Where the journey leads

During the service on the day of light, Father Zenrima poured drops of holy water on the hands of the believers.
It was a sight that I saw every week.

Well, except for the fact that there were more people than usual, and that I was wearing normal priest garb, and not that of an apprentice.

Ajifu, I am so happy to be able to meet you.”
“Let me shake your hand.”
“Can I touch your prosthetic leg?”

As the person who had created the reason for this misunderstanding, they had made me wear unfamiliar clothes and put me up for display.

I was the main attraction for the believers.
Sweat began to run down my forehead.
Indeed, it was hot in Rokuidol.
But this sweat wasn’t because of the heat or the clothes.

It was a cold sweat.

It had gone too far.
There was no correcting the rumors now.
While I waited for my armor and leg to be repaired, the situation continued to get worse.

“I heard the song that was written about you!”

The stories that the miners told while drinking spread in no time.
And then some singer spread it even farther.
The speed of it was something to be feared.
The Adventurers who left the town on the following day then spread the story in the next town’s taverns.

And since Rokuidol had strong connections to the dwarf kingdom, due to the iron ore, the story had reached it as well.
Perhaps it would not be long before it went to the Rabahask imperial city.

To make matters worse, the story had evolved through song, and the wyvern was now a dragon.
I had been turned into a dragon slayer.

The hero of the story was, ‘Ajifu, the warrior priest with the prosthetic leg.’ They had my characteristics down like I was a wanted criminal.
Now I would not be able to use Reverse Age too much.
Whether I regrew a leg or not, the fact that I was called Ajifu, and was a young, C-Rank Adventurer who wielded a sword and used healing magic, would make me look suspicious.

It was too dangerous to risk trying to reverse my age just a little, to see if my leg would grow back.
That being said, if I stayed in this town, it would just become more difficult to act.
At this point, I should either find some place to wait until things settle down, or go to some land where the story had not reached.
I felt like I was a wanted criminal on the run.

While there were few options for entertainment in this world, I had not realized that the stories of drunken miners had such power.

You must be tired.”

Lutma knew what was happening, and did not make an appearance during such days.
She also treated me the same way, and said that she did not care about the rumors.
No, if anything, she talked to me more than she used to.
Ever since the incident, she became more passionate about her flail training.
It was actually dangerous to go anywhere near her as she practiced.

Ajifu! Please teach me how to use a sword!”

“A sword is not a good fit for a priest, much less Rokuidol.”

Gairo said with sparkling eyes.
The result of some bad influence.
Who would heal if the priest was swinging a sword? Though, I was one to talk.

“So, where are you going?”

I was sitting down and talking to Lutma during her break.
I had three candidates for destinations that I thought the stories had not reached.
Nonoraga, the beastkin country.
Chiltoshia, the island country on the eastern edge of the continent.
Amernisus, the Forest of Elves.

The reason I thought I would be safe there, was due to their distance, but also because they spoke a different language.
Rumors would be harder to spread, and also harder to believe.
Of course, that meant I would have to learn the language.
It was here that I removed Chilotishia from the list.
It was a human country.
Why should I learn a basic foreign language, when I was in a world of swords and sorcery? It wasn’t very fantastic.

And out of the two that remained…

“I’m thinking about going to Amernisus.”

“What!? But, the country of elves is supposed to be closed off!”

The elves lived in seclusion in their forest.

That had a wonderful ring in my ears.
You could say that it was the perfect environment for me.

“Well, my intention is to live near the forest first, and learn the elvish language.”

“I see… You will be so far away then…”

As she said this, she held the edges of the wooden bench, and lifted her feet off of the ground.

“Could I go with you?”

She asked, while looking into my face.

“No, that wouldn’t…”

“I’m sorry, I just thought I’d ask!!”

She interrupted me, and then jumped off of the bench and ran away.
I watched her leave, and then got back to my feet.

“It is not polite to eavesdrop.”

I said, and then I heard some scrambling behind me.
Judging by the footsteps…there were two of them.


I sighed and scratched my head.

My prosthetic leg was the final part of my traveling preparations, and it was completed in two weeks.

“Uh, the spikes underneath are too sharp.
I won’t be able to walk indoors.”

The prosthetic leg she handed to me had spikes that looked like they would pierce right through any shoe.
I understood the purpose in prioritizing a fighting style where I stood still, rather than running around.
But I also had a life outside of combat.

And that is why you attach this thing.”

She then handed me a leather sandal that was to be worn over the shoe, and had especially thick soles.
There were two for each foot, as well as shoestrings.
But in the one for my prosthetic leg, there were holes where the spikes could fit in.

“While you won’t be able to move too roughly, it should be fine for walking around town.
Not only that, but since it didn’t exceed your budget, I even added a ‘silencer’ magic tool in the sandals.
If you use it properly, you will be able to erase the sounds of your footsteps.”

“Just because it’s within my budget, doesn’t mean you should just make anything.
Besides, why would I need that in town?”

“Stop being so serious! It’s all about how you use it.
I’m sure you will think of something, Ajifu!”

She said, bashing me on the shoulder.
I suppose that was one way to justify wasting my money.

Well, this was the last time.
And so I would go along with her, and not be so serious.

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