded in reply, taking the offered seat and sitting properly with her back straight as she waited for Farrah to bring whatever her grandma was deliciously making. ”Ill be back in a bit, Miss. ” (Farrah) leaves Analissa to inspect anything interesting inside the café.

The atmosphere of the place was nice and quiet, it might be good for an introverted person like her but clearly this can be good for the business.

Are they perhaps struggling? Shes not seeing any staff near either, maybe its just Farrah and her grandparents… thats not good. The outside look is certainly not welcoming customers either.

”Im back Miss Analissa. ” a gentle soft voice called out to her, Analissa looks up to see Farrah balancing some trays in her hand, her biceps flexing a little.

”Oh- Welcome back! ” (Analissa) motioned for Farrah to perhaps sit with her. The charm on this woman was certainly scary because the other girl couldn deny her request to sit with her.

The lady full of scars smiled happily setting down the steaming hot dish in front of Analissa. ”Wow… ” (Analissa) was simply amazed to see what was in front of her.

A very fine meal, sauté vegetables full of seasonings, some mashed potatoes on the side and some thick gravy. There was also some dessert on another plate and it was an apple tart! The sugar glistened and Analissa swears that it was the most mouth watering thing she has ever seen. ”My grandmother will be here in a bit, please make yourself comfortable. ” (Farrah) takes the seat beside her looking happy that in a long while finally a customer showed up!

Analissa snapped out of her trance on the delicious meal and realized- of course she has to pay before eating any of these! ”Right the payment for this! ” (Analissa) was about to take out her pouch but Farrah stops her.

”You… are our guest, please don mind it. This one is on the house. ” (Farrah) smiles shyly, placing her chin under her palm.

”Guhk! ” It gave a hard blow to our Japanese streamer who can take this utter cuteness to another level and wondered why shes not seriously a love interest?! What a waste!

”O-Okay… Haha- um thank you for the food. ” (Analissa) awkwardly looks away trying to dismiss her thoughts for being whipped by strong but shy women. She takes her fork and begins eating the sauté vegetables. The vegetables were so soft, the fork just goes right through it and theres not much oil in it too. ”Mm! This is so good! Your grandma must be one amazing cook! ”

Farrahs eyes softened the moment she complimented her grandmother, the grandmother who has always been there for her in times that she needed it. ”I-Im glad you like it. ” what a really honest person, Farrahs first impression of her.

Analissa certainly meant her compliment and went for her seventh bite already. The first meal was gone already and she went straight for the mashed potato next. It was in a small bowl and she poured the thick gravy over it. ”Wow, its so smooth. ” She takes the spoon and pokes the mashed potato.

It was so delectably creamy you can taste the sweet mouth filling butter in it. ”Im so glad I came here. ” (Analissa) muttered while having food inside her mouth. It makes the whole suitor chasing so worth it.

Farrah stands up to grab some water in the kitchen seeing that the girl might need it for dessert. ”Here… water. ” She sets it down with a satisfying clunk on the table.

”Hehe! Thank you! ” (Analissa) grabs the cup of water like a little child and quickly goes for the dessert.

Farrah blinks for a moment looking at the blonde girl munching on her food… for some reason she looks like… ”Hamham? ” she muttered on accident and covers her hand in a panic. She just looked like the old pet hamster she had when she was just a little kid!

Analissa who was munching on the apple tart heard it and looks at Farrah in confusion. ”Hamham? ” like the meat? A small image of a cooked delicious ham appeared on the Heroines head.

Ah, that would go well with some bread and cheese…

”No… no its erm. My old pet hamster… ” (Farrah) answers and that even made Analissa more confused.

”Oh? Where is it? Is it near us? ” (Analissa) looks around the café and sees no hamster in sight.

Farrah being the shy girl she is, stands up and points at the kitchen. ”My… grandma is taking so long Ill go grab her now. ” she certainly can tell this girl she just met. She reminds her of her old pet hamster when she eats!

She might misunderstand and think of it as an insult! For now she should retreat!

”Oh! Okay, Ill finish this dessert then thank you. ” (Analissa) didn bother to press onto her pet hamster when she could just eat this delicious filling of sweets. ”Mn… ” she moaned in pleasure when she took the first bite of it.

The juice of the apple was still there and the bread base just melted on her tongue. To think she can have this kind of five star gourmet experience for free!

”Grandma watch your step… ” (Farrah) was assisting an elderly woman full of white silver hair with a hunched back and wrinkled face but she looked so sweet. Like one of those sweet grandmas who would give you ten dollars when your mother was not looking.

”Oh! Is this the dear wholl be working with us? ” She walks slowly into Analissas view and immediately she stands up and bows to greet her elders.

