Undead Annhilation II

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“Did something happen?”

Upon seeing that I had returned, the gatekeeper called out from on top of the watch platform.

“I’m taking a break.
How are things tonight?”

“It is very quiet.
Perhaps it’s because you went into the forest.”

There was an undead festival there.
Do you know the time?”

“It should be nearly midnight.”

“I see.
Thank you.”

I downed some bread and dried meat with hot water, then I got back on my feet, waved at the gatekeeper, and headed back to the forest.
I suppose I was halfway through then.
But I couldn’t let my guard down.

After that, the waves of undead did not end.
It was easy for it to feel repetitive, but sometimes, when my mind started to feel numb, giant bats would appear.

“Kii! Kiki!”

Giant bats were not undead.
They were F-rank monsters that could only attack through biting.
And so they were easy enough to deal with if you remained calm.


However, the sudden change of rhythm compared to the ghosts made it easy to lose them as well.
Also, I would not last if I stayed nervous and on my guard the entire time.
How was this an F-rank quest!

Eventually, I started to wander through the forest on shaky feet, as if I myself was an undead.

In all of this, the skeletons alone were like a refreshing tonic.
The light clinking sounds and easy movement patterns made them good practice targets.
And that somehow had a healing quality.


I had gotten to the point where monsters made of bones were comforting to me.
I might be losing it now.

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I didn’t know how long it would last, or how much time had passed.
But time was certainly passing, and after a while, the number of ghosts began to decrease.
And then the amount of holy water I used also decreased, and undead that used to go down with one hit started to take two or three.


The need for more swings meant that I used more energy, and my body started to suffer from it.
How many more undead would appear?
I drank potions instead of water, but my hands shook when I raised my heavy sword into the air.
Very well then.
I would use holy water regularly.


And then just when I had forgotten about them, the ghosts would come.

I kept looking to see how much holy water I had left.
And it was just as it was running low, that the dawn broke.

I then dragged myself back to the village and collapsed next to the gate.

“Good work.”

Said the gatekeeper, but I didn’t have any strength to reply.
I just raised a hand instead.

After I had rested, I ate breakfast and then headed to the chief’s house.

“I finished the quest.”

I gave him the request sheet.

“You finished already?”

“The forest was filled with undead.
I don’t know how it usually is, but that wasn’t within range of an F-rank quest.”

“And that’s why we told the guild to recommend it as a party quest.”

Said the chief.
And so I took out the magic stones from my bag and dropped them on the table.
It was the result of my hard work.

“There are a few giant bats mixed in there, but there should be more than seventy in all.
Now, do you still think it’s right for an F-rank quest?”

“You did this in one night?”

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The chief pondered on this.

“Hmm, it is indeed a strange amount.
But if you hunted this many, their numbers would have decreased significantly.
And so I have a request to make.
Can you stay a few more days and watch the forest? Of course, I will pay you.”

Do that again? I wanted to refuse.
However, I was willing to compromise if the conditions were right.

“I’ll stay half the night each day.
You will let me keep the magic stones.
Also, I’m running low on items, so you must get me more holy water at your own expense.
I will pay for potions.
On top of that, I will take four silver a day.
Those are my conditions.”

“Five silvers and holy water for half a night, eh? It is not bad.
Very well.
Can we ask you to stay for three days then?”

“If it is three days, I do not have enough food.
Will you share some supplies with me?”

“Very well.
I will have it brought to the shed.”

“Then I accept.
For now, I’ll need two bottles of holy water.”

“They will be delivered to you with the food.
Now, we’ll be counting on you.”

Negotiations were settled.
And I was at my limit.
I was sleepy.
And so I returned to the shed and fell asleep as if fainting.

When I woke up, it was already evening.
I would be late.
And so I quickly got my equipment ready and then greeted the gatekeeper.

“For the next three days, I’ll be in the forest for half of the night.
So I’d like it if you could let me back in when I return.”

“I heard about it from the chief.
I’ll open the gates when my shift ends, so come back a little early.”

“Ah, very well.”

Now, it was time for my night shift.

The forest was once again filled with undead.
However, unlike yesterday, I had rested up and had plenty of holy water to use.
And so I continued to calmly take care of the waves of undead.
In general, things went like this:

I find them.

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I approach and shine the magic lantern on them.
And just as they are staggered, I cut them.

I suppose they dislike the magic lantern because of the light attribute.
The work was efficient and my body just moved automatically.
Occasionally, a shadow would shoot across the sky, and it would be a giant bat.
I would then lure it in and cut it down.
I think the wings could be sold as materials, but I don’t carve anything other than the magic stones.
Doing that at night in the forest would make me an easy target for the undead.
Once my holy water sheath grew light, I returned to the village.
I counted the magic stones back in the hut, and there were twenty-nine, including the giant bats.

I did maintenance on my equipment, ate, and then slept well.

The next day.
Another night shift.
By now, I could cut down giant bats by just hearing the sounds.
To think that I used to search for them frantically while moving the magic lantern.

I no longer felt anxious while walking through the forest at night.
But that meant letting my guard down, so I had to be careful.
The undead were just as active as before, but late in the night, they stopped appearing all at once.

“Has it finally ended?”

Had I accomplished what I came to do? No, it was times like these that I had to be careful.

And so instead, I heightened my concentration and became more cautious.
After some time, in a clearing in the forest, I saw a figure standing.
It was alone, but I couldn’t tell if it was a ghoul or zombie.
It had its back towards me, but it was larger than any of the undead I had seen up until now.
And so it must be an advanced type.

According to my research, the wild advance type undead in the area were E-rank revenants and D-rank wraithes.
It was likely a revenant.
While this was my first time seeing one, I should be able to deal with it if it’s E-rank.
And so I raised my sword just as I stepped into the clearing, and then charged.
It swung around, faster than a ghoul.
And though I used my light, it ignored it and swung its arms at me.


The arms slammed into the magic lantern, breaking it.

“That was expensive!”

I won’t forgive you, you bastard.
However, it was thankfully bright enough under the moonlight.
And so I saw them.
The three ghouls emerging from the forest.

Should I retreat? No, revenants are fast.
It was too dangerous to go into the dark forest.

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We dashed towards each other and the gap closed immediately.
Then I ducked and slashed at its legs.


It jumped back and dodged it, but I caught a different oncoming ghoul as I pulled the sword back.
Ghouls and zombies just charged and never dodged.
This really was an advanced type.


However, the ghouls continued to come even after their friend was killed.
I took a few steps back and then split it open with a downwards cut.
However, another one followed, and the revenant was right behind it.


As the sword swung down, I unleashed my boot into the ghoul, causing it to crash into the revenant.
I wanted to keep going, but instead, I moved away and sheathed my sword.

The goul had not crumbled after being split into two.
I was out of holy water.
I pulled out the sword again and made sure that it was wet.

The revenant tossed the ghoul aside and came running towards me.
If it was one against one…

We faced each other, and then I swung down with my sword.
As it was such an obvious attack, it dodged this easily, but I was expecting that.
And so I forced the trajectory of the sword to turn in the direction that it had moved, and then cut off the arm that was raised defensively.

However, as if not caring about it, it thrashed at me with its other arm.
I took a step back, but the sharp claws scratched my armor.
Damn it.
It was difficult to fight undead because they didn’t react to being wounded.
However, there were so many openings now that it only had a single arm.
And so…


The goul stood up and charged at me.
I jumped to the side and unleashed a side slash.
And then I tried to hit it again, but it dodged the attack.


I took a step forward and then slashed again, on the side without an arm, putting all of my weight behind it.

The sword went halfway through its body, and then the revenant crumbled.

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