Chapter 77 – Sub-account

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I was standing at a crossroad.
This was not an expression.

After passing through Nenezeur, I arrived at the next town, Meserolo, which was really a big city at the end of the wilderness.
The dwarven kingdom of Gasebabar was inside of the mountains to the north.
I would be able to reach it if I continued down the road, which they used to transport the iron ore.
However, my destination was not the dwarven kingdom.
If I wanted to head to the elven forest, then I had to go west, towards the Rabahask imperial city.

And this city of Meserolo, was where the road split into three.

Normally, you would just choose the road that stretched out towards your destination.
However, this feeling of, ‘the dwarven kingdom is ahead of you.
Are you really just going to pass it?’ made me stop in my tracks.

‘You are in no rush on this journey.
Surely it is fine to stop there for a short while.
Perhaps you might find an amazing sword?’

The devil whispered in my ear.
However, the angel had its opinion as well.

‘You don’t even have the money to buy a new sword.
Continue on to your destination.’

To be precise, it wasn’t that I didn’t have any money at all.
If I used all of the money I had saved up for my journey, then I could surely buy one fine blade.
Of course, I would be in great trouble after that.

After thinking it over, I decided to head to the dwarven kingdom of Gasebabar.

Besides, just because I went to Gasebabar, it did not mean I had to waste my money there.
The sword I was currently using was more than enough.
I had even used it to tear open a sand scorpion shell.
I just would not think about buying a sword there.
This was social studies.
It would help me to learn more about this world.
Yes, in no way was this a detour.

…Ultimately, I just really wanted to go.

And after swearing to myself that I would keep the string of my purse tightly closed, I headed for the carriage station.
Yes, that meant horses.
In this place, you could get water by digging wells.
And so people used horses instead of grand lizards.
After seeing a horse again, I was reminded of Hyuga.
The last time I saw him, he had been surrounded by three mares, and that’s how it would always be.

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“Are you searching for a ride?”

One of the drivers asked me.

“Do you know when one will be traveling in the Gasebabar direction?”

“Early tomorrow morning.
We’ll be heading to the next town on the way, Mesebabaro.
Three days, and two nights.
It’ll cost twenty silvers.”

“I see.
I’ll go then.”

I gave him two great silvers in exchange for the ticket.
Considering the future, perhaps it might be best to buy a horse again.
But I did not hate traveling by carriage either.
Besides, I had learned healing magic, so I was no longer afraid of my ass hurting.

As I had secured a method of travel for tomorrow, I returned to the inn and was greeted by the innkeeper’s daughter.

Ebifu, welcome back.”

“Aye, I would like some hot water.”

Ebifu was the fake name I had written in their record.
When I had entered the town and showed the guards my Adventurers plate, they had said, ‘Oh! So you’re the Mr.
Ajifu I keep hearing about!’ And so I decided to be careful.
In Meserolo, I didn’t even make a report of my arrival at the Adventurers Guild.
I was not doing anything bad, and so there was no need to be so secretive.
But I had no intention of accepting quests here, and it would be troublesome if people started talking about me.

I accepted the hot water and returned to my room.
Then I sat down and took out a knife.
I placed the tip on my finger and held my breath.
No matter how many times I’ve done it, I cannot get used to it.
After lightly drawing the blade, there was slight pain and then blood welled up.

“Mei-lei-mote-sei Heal.”

I chanted, and the wound closed up.
I was leveling my skill with light magic.
On the road, I would not have as many opportunities to use Heal, compared to the Rokuidol church.
And so I had no choice but to do this, and deplete my extra MP.

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Not only that, but I had to do it until I ran out.
And it hurt too.

Once I was out of MP, I moved my magic energy a little, confirming the feeling, and then I stopped my training.
I could practice controlling my magic energy, even while I was walking.
And that way, I could level up my parallel thought skill as well.
For that reason, I rarely did it in my room now.
As for sword training, doing it with a prosthetic leg outside would draw attention, and so I avoided it.

