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Road Information

“Oh, my level went up as well.”

Name: Ajifu
Race: Human
Age: 37
Lv: 15

HP: 91/136(+5)
MP: 32/43(+3)
STR: 41(+2)
VIT: 39(+1)
INT: 18(+0)
MND: 25(+2)
AGI: 29(+1)
DEX: 17(+0)
LUK: 10(+1)

Eralt Lv4, Reverse Age Lv3, Farming Lv3, Carpentry Lv2, Carving Lv4, Leatherworker Lv2, Gathering Lv2, Shield Art Lv3, Magic Manipulation Lv2, Everyday Magic(water/earth), Sword Art Lv2, Night Vision Lv1

Visitor From Another World, Farmer, Blessing of the Ability God

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I had acquired a new night vision skill! Now that I think about it, I was able to fight just fine, even after the magic lantern was destroyed…
I didn’t even notice.
But there were a lot of night shifts.
Now that I knew, I scanned the area, and was able to see the forest quite well, even in areas where the moonlight didn’t reach.
This was very useful.
But I was still mad about losing the magic lantern.

However, this time, it felt like minimal growth for a level up.
Especially in relation to magic.
Compared to previous times, I had leveled up quite quickly.
So maybe it was because I wasn’t able to train with magic energy enough?
I must continue to train then.

After that, fewer undead appeared.
Eventually, it was like they would occasionally pop up when I forgot about them.

“I hunted twenty-four last night.
They decreased significantly after the high-ranking revenant appeared.”

“I see.
Perhaps you have seen the worst of it then.
But just to be sure, continue to watch the forest tonight as well, and if there is no change, then the job will be completed.”

Said the chief, when I made a report on the following day.
But a revenant was an E-Rank monster.
Had he forgotten that I was an F-Rank Adventurer? Well, never mind.

“Are there any carriages going to town tomorrow?”

“It’s almost time to take the vegetables to market.
I will ask for you.”

Later, I was told that the carriage would be leaving the day after tomorrow.

On the third day, I took my shield to replace the magic lantern.
With the Night Vision Lv1 skill, it was like seeing things weakly illuminated by the moonlight, only, there were no shadows, which made it easier to see things.
As for undead, there were only ghosts and two zombies.
I went deeper into the forest, but only encountered giant bats, so it was like a walk in the park.

The next morning, I woke up early and made my report to the chief and completed the quest.
And since I had time to kill, I decided to gather some herbs.

When I entered the forest, there were a lot of kobolds.
In the end, I stayed there until evening, and killed nineteen of them.
That was a lot for being so close to the village.
I would have to tell the chief about it.

Gifton, once again, was the person who gave me a ride to town.
The road was peaceful, and I arrived at the guild in the evening, and sold all the materials.

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“Thirty-one kobolds, twenty-nine zombies, twenty-eight ghouls, nineteen ghosts, twenty-one skeletons, six giant bats, one revenant, and a hundred bundles of medicinal herbs.
That’s quite a lot.
And how do you want the quests processed?”

“There were a lot to kill.
Kobold, undead and herbs, please.”

Twenty-six silver, thirty bronze, and here are the request sheets.”

I went to the reception desk and submitted the request sheets.
The receptionist looked at me and her mouth opened and closed silently.

What? Was she out of breath?
She then pointed at the receptionist next to her.
The one with long blue hair.
No, I didn’t want to go there.

“Could you process these for me?”

But she seemed to have frozen after looking at the sheets.


There was a sound coming from under the desk, and then the receptionist reactivated.
What was that?

Two fixed quests for kobolds, nineteen for low-ranking undead, and one normal.
That’s twenty-two F-Rank quests in all.
The total is one gold and ten silver.”

“Thank you.”

“Good work.”

I accepted the reward and left the guild.
In all, I had made one gold and thirty-six silver.
But since the magic lantern cost me three gold, I actually lost money.
What a disaster.

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“Damned revenant.”

That being said, I had gained something as well.
And E-Rank was now in sight.
Just eleven more.
While it had been half a year, which was the same amount of time it took me to rise to F-Rank, I had spent four months indoors due to the winter, so I wasn’t actually active for that long.
E-Rank was where they said your life would become stable.
And while you would also be sent off on emergency quests, I still wanted to reach it.

Tomorrow, I would rest, restock on supplies, and maybe go to the church, as it was the day of light.

And then I can continue my journey to the royal capital by making my way to the next town.
The one between Suimel and the Royal Capital Razsita, was ‘Kijifei.’

The next day, after finishing preparations, I headed to the carriage station in order to check the schedule for carriages headed for Kijifei.
Here, there was a long building, and its walls were covered with schedules for each destination.
Kijifei was…tomorrow morning.
Well, I was ready now, so it was a good time.

“Is the driver who is headed for Kijifei here?”

“Aye, over here.”

“Are there any seats left for tomorrow?”

“There is.
But a merchant’s carriage was just attacked by bandits on the way from Kijifei.
So things are tense right now.
Do you still want to go?”

“I think I’ll wait and see.
When is the next carriage?”

“We alternate between two, so it will be three days later.”

“I see.
I’ll pray for your safety.”

“Aye, thank you.”

That was what traveling by carriage was like.
It was your choice to go or not go.
No one would be responsible for you, and you had to decide if it was worth the risk.
I would not compare it to public transportation in modern Japan.
Besides, I wasn’t in any rush.

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I returned to the Adventurers Guild, and saw that there was a bandit hunting request for the Kijifei road on the B-Rank quest board.

“Woah, it’s B-Rank.
How horrifying.”

I couldn’t help but say it out loud.
An Adventurer who was scanning the board to the side overheard me.

“Ah, that.
Rumors say that there are former C-Rank mercenaries and Adventurers with the bandits.
But since there aren’t any B-Rankers in the guild now, it’s likely that the Knights Order will take action.”

“I see! …Thank you.”

What timely information! I took out a silver coin and pressed it into the Adventurer’s palm.

He grinned and then turned back to the board.

As Suimel, Kijifei, and Razsita were all on the main road, the country cared about managing them.
However, the Knights Order could not be as swift as Adventurers.
I should push back the date of departure instead, aiming to go in three days.

And so I took one of the remaining kobold hunting requests from the F-Rank board, and went over to the reception desk.

Thankfully, it was at a village that had an inn, so I stayed there for five days and hunted kobolds and undead.
But unlike the previous village, there was no undead festival or kobold fever happening here, and I was only able to complete six quests.
And so after the inn fees, I only just made a profit.
Yes, that village really had been in an abnormal state.

I returned to Suimel a week later, and saw that the bandit hunting request was gone from the B-Rank quest board.
And so while processing the quests, I asked the receptionist with short red hair about it.

“Do you know what happened to the bandits on the road to Kijifei?”

“Ah, the Knights Order dealt with them.”


That being said, while this receptionist smiled when talking to powerful people and young people, she became very blunt and cold with people she was not interested in.

It was probably things like this that affected a person’s popularity.

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