Chapter 8: Search for a part-time job!

Class was over and it was a weekday. Analissa has been going through the library after school when Lord Ein and her had no need to train. She would grab a book anything related to light magic and would study all that she can. ”So… okay the easiest spell here should be [Heal]. That should be easy to do. ”

During the night she would train herself and practice controlling her magic.

The school was not that busy and the other commoners were allowed to partake in part-time jobs and that was Analissas next mission.

After all…

Shes broke as hell.

”Time to head onto the city. ” She opens her closet where she made a hidden compartment to hide the new uniform she has. So next time whoever those bullies that ruined her uniform won get to it.

”It was still weird why a bird was carrying the school uniform of our school… ” (Analissa) says while sorting out the decent clothes she has left hanging in a metal rail.

The said person who bought the same uniform on the other hand sneezed while drinking her tea in her own home. ”Achoo! ” (Lady Evelyn) sneezes and thought it mustve been the cold wind affecting her today.

Analissa was wearing her casual clothing with a cute brown skirt with padded pink flowers and a white blouse with a blue ribbon. She had to walk from school to the city which was near so it wasn hard getting there. The only problem that she had to face was…

”Woah… what a pretty lady. ”

”Where is she from? ”

”Do you think shes single? ”

The Heroine Halo was still in effect and every man whispered in the corner wondering where the beautiful blonde girl was headed. Analissa reminded herself when shell go out next time… she needs to hide her complexion.

She feels like a celebrity with the way that they were staring.

At some point she even managed to create a small crowd of suitors that were following her behind. Analissa shuddered with the useful yet annoying effect she has- and tried losing them. However the more she tried to escape the more men piled up and tried asking where she lived.

”Miss! Wait! Whats your address?! ”

”I need to know where you live so I can send some letters! ”

”Pretty lady, please tell me your name! ”

”Im a son of a Baron! My father told me to find a suitable wife and I think it might be you! ”

Oh hell no!

Being tied at a young age of eighteen is the last thing she wants to do! Even if shes an old lady mentally speaking- she doesn want to be married to anyone yet!

”Oh come on piss off! ” she yells at them but that only made them more eager to have the Heroine. For some reason
o meant yes for these simps. At this rate she won be able to find a part-time job!

Looking at the huge sea of crowd she was about to give up on running but she bumps into someone who stood still and almost toppled over Analissa. ”Ah- ” she almost fell into the crowd who was almost ready to catch her behind but a tall muscular girl holds her gently by the wrist pulling her safely to let Analissa stand on her own.

She had a lot of scars on her face, at first impression it would certainly give her a scary monster look in terms of some people. ”Are you alright? ” she asks Analissa who almost didn notice her savior was actually sort of embracing her right now.

Wait a moment. Embracing her?

Analissa immediately composes herself and thanks the helpful stranger. ”Y-Yes I am. Thank you. ” she gave the scar lady a wide smile and couldn help but glance back at the sea of suitors she pulled.

The scar lady noticed the uncomfortable setting between these men and the girl. She seemed to be running away with how disheveled she look. Her brown hair shone in the heat of the sun, she walked forward to face the men that was now looking up just to meet the scar lady.

Analissa felt like she was being protected by a huge brown bear for a moment. The scar ladys hand motioned for her to stay behind her as she appeared huge in front of the suitors gaze. ”Do. We. Have. A. Problem. Here? ” she asks them, looking so fearsome.

The men looked at each other and shook their heads. Never had they seen a lady this… unattractive and unsettling! A freak!

”N-No we don … ”

”I-Im a son of a Baron if you hurt me there will be consequences! ”

”Erm I think I hear my wife calling me so… ”

Analissas ears perked up when she realized even married men can get hooked into the Heroine Halo! This is some real scary power- and she doesn want it anymore!

The tall lady with scars clicked her tongue and glared at the men. ”Now move. Leave her alone. If you don … ” she puts her fingers together and lets out a satisfying crack sound.

Crack! Crack!

She balled them into a fist and the suitors heard the message. They all apologized, said sorry and left Analissa alone. I-Is she dreaming?