I felt very cramped here.
I wanted to quickly get to places where the rumors hadn’t reached.
In that case, I should move quickly.
And then reason and desire started fighting again.
However, I had already bought my ticket for the carriage.
And so after rolling around restlessly on the hard bed, I fell quietly asleep.

The next morning, I paid off my room, and then left on the carriage headed for Mesebabaro.
After traveling for half a day down the paved road, I started to see more green in the scenery around us.
That alone greatly changed the impression.

On the way, we were attacked by kobolds, which I had not seen for a long time.
However, the Adventurer guards dealt with them easily, and we reached our first campsite.
The campsite was a cave, carved out from a rocky mountain.
It was quite deep, and so you would only need to guard by the entrance.

“Should I help with watching?”

“No, my party can handle it.
We’re used to it, anyway.”

I volunteered to help, but it was apparently unnecessary.
However, while I was sleeping soundly, I was suddenly awakened in the middle of the night, due to the sounds of horses and the voices of the guards.

“Clay leopards! They’re targeting the horses!”

Ah, those things.
Having the horses targeted was bad.
I tightened the clasps of my gear, and stepped outside.
The battle had already begun.
There were four Adventurers against two clay leopards.

“Let-maze-mei-dor! Fire Arrow!”

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The magician who was behind me unleashed a fire arrow at one of the clay leopards.
With an unnatural trajectory, the arrow landed on the dirt armor of the monster.
However, it shrugged it off annoyingly.
It did not have much effect at all.

Clay leopards were earth type monsters.
I only had basic knowledge from books I had read in the library, but there were attributes that paired well together.
It went water > fire > wind > earth > water.
And shadow <> light.
And so normally, fire would not be effective against earth.
Did no one have wind magic?

As for the other one, it was being chipped down by the great shield wielder and the warhammer wielder.
And so I decided to help the swordsman and the sorcerer.
But just then, the swordsman was hit in the leg.

“I’ll take your place.”

I said, facing the clay leopard.


I growled angrily, as I had prevented its follow up attack.
This was no time to take risks and fight alone.
Check the enemy when it moves forward, and step forward if it retreats.

However, the clay leopard became frantic.
It swung its front legs and then jumped at me.
I held my sword low and then slashed as if to draw a circle.


Blood sprayed in the air, and then it jumped back.
And then the magician’s fiery arrow shot through the darkness of the night.
As the clay leopard had not regained its posture, the arrow slammed into the soft part of its stomach.
The damage threw it off balance even more.
And I would not miss the opening.


I dashed forward and swung upwards, aiming at its neck.
I had fought it once, and carved it up.
And so I knew where the armor was the thinnest.
Though, it was hard to target unless you caught it off guard.

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Blood flowed from the torn open throat of the clay leopard.
It moved its mouth as if to search for oxygen, but it was not able to make even a sound before it collapsed to the ground.

When I checked for the other one, my eyes met those of the swordsman, who was about to return to the fight after recovering.
He lightly raised a hand and then went towards the remaining clay leopard.
There was no need for the magician to join after that.
The three of us quickly put down the last one without any trouble.

“Is anyone injured?”

I asked.
And the swordsman said,

“I’m fine, because I drank a potion.
However, my horse is hurt.”

When I turned to the horse, I saw the ugly marks of claws on its hind legs.
It was bleeding and it looked painful.

“Mei-lei-mote-sei Heal!”

I cast healing magic on it, and then the horse seemed to regain its calm.

“Ah, you.
The warrior with a prosthetic leg who uses healing magic.
Are you…”

Hmm, damn it…

“Hey, what’s your name?”

“It’s Ebifu.”


It was probably not what he was expecting, as the Adventurer looked dumbfounded.

However, he then grew suspicious and asked to see my Adventurers plate, so I was promptly exposed.

(Translator’s note: While Ajifu is short for Ajifurai(fried horse mackerel), Ebifu is short for Ebifurai(fried shrimp)).

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