New Equipment

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“There really aren’t any good quests left in the afternoon.”

I ate an Adventurer’s lunch set that consisted mostly of meat and cost me 60 bronze, and then went to look at the quest board, but nothing caught my eye.

No quests that is…but I did see an elf.
The elf was thin in silhouette, but with enough muscles to suggest certain strength.
With a bow on his back, he had golden hair and blue eyes.
The face looked like a sculpture or painting, and the ears were pointed.
Yes, it was a typical elf.
I had known that they existed here, but this was my first time seeing one.

Though, it was male.

Of course, I did not talk to him, and went back to the purchase counter, washed the wagon, and returned to the west settlement.
All the while, I thought about how this really was another world.

“I’d like to borrow it again if I catch more tomorrow.”

I said as I left the wagon and then returned to the town.
Since I had some time to kill, I bought preserved food and then went to a bathhouse, which I had not been to in a long time.
However, the bathhouses here were steam baths.
Still, I felt refreshed after sweating.
And after that, I of course, drank some ale.
Though, it was lukewarm.
I wished that I could use ice magic.
I suppose there was a chance that I could do it through leveling up my water magic…

But it would be no good to set such lofty goals for myself from the beginning.
They told me that a lot at the factory.
Aim for the heights by setting multiple, achievable goals.
And so once again, I would do some magic manipulation exercises(internal) and magic muscle training(internal) before going to sleep.
I would make it part of my daily routine.
However, I had learned my lesson, and would leave 1 magic instead of using it all.
It seemed that I wouldn’t feel fully rested if I fainted.

The following morning, I went to the west forest again and saw that a deer and a Horned Rabbit had been caught in the traps.
Was it hunting season… I strung them up and bled them, then borrowed a wagon and talked to Mr.

“There was only one today.
Any damage to the field?”

“Ah, thankfully, there was none today.
It’s because of you, Ajifu.
Thank you!”

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“I’m glad to hear it.
I think I’ll complete the quest now, if that’s alright?”

“I don’t mind.
Just give me the request sheet and I’ll sign it.”

“Yes, thank you.
I’ll be going to the guild now, so if you write a note, I can bring back the surplus for you.”

“Ah, I would be grateful for that.
Uh, ‘give the refund to Ajifu.’ Is that fine?”

Now, I’ll load the deer and go to the guild.”

I returned to the forest, removed and buried the guts, loaded the deer and Horned Rabbit onto the wagon, and then took down all of the traps.
I then took them to the purchasing counter at the guild in order to sell them.

“A deer and a Horned Rabbit today, eh? The deer will be three silver.
As for the Horned Rabbit and one magic stone, that will be one silver and thirty bronze.
And the Horned Rabbit is for the permanent request?”

“No, as I’m G-Rank, I will just sell it.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

Monsters from permanent F-Rank requests were called F-Rank monsters.
Stronger monsters were also categorized based on hunting difficulty in accordance with Adventurer rank.

I accepted the four silver and thirty bronze and the number of hunted deer was recorded on the request sheet.
Then I went to the reception counter and submitted the request sheet and Adventurers plate.
They processed the completion and handed over the six silver for the three deer, and the four silver refund.
97 G-Rank quests left to go.

Ajifu, you’re making more money than F-Rank Adventurers.”

“Early to bed and early to rise.
That’s the trick.”

In fact, as my daily cycle was so different, I almost never met any other Adventurers.
What I was doing was mostly farmwork and hunting, which is what I had been doing in the village.
So I didn’t even feel like an Adventurer.

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After eating, I washed the wagon and returned it to the west settlement.
Then I gave Mr.
Gidel what was left of the request fee.

Regardless, this was the day that my armor would be complete.
It didn’t matter how old you were.
It was always exciting to get new gear.
And so I went straight to the workshop in the back alley.

“Hey, old man.”

“We’re the same age! Who are you calling old!”

Said the old man as he walked out.

“I don’t know.
It just comes out?”

“What kind of excuse is that! You’re here for the armor and shield, right? Here.
They’re ready.”

Ohh! The finished product was a lot more…how could I put this? ‘Armor’-like than I was expecting.
The design had no decorations and was practical.
But the joints had several layers of leather and looked amazing.
I tried it on.
As it was fixed with several belts, it was easy to put on without any help.
And the size was perfect.

The shield was green and the center was reinforced with metal.
While it was a little heavier now, it felt very reliable.
The handle was changed into something sturdier, and the part pressed against your hand had been hollowed out in order to fit better.
The shield was now a combination of wood, leather and metal.
Thirty silver for it was a steal.

“Try moving in it.”

And so I headed to the back of the workshop and tried swinging the sword and shield.
It was definitely easier to move in compared to the leather jacket.
But in spite of its durability, it felt flexible as well.
While nothing felt like it was getting in the way, he stopped me several times and made marks on the armor.

Then I took it off and he made adjustments to the angles of the leather parts, and I put it back on.
It felt pretty much the same, that is, until I swung my sword.
I felt as if I had been wearing this armor for a long time.

“How is it?”

“It’s amazing.”

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“No, not yet.
But it will start to fit better if you keep wearing it.
The worst thing you can do is put it up as decoration and never wear it.
But if you use it well and maintain it, it will become something great that even money can’t buy.”

“I understand.
Thanks, old man!”

“I told you, I’m not an old man!”

He even gave me some maintenance wax.
It wasn’t beeswax, but something from an insect-type monster from the south, called a Clayshell.
Now, preparations for my journey are finally complete.
I paid him the remaining one gold, and handed over the leather jacket before thanking him.

“Thank you for these great items.
I will take good care of them.”

“It’s your life that you should take care of.
Don’t forget that.
They are just tools to protect you.”

He said as he knocked on my armor.

“I’ll remember that.”

And so I left the old man’s workshop and returned to the Adventurers Guild.
I needed to tell them that I was leaving.
As it was my second time going there today, the receptionist looked at me suspiciously.

“Ah, what brings you here, Mr.

“As I’ll be leaving this town tomorrow, I came for the procedure.”

“I see.
Then please hand over your Adventurers plate.”

I handed it over and she took it to the back.
And when she returned, the plate read:

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Rank: G
Gender: Male
Home base:
Affiliated: Powarso

“Please remember to make a report at the guild in your next destination.”

“I will.”

“We look forward to seeing you again.
May you have great adventures.”

She said with a bow.

“Uh, thank you.”

I bowed back.
It seemed like an old man thing to do.

I glanced over to the guild bar, but did not see Loyd and Shitte, and so I went out the gate and told Mr.
Rogit and Mr.
Gidel that I was leaving town.
They expressed regret at this as we talked, and I then returned to the town just as the gates were about to close.

I had dinner, returned to the inn, and told them that I would be leaving first thing in the morning.
I returned to my room and took off my armor and wiped down my body before getting into bed.
When I checked my status, my MP was 19/19 full.
I could use my MP until I fainted and was rejuvenated.
I was 42 years old.
Alright, let’s do this.

Reverse my age by 5.7 years!

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