Mine Breaker

The weapon store really was close by, just as the manager had said.
He explained the situation to the owner, and a place was prepared in the open space in the back.

As for the method to be used, it would be a test cutting.
Sacks of straw had been lined up, and we would see how many I could cut.

There just happened to be a B-Rank Adventurer dwarf in the store, and so we would both give it a try.


The dwarf swung the Mine Breaker, and with a loud noise, the straw sack was cut open.
It stopped after cutting into the second sack.
That was a lot of power, considering the enchantments were not activated.

“Hmm, so that’s all you can do with this sword.”

Still, the Adventurer grumbled with dissatisfaction.

“Now, let’s see how much you can do with that leg and this sword.
Show us the skill of a wyvern slayer.”

I accepted the Mine Breaker.
He was certainly raising the bar.
Even though I had said earlier that the result was obvious.

Still, I had come all of the way here, and so I had to do it.
And so I stood in front of the row of sacks.

Then I closed my eyes and sent my magic energy into the Mine Breaker.
The blade would have been greatly frustrated as well.
It had been made as a sword, but was not used as one.
It was just a decoration.

But I shall prove your worth.
We’ll show the others that they were wrong to call you a magic staff.

And so, I’ll need your help.
Lend me your power as a sword.

The more energy I sent into it, the lighter the sword became.
Instead of it seeming less reliable, I felt a sense of unity, as if the sword was now a part of my own body.

And so I increased the amount even more.
To my limit.
No, even a little farther.
By now, the sword was about the same weight as a one-handed sword.

Now, let’s do this, Mine Breaker! Become the sword of my travels without end!!

I opened my eyes and looked at the straw sacks.
I rested the long sword on my shoulder, and then kicked off the dirt with my prosthetic leg.


The tip of the sword drew an arch through the air, my body rotated from the waist, further accelerating as it slammed into the sack as if being sucked towards it.
The moment was not weakened after cutting through the second one, and it smoothly continued to slice through.
I could feel that magic energy was depleting every time.
That was the kind of sword it was.
It was only after the third sack that it lost momentum, and then it stopped inside of the fourth one.


The dwarf Adventurer shouted from behind me.
How was that, manager? Were you watching?

However, when I turned around, I saw that he was crying.

“Indeed, you have shown me how the Mine Breaker can shine! Thank you!”

“Uh, ah…”

“I’m so glad.
It wasn’t useless after all.
I am so happy!”

Well, that was what I wanted to say.

Once he had calmed down again, the manager started to explain to me about the Mine Breaker.

“This sword was made by two of my friends, a blacksmith and a magic artificer respectively.
They dreamed of raising their techniques, and put everything they had into this sword.
And yet people mocked the fruits of their labor, terribly.”

“But it was for an experiment, wasn’t it?”

“No, it wasn’t just this sword.
Back then, we didn’t think about how convenient something was to use, but were obsessed with making the tools that we wanted.”

That was common with young crafters.
It was not a bad thing to challenge yourself.
But I suppose it was best to be able to balance it with regular work.

“After the three of us realized this, we drank at a tavern and discussed it.
Let us make sure to not forget this lesson.
We will call it ‘Mine Breaker,’ and put it in a place where we can see it.”

So it wasn’t named that as an insult.
Even if it wasn’t exactly flattering either.

“But, we were wrong.
Because the Mine Breaker has met its wielder and proved its own power!”

I felt rather left behind as the manager shook his fist and talked passionately.

“We-well, thanks to that, I was able to find this sword…”


The manager said as he pointed at me.
Ah, damn it.
He was not going to stop.

“Making what is needed is not enough.
It has to be something with a lot of passion put into it.
And I was merely a bystander.
It was my duty to connect creators with users, the one who was truly useless, was me!”

There was nothing for me to say at this point.
The manager continued his fervent speech, while I, the weapon store owner, and the Adventurer listened quietly.

I wondered if the store owner had nothing better to do, but his wife later brought in some tea, so I suppose it was fine.
As for the Adventurer dwarf, he seemed to be enjoying it.

I took a sip of the hot tea, and looked up at the sky.
There were more clouds than before.
I had heard that the weather changed quickly, as Gasebabar was near the mountains.
Perhaps it will rain today.

“Ah, thank you.”

The owner’s wife brought some food, which looked like some kind seed.
It was seasoned with salt and quite good.

“…So, that’s how it was!”


The manager’s long story finally came to a close, and the three of us clapped.
There was a sense of unity among us, as if we had achieved something.

After that, we moved into the store, and the owner bought the sword that I had been using up until now.

“This is some extra, since you put on quite the show!”

He said, and bumped up the amount a little.
I then added my own money and used it to pay the manager.

“Do you think that I could change the name?”

“The name is carved into the magic part of the hilt.
So you cannot.”

Apparently, I was not able to change the name.
Unfortunate, but it could not be helped.
Now, I just needed to use it until no one could say that it was useless.

“I look forward to hearing about the feats of Ajifu and the Mine Breaker!”

The manager now knew my name.
The Adventurer had heard the rumors, and told him.
And while I had also heard the manager’s name…I just called him manager.

“I have no intention of doing anything that people will talk about.”

I said with a chuckle and shook their hands before leaving.

“Ah, welcome back.
You’re early.”

I returned to the inn after a late lunch, and the young innkeeper greeted me.

“Well, I got what I wanted.”

“Oh? So you saw something interesting then?”

She said with an amused grin.

“Yes, well… It was quite different from what I was expecting, though.”

So saying, I slowly unsheathed the sword and showed it to her.

“Huh? Is this…that sword!?”

“Thanks to you, I found a good sword.”

I said with a smile.
Her eyes widened with surprise.

“Up until now, it was thought of as useless.
However, that was wrong.
The Mine Breaker is a great sword.
Full of potential.”

But her expression remained surprised.

The blade, which was wider than my previous one, and shone pale blue, clearly reflected her expression.

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