”Hello Mrs. Whitlock. My name is Analissa Blanchet and Im here to try and apply for a job- a waitress, a dishwasher, or anything available really! ” (Analissa) looks up once more to see the amused elderly nudging her granddaughter happily.

Farrahs grandma laughs softly, letting go of her granddaughters support. ”Hello Analissa, dear. Everyone calls me grandma here. Mrs. Whitlock makes me sound so strict. ” (Grandma Whitlock) sits down to meet Analissas gaze. ”You
e very young and energetic. We need more of you here. Sadly its only Farrah keeping the place running… ”

Analissa looks at Farrah who shyly looks away and answers. ”Everyone… is scared of me when I try to serve them… we hired other people but… ” (Farrah) stops frowning a little.

Grandma Whitlock continues for her. ”They didn last… because we don pay minimum wage you see, we
e currently in a pinch right now so dear if you decide to change your mind its alright. ”

Analissa looked at the sad girl who looked like she was about to cry- and immediately decided. ”Its alright! I can work here! I can just get minimum wage payment when the store gets better. ”

Another perk of working in this place is Farrah, shes literally the sweetest girl Analissa has ever seen but shes seen as scary and- if shes by her side the suitors usually leave her alone!

Besides… they just need customers right? In that case, even if its shitty she has a plan to turn things around for this restaurant.

”Ohoho! I like her Farrah, where did you ever get a spontaneous little one like her? ” (Grandma Whitlock) laughs wholeheartedly, feeling proud of her granddaughter for bringing a cute helpful girl like her.

”Actually grandma. It was more like she found me… ” (Farrah) looks down a little remembering the embarrassment she did to threaten the suitors away.

She never really wanted to do that… but she looked so uncomfortable she couldn help herself say all those things… ”Your granddaughter was really cool, grandma. I had a bunch of creeps following me but she went and told them off! ”

Farrah gasps!

No! Don tell grandma!

”Ahhh… ” she covers her face all flustered and hides away in shame. Grandma Whitlock pats her back still proud at how much of a good person their granddaughter turned out to be.

”So when can I start? ” (Analissa) asks, standing up and feeling pumped on the job. Its the first time in her life that she can work some physical labor in an otome game with some salary! Its so exciting!

”Oh deary, its Sunday today. Business is rather slow. If you want, can you wait till Monday in the afternoon? ” (Grandma Whitlock) suggested but Analissa wants to start now!

”Oh wait! Give me one moment! Let me just run around the block and um please get ready Ill go grab some customers! ” (Analissa)

”Child wait- oh how sweet of her. Getting us one or two customers is nice… ”

Farrah was too late when she realized about the danger that was about to come. ”Grandma… Ill call grandpa out in the kitchen. Well need all the help we can get and start the stove please! ” She instructs her grandmother despite having no idea what was about to come.

”Goodness me, that child sure is excited to even bring her grandpa along all this. I can wait to serve a customer or two again. ” (Grandma Whitlock) strides into the kitchen humming with no care in the world.

Meanwhile Analissa…

She was getting surrounded by plenty of men the moment she took twenty steps away from the restaurant. ”Okay, walk swiftly and let them come to me. ” (Analissa) tells herself taking a deep breath.

Ugh, time to get her fake face on.

”Miss! Miss! Whats your name! ”

e so beautiful than any jewelry I have ever seen! ”

”Where do you live?! ”

”Please date me! ”

Analissa was already forming a crowd, she smiled politely at them all before stopping near the restaurant and put on the most fakest yet innocent sweet face perfect for a Heroine like her. ”Um… Im sorry but Im working right now. ” she says like the perfect pick me up girl she is.

e actually doing a limited time takeout smile if you order something from our restaurant! Its the one right there. ” she points at the restaurant Farrahs grandmother owns. ”Will you… come and see me there perhaps? ” (Analissa) looks away all shy and it gives the perfect bait.


Hook, line and sinker.

They all ran and tried going inside the restaurant door. Bam! Bam! Slam!

”Move it! ”

”I got here first! ”

”Shut up! Move! If theres anyone wholl take her smile first its going to be me! ”

Grandma Whitlock ran outside the kitchen immediately and saw chaos! ”C-Customers?! This much! Farrah, get your grandpa! ”

”Coming! ” (Farrah) yells through their second floor running as fast as possible. To think their new recruit was a whole man magnet!

This is a new kind of hell but its good for the business!

”Hehe… time to work! ” (Analissa) happily goes to another backdoor that she saw and helped serve the customers and oh dear me some lined up outside when the whole restaurant was full.

Thank you to my *******!


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