Everyday Magic and Magic Tools

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“Since I’m already here, I’ll watch as you learn the magic as well.”

Said the Guild Master as he pointed at a row of four crystals.

“If you touch them, the crystal with the right attribute will start to glow.”

That was simple.
I touched them one by one and it was the blue and brown crystals that lit up.
So it wasn’t all of them then.

“Oh, water and earth.
Very nice.
When activating magic, you must always focus on the position and direction.
Or you might end up having a very wet stomach.”

I wouldn’t want that.
And so I tried the spell that he taught me.


And then water began to drip from my extended hand.
Ohh! Magic!

“Hey, stop making a mess on our floor.
Most people would create a little water in the palms of their hands or make it over a bowl that they prepared.
Have your palm upwards when doing earth.”


A pebble appeared on my palm.
Indeed, it would have fallen down if my hand was pointed downwards or sideways.

“Will the rock remain here?”

“All things that are created with magic will disappear after a while.”

“What about water after you drink it?”

“Strangely, water does not disappear.
There are several theories as to why, but you can say that it is the work of god.”

Work of god, eh? Hmm.

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“Will there be less water if you use it in the desert?”

Because the water spirits would not be very strong over there.”

Water spirits, eh? Hmm.

However, that did make me wonder.
Shouldn’t there be more attributes? Like light, dark, and null?

“Are there only four attributes?”

“The light attribute is managed by the church, and dark by the temple.”

So they did have light and dark.

“Can you acquire everyday light and dark magic if you have the aptitude?”

“Light and dark magic is quite special.
You can acquire magic without aptitude through baptism.
However, these two attributes reject each other.
If you acquire light then you cannot acquire dark.
If you acquire dark then you cannot acquire light.”

“What kind of magic is it? Will they do it if I am baptized?”

“Light is magic that has to do with the light.
And dark magic brings forth a peaceful sleep.
Baptisms are not conducted very easily.
The priests have to believe that you’ve converted.”

“I see… By the way, is there an attribute that isn’t an attribute?”

“Hmm? What…?”

Oh, maybe I went too far.

“Uh, I just wondered if you couldn’t use magic energy without relying on a certain attribute.”

“What an interesting question for a novice.
Magic energy is just energy.
It’s not until the direction is decided through an attribute that it manifests itself as a phenomenon.
If there is no attribute then there is no phenomenon.

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“I think so.
Thank you.”

It was best not to pry too much.
In any case, it seemed quite likely that there were other attributes.

“Ah, I did not expect for the Guild Master to come out! You never fail to put on a show!”

I paid the Sorcerers Guild the two gold coins and then left the building.
I wonder if there is a space-time attribute? I would have to ask Gein.

“Hey, are there such things as bags that can carry more things than should be able to fit in them?”

“Aye, there are.”

So they do have magic bags!! But…they must be very expensive?

“That would be very convenient! How much do they cost?”

“I believe it was a magic artifact from a labyrinth.
It’s a national treasure now.
They say that there is only one in the entire world.”

In other words…it’s priceless…

“It was once used in a strategy that turned the tide of a war.
I thought it was a well known story.”

“Well, I guess there’s nothing I can do.
Anyway, since I don’t have the fire attribute, I want a magic ignition tool.
Are those expensive?”

“Don’t be greedy.
If anything, water is the best one.
And you have two as well.
Bah, you should just hit some flints together.”

“Huh? You only have one, Gein?”

He kicked me.

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“I’ll take you to the magic tool store, but you’ll have to choose one for yourself!”

In spite of it all, he was a very caring person.

“But I’m warning you, they’re expensive, alright? Though, they are useful.”

He then led me to the magic tool store.
It was a spacious, beautiful store that faced the main street.
Various magic tools lined the shelves, along with instructions on how to use them.
There were ignition tools, bottles with endless water, wind tubes, lamps, pots that heated without fire, tents that created a breeze, portable showers, talismans that changed wind, portable stoves, warm sleeping bags, bathtubs that heated water, etcetera…
It was filled with tempting items, but I had an overwhelming lack of money.
Even the cheapest magic ignition tool was one gold coin.
That would be like paying 100,000 yen for a lighter in Japan.
It was not something that the average citizen could buy.

“I am in despair over the economic disparity.”

When I stepped out of the store, Gein threw an arm over my shoulder.

“Bah, these magic tools are like toys for the rich.
Anyway, we’ve come all the way out to town.
Why not head to a brothel tonight?”

Gein was practically giggling.
However, this was not a world where there was any hygiene management.
And healing magic didn’t work with diseases.
I had to think about my health first.

“I think I’d rather not.
Who knows what I might catch.”

“You’re no fun! Ah, well.
Then we’ll just have to drink! And you’ll be paying this time!”

“Weren’t you saying something about yesterday being a parting gift? Seems like we’ve just split the cost in the end.”

“Don’t bother with the little details! Now, let’s go!”

After that, Gein tried to talk me out of going, and I told him to shut up and let me go, which resulted in a fist fight.
But we made up and continued to drink through the night.
As Gein had to leave the next morning, I ate breakfast and waited in order to see him off.
But as he never came down, I had to go up and beat him until he woke up.

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“You’re such a slob.”

“Bah, don’t worry about it.”

He slapped me on the shoulder.

“You’re the one who is always worrying.”

We shook hands firmly.

“Come back whenever you feel like it.
Ruyana village will always welcome you.”


“Aye, farewell.”

He was a nice guy.
Ah, damn it.
I was getting teary-eyed.
I was too old for this.
Gein looked back just once and raised his fist into the air before leaving.

Now, I too had to look ahead and advance! But I couldn’t go anywhere until the armor was ready.
And so today, I would go to the guild and accept a quest.

As I walked towards the Adventurers Guild, I saw that the area around it was crowded with considerably more people than there had been last time.
One had metal armor and a greatsword, another was hooded and carried a staff.
Others had bows, great hammers, maces, shields, spears, and short swords.
Regardless, swords were definitely the most popular.
They were easy to use.

Things were especially lively around the quest board for G-Rankers, who were also visibly younger than the rest.
So I had to mingle with them now.
I sighed and looked at the board from a few steps behind.
Most of the quests were from inside the town or the nearby area.

Repairing walls, carrying baggage, storage organization, helping people move, house cleaning, street cleaning.
Herb gathering seemed to be common with both G and F rank.
Oh, there was one for slime extermination in the sewers.
That sounded interesting.
But I wouldn’t accept it, as my current gear was going to be sold.
…However, they were so cheap! All of them only paid one to three silvers.
There were some that only paid five bronzes.
My current room at the inn cost me three silvers a night without meals.
If I ate three meals a day, I would need five silvers.
I was losing money.

Either I needed to find a cheaper inn or cheaper food.
I now understood how severe the life of a G-Rank Adventurer was.

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