nor to get to meet you!”

Unfortunately, the story seemed to do well with women as well.
She then gave me back the plate, along with a guide.

Using a fake name previously had not gone well.
It could not be helped, as it did not match the name on my Adventurers plate.

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In that case, perhaps I should just change the name on the plate.
However, it was not that easy.
It was possible, as one’s name might change through adoption, marriage or a reward.
However, you would have to prove publicly that you had a good reason for the change.
After all, this was also your identification.

As I headed for the exit, my path was suddenly blocked by several dwarf Adventurers.

“Can I help you?”

I asked.

“You’re Mr.
Ajifu, aren’t you? I heard about how you killed the wyvern.
I’ll buy you a drink, if you like.”

While the beard made it hard to tell, he seemed rather young, based on the voice.
And his breath smelled of ale.
I suppose they had overheard us.
Things never went well when I was near a bar.

“Sorry, but I want to get a look at the town.
Let me pass.”

I was not going to be their entertainment for the evening.

“Now don’t be so stubborn, eh?”
“Yes! Drink with us!”
“Tell us about it!”

Said the others as they surrounded me.
They must have been in the same party.

However, they did not do anything.
Because two furious Adventurers had appeared behind them.


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Four fists came down over their heads.

“Sorry for the trouble, young man.
Dwarves should know to be more polite when drinking.
I’ll make sure they are properly educated, so please forgive them.”

Their equipment seemed rather good.
And they bowed apologetically, as did a few others who were nearby.

“No, that won’t do at all.
I will punish them myself.”


The atmosphere of things wrapping up neatly was smashed.
And I raised my hand towards the young Adventurer.

“Nana-len-mas-nar Cure Poison!”

I chanted, and then the young Adventurer’s face became less red, and then he turned pale.

“I-I’m sorry!”

He suddenly changed his tune and bowed his head.

What did you do?”

“Removed the alcohol from his body, that’s all.
It’s quite effective on drunks.”

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I had used it often in the Rokuidol church.

“Bahaha! Removing alcohol from a dwarf! What a terrible thing to do.
You really are as amusing as the rumors made you out to be.
What do you say? How about accompanying me while I educate these youngsters?”

He said as he pointed to the bar.
I suppose I could accept this kind of invitation.
These days, I was always the target of discussions, so it would be a nice change to flip the table once in a while.

After that, the youngsters drank, and then were cured as they continued to be lectured by the increasingly drunk people around them, much to their dismay.
I would sit back and drink, and from behind, cast Cure Poison on them every once in a while, to keep them sober.
That being said, there were four of them, and so I soon ran out of MP, and they were finally free.
And so they could drink as much as they wanted.

“I’ve never been as afraid of light magic as I was today.”

Now that we had peace at the table, I drained my mug at the table with the Adventurers.

“But it is Lord Memrikia’s miracle.
You should accept it gratefully.”

It’s not light magic I should be afraid of, it is you, Ajifu.
You are the man who kills the drunkenness of dwarves.”

“Kills drunkenness…”
“Drunkenness killer…”
“Ajifu the Drunkenness Killer.”

They began to mutter the name with a sense of dread.

And like that, the name ‘Ajifu the Drunkenness Killer’ became well-known at the Gasebabar guild.

The only thing I could do was silently tip my glass.
That was all.


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