Analissa pinched her cheek and indeed shes not dreaming! All the suitors actually left her alone. ”Woah! ” The Heroine looked at this really amazing scary scar lady! And thought she was cool!

”T-Thank you so much! I don know what wouldve happened if you weren there to save me. ” (Analissa) smiled so brightly that the scar lady couldn help but smile back.

”You looked uncomfortable. Many of the men were following you from the looks of it. Are you someone famous? ” the scar lady asks and Analissa chuckles.

”No… people just like to flock around me I suppose. ” (Analissa) scratches the back of her neck happily. Its been so long since another girl talked to her! All of the other girls were just horrible or just ignored her but then again those were girls that went to an elite private school intended for nobility.

”Ah! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Analissa Blanchet, may I know yours? ” She extends her hand to the lady and she takes it.

”My name is Farrah Whitlock. ” (Farrah) takes her hand back before giving a little awkward wave. ”Uh I guess this is goodbye now. ” She walks past her but Analissa grabs a hold of her wrist. She doesn know anyone here and if she walks around by herself another flock of suitors might form!

She needs to find a job while having Farrah by her side.

”Um, wait! I need to ask something- do you know a place where I can get a part-time job? ” (Analissa)

Farrah looks at her fragile hand that was holding her wrist. Analissa didn notice the stare so Farrah blinks in confusion. A place where they
e accepting someone who needs a job… wait doesn she need a part-timer in her place? ”My grandparents… owns a restaurant? ” she mutters out weakly feeling a little shy with all this sudden interaction.

Analissas eyes twinkled with hope!

”Really?! C-Can I try working there? ” (Analissa) leans in more closer her perfect set of white teeth could be seen with how widely she smiled at Farrah.

For some reason… Farrah couldn say no. She kept staring at those pretty blue orbs they call eyes and she wasn sure if she was hallucinating but there were stars in there…

”So Farrah can I try working there? ” (Analissa) repeats the question seeing that the woman in front of her seemed to be frozen.

Farrah finally broke out of the spell and nodded automatically to Analissa. ”Um… sure? ” She was now walking towards her grandparents restaurant, a pretty girl in tow.

”So Miss Farrah do you also work in your grandparents café? ” (Analissa) walks closely by her side keeping a look out for any suitors that might attack. Thankfully every men seemed to have been infatuated for a second but backed down when they saw Farrah.

”I… scare people so I hide in the kitchen where I cook. No one likes to work for the café because its a little run down… Only my grandparents friends come in to eat. ” (Farrah) explains softly and Analissa sees her like a huge teddy bear you can hug with that soft voice of hers!

One minute she was scary and commanding! Now shes like… soft and cuddly.

Shes never seen this side character before. Maybe because in the original story the Heroine didn look for a part-time job. ”So you cook Miss Farrah? What kind of dishes do you like to make? ” (Analissa) continued to ask questions happily and the lady full of scars felt she had flowers floating around her.

Someone whos not afraid of her… was a new experience. She liked it.

”I… like making limeros soup, porkchop with rice… and I also bake? ” she looks away, a little embarrassed. Usually when people heard of her being able to bake, they would give an unbelievable look and even called her a liar. ”I um… I like making apple pies and tarts. ” (Farrah) shyly adds.

Analissas eyes twinkled further. How good her hands must be at kneading! It does look a little bigger than the average hand of a girl. ”If I work there will I be able to taste them? Of course Ill pay! ” (Analissa) waves her hand around excitedly feeling that she mightve sounded like a freeloader.

Farrah nods subtly. ”If you get accepted by my grandparents. I… I can make you some. ” in Analissas vision it was like… very pink and pretty. The way she said those words- it will give someone a heart attack.

Analissa had to hold her chest for a bit feeling angry at the otome game. Okay- this game clearly had potential for yuri! Look at this girl- scary looking but actually soft on the inside!

How unfair! If she had Farrah Whitlock as a love route- ten out of ten she would take it in a heartbeat! Just imagine what kind of adventure she can have and how much food she can devour in this love route!

But of course, her heart still belongs to Lady Evelyn. Loyalty runs through her blood.

”Ehe… ” (Analissa) daydreams and Farrah tilts her head curiously at the happy looking blonde girl.

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