Days in the Royal Capital

“Hey, what kind of dance is that?”

“I don’t know.
However, the acting master said ‘it looks interesting, so leave him be.’ So there must be something to it.”

Jirido and Simmons were talking.
And I could hear them!

In spite of what they said, what I was doing in the dojo was a training that involved tracing the sword art forms I learned while moving my magic energy.
It was not a dance.

My magic manipulation skill had risen, which made it a lot easier to move the magic energy.
And since I was now able to do the sword art forms without thinking now, I had challenged myself to this.
I decreased just a little of my focus on magic manipulation, while slowly tracing the forms, which resulted in the others saying that I was dancing.

While I was swinging and manipulating magic without thinking, Raynard, who was passing by, said, ‘If you’re going to do that, you’re better off doing the forms instead,’ which led to where I was now.

When I first came to the school, I trained and paid for each day, but I was now a proper student and could use the facility as much as I liked.

Even after finishing the escort quest, I was nowhere near the required number for quest completion, and so I hadn’t reached D-Rank yet.
The required number for promotion was forty.
I was currently at twenty-five, so I wasn’t really close at all.

After all, I was spending so much of my time training, and only completed two or three a month in order to earn living expenses, and the pace had not increased at all.
Still, if I accepted a quest, I would have to be gone for nearly a week, which meant that I was gone for at least half of the month most of the time.

As for the Forest Alliance, they continued to complete quests with much enthusiasm, and had already been promoted to D-Rank.
Whenever I happened to bump into Naren at the guild,

“Huh? If it isn’t ‘still an E-Eanker’ Ajifu.”

He would say as he waved his golden Adventurers plate in front of me.
It was very annoying.

However, I had no intention of rushing it.
As I was working solo, if I became D-Rank, then I would have to fight D-Rank monsters alone.
Monsters like that Murder Grizzly.
And since I still wasn’t confident that I could fight monsters of that class, now was the time to strengthen myself and prepare.

Of course, I also practiced with the sword.

“What! Is that it?”

Jirido said as he attacked, but I couldn’t even answer him.
As I blocked his spear with my sword, the spear twisted around, and my blade bounced off of it.


As the spear shot towards me, I swept it to the side with my shield, but the impact of it vibrated through my arm.
There was even smoke rising from the friction.
It wasn’t so much a twist, but like a rotating drill.
The impact also caused me to fall out of my stance, and the spear was thrust at my neck.

“You win! Now, once more!”

I pushed the spear away with my sword and rushed forward.


I blocked the descending spear with my shield once again, ducked, and then slashed his legs from the side.
As he took a quick step back, I rose up and unleashed an upwards slash.


The spear rotated, and my sword bounced off the spear head.
Jirido’s leg moved back.
Ah, he was going to swing upwards.
This was bad.

I held my shield up to block the spear.
It had lost no momentum after knocking away my sword and rotating vertically.


However, just before impact, the spear’s trajectory changed to a horizontal slash to my head.
And I lost consciousness.


I regained consciousness after being kicked in the stomach.


I drank the potion that was thrown at me.

“You’re so weak that we’re running out of potions here, you know?”

“That’s the fault of my instructor.
It’s really annoying.”

“What did you say!?”
We growled at each other like thugs for a moment before returning to our training.

Jirido’s general skill level was too different from mine.
In terms of stats.
His great AGI meant he could always move first.
And his great STR allowed him to push his opponents into a corner.

Furthermore, the difference between the skill level of his spear arts and my sword arts was huge.
A high skill level offered powerful support to the will of the user.
And as had been demonstrated earlier, allowed him to move in a way that seemed to defy the laws of physics.
And once you reached Raynard’s level, it might as well be magic.

Besides, the difference in amassed skills and days spent training was too different.

In other words, there was no possible way for me to win.
Of course, that was a good thing, or there would have been little point in coming here.
However, if I seriously wanted to catch up with them, I had to raise my level.

I knew that when it came to your stats, it was likely to go up the more you used them.
So if I wanted to do it quickly, it was best to swing my sword as much as possible to raise the level.

And then I could turn into a great meathead tank warrior.

But, was that what I really wanted? Something in me whispered.
The desire to use magic had made me learn everyday magic and continue to train with magic manipulation.
I had worked so hard for that.

I had time.
And so I didn’t need to choose the quickest path.
That’s what I thought.

As for magic, there was one other thing that I did regularly.

That day, I knelt again before the statue in the church and offered a prayer.

(Lord Memrikia, Lord Lord Ibitrayme, I would not mind at all if you bestowed on me some overpowered or harem-type skill now.)

As a self-proclaimed devout follower of Lord Memrikia, I visited the church on the day of light.
I made a point to come whenever I had the time.

“You were praying quite passionately today as well.”

“As a believer, it’s only natural for me to do so.”

The priest and I chuckled.
I was now a complete regular here.
In this world, your status was connected to the gods, and so there was a tangible benefit to praying.

“I have no doubt that your prayers will one day reach Lord Memrikia.”

“I am not praying because I want something in return.
I am simply making an offering.”

Profits! Gifts! Come on!

“Oh! You are an example for all believers! Mr.
Ajifu, will you not consider participating in the charity work of the church?”

There! I was waiting for this.
It wasn’t like anyone could just participate in their charity work.
They had to first confirm that your faith and daily deeds met the measure.

“If there is anything I can do, even if it’s just a little, I would very much like to give back to the church of Lord Memrikia.
When I have time between quests, I will participate.”

And if they approve of my charity work, then I might be able to be baptized.
And that will mean that I could learn the ‘Light’ spell! I desperately wanted it.

“I am very grateful to hear that.
In fact, there is something that I wanted to ask you to do, Mr.
Do you have time today?”

“This could not be more welcome.
I will do it.”

And so I was taken away by a nun to the orphanage that was next to the church.

“Orphans must leave once they turn fifteen.
Every year, there are some children who become Adventurers, but they do not receive the proper training.
Since you are an Adventurer, Mr.
Ajifu, perhaps you could teach them?”

Oh! It was one of my very few strengths.

“Of course.
Just bring the children who wish to learn.”

“Everyone! A young man is here to teach you about Adventurers! Come over if you want to listen!”

“Wait, he’s old!”
“He looks like a weakling!”

They were younger than I expected.
I suppose I’d have to start gently then.

“Shut up! All of you, come at me at once!”

And so something new was added to my daily life in the royal capital.

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