Desert Church

“No, that looks like a royal castle.”

I could not help but mutter.
That was how high and enormous the walls around Rokuidol were.
Not only that, but it was made of carefully cut stone with no gaps in between.
Unlike typical walls you would find around towns.

“I understand your sense of awe, but let’s hurry on.
It’s dangerous outside.”

The Adventurers hurried me along as we headed to the gates.

We then showed our Adventurers plates to the guards at the gate, and then entered.
Inside, it was like a completely different world.
Most of the buildings were houses made of white stone, but even the roads were all tightly paved with stone as well.
It was halfway through the night, that is to say, it was going to be morning soon, but the lights in taverns were still shining, and you could hear festive voices ringing from inside.
There were also people walking along the streets.
As we had just come from the desert, it was hard to not wonder where all of these people had come from.

“Sorry, but I don’t know where I should go to find a room for the night.
Could you recommend an inn?”

I asked one of the Adventurers.

“Well, we’re all going to go to the guild now.
So you should come with us and ask there.”

“The guild is open at this late hour?”

“This town is a little special, you see.
It’s open all hours, all year long.”

No holidays! I felt bad for the people who worked there.

When we arrived at the guild, I saw that it was a great, solid building, which was very plain and without decoration.
After opening the doors, there were indeed lamps lit all around, in spite of it being so late.
I could see Adventurers here and there, but we clearly would not have to wait in line.
But since only one of the counters was open, I had to wait behind the other Adventurer guards that I came with.

“Thank you for everything.”
“Bah, it was just part of the job.”

I said my goodbyes to the Adventurers before separating from them, and then I handed over my Adventurers plate at the reception desk.
The guild worker was a young man with red hair.

“I’m here to report my arrival and would also like a guide of the town.”

He checked the Adventurers plate and the information recorded.

Ajifu, welcome to Rokuidol.
I am Royala.
I’m usually on the night shift.
Pleased to meet you.”

He said as he handed me the plate and the guide.
He seemed like a nice fellow.

“Thank you.
It’s nice to meet you too.
I plan to join the church here.”

“I-I see.
Well, I wish you luck with that.”

Was it just me, or was there pity in his eyes?
I then started to make my way to the exit, when an Adventurer suddenly called out to me.

“Hey, I haven’t seen you here before.
Are you going to work as an Adventurer in this town?”

It was a man who appeared to be in his mid-twenties.
A warrior with sharp eyes and impressive armor.

That’s my intention.”

Though, it will be one of two jobs, I suppose.
As I wasn’t new to this anymore, it had been a while since someone approached me in this way.

“Then I’ll have to tell you the rules for Adventurers in this town.
Oh, don’t get me wrong, even the guild has acknowledged them.”

Is that right? I glanced over to Royala.
Well, they probably don’t get involved.
However, Royala leaned over the counter and shouted.

Bimmi! That man is going to enter the church!”

The Adventurer seemed to freeze for a second, and then he said,

“I-I see.
Forget what I’ve said.
I’m Bimmi, D-Rank.
Nice to meet you.”

And then he patted me on the shoulder and left.
What was that?
While I was curious, I also wanted to find a bed where I could sleep.
And so I opened the guild doors and went out into the town in order to find an inn.

I watched from the counter with Mr.
Bimmi, as this Mr.
Ajifu left through the door.

“Hey, Royala.
How long do you think this one will last?”

Asked Mr.
Hell, that’s what I wanted to know.

“The last apprentice lasted a month.
I would hope that this one could last a little longer.”

“It’s a severe palace.
I wouldn’t be able to do it.
At the very least, he will not be able to do any quests for some time.”

However, the church was a valuable fighting force for this town, so we hoped he would do his best.

“Still! Mr.
Ajifu is a D-Rank Adventurer, so there is a chance…”

That’s better than those fledgling apprentice priests that have been coming up until now.
Though, with that foot of his…”

When updating his plate, I had glanced through his quest completion history.
It was quite impressive for a solo Adventurer with a prosthetic leg!

“I can’t help but have high expectations.”

“One can only hope.”

Bimmi said as he continued to stare at the door.
But his eyes did not look like he expected much.

I chose the closest inn that was recommended in the guide and entered it.
Judging from the guide, this town was quite large.
I entered the room, took off my armor and wiped off the dirt from my body with hot water, something I had not been able to do in a very long time.
It felt like the exhaustion from the journey was fading away.
I then changed into my room clothes and collapsed into the hard bed.
In the distance, I could hear the sounds of something.
But then the fatigue came at me mercilessly, and I fell into a deep sleep.

As I had gone to bed very late, I was also late in getting up the next morning.
I washed my clothes before eating a late breakfast, and then trained a little with my sword and magic manipulation in order to work up a sweat.
This has become a daily habit for me.
I could train with my sword, magic manipulation and parallel thought, all at the same time.
There was no reason to not do it.

As the desert climate was so hot, my clothes dried very quickly.
And so I gathered all my belongings together and left the inn.

While checking the guide, I made my way to the church, which was near the center of Rokuidol.
Under the blazing sun of the day, the town was overflowing with lively people.
I was surprised at just how much water there was.
There were rows of trees and even a fountain in the plaza.
As I looked around while walking, I heard a distant ‘Don!’ sound.
It was the same sound I heard last night.
But no one else seemed to take any notice of it.
I wondered what it could be as I continued until the great church came into view.
While it was simple in design, being made of stone with little decorations, it was just as large as the church in the royal capital.

I had finally arrived at my destination, but now I felt quite nervous.

Still, I steeled myself and stepped foot into the church.
And then I approached the first nun I saw in order to talk to her.

She was very tall.
Probably above two meters in height, and even her robes could not hide the fact that she was very muscular.
But even more striking was the brown tail that protruded from the back, and the shape of round ears under her veil.
So she was a beastkin.
Though, I did not know what kind.

“Uh, um…”

“What is it?”

“I have come to this church in order to train.
My name is Ajifu.
I would like to meet the head priest here.”

I said as I showed her the letter from the priest from the capital.
She thought for a moment and said,

“Ah, yes.
I remember hearing about that a while ago.
Wait here for a moment.”

And then she took the letter and headed towards the back.
After some time, a man in priest’s garb appeared.

He was also large.
Not quite two meters, but around a hundred and ninety centimeters.
He had blue hair and blue eyes, and would have had a calming air about him, had he not also been an overwhelming mass of muscles.
The hands that held a book were so thick that it looked like he could crush an orc’s skull.
And he could probably squash a forest wolf against his chest.
Was I really in a church?

“Father? My name is Ajifu.
I came here to…”

“Ah, forgive me.
I am not the priest that you seek.
He will be here soon.”

In spite of his appearance, he had an incredibly polite voice.
Just then, the sister returned from the back.
When these two stood together, it was overwhelming.
And then someone appeared in between the two columns of muscle.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.
I am Father Zenlima.”

He had about half the height of the other two, but was just as impressively built.
The newcomer in priest’s garb was a dwarf.

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