Only I Am Level 1

Simulation Beta -6-

Lucas second Scorching Paradise had devoured and incinerated most of the remaining bandits since there were no magicians to counter it.

Lucas slowly walked over to Julius, putting a hand on his shoulder. Julius could hear light pants emerging from Lucas.

The bandits were no longer rowdy but nervous and concentrated.

Only around 3 were left excluding Viktah.

Lucas and Julius looked at each other with uncertainty.

”Take care of those bandits, Ill take care of the boss. ”

Julius nodded slowly.

Soon, Lucas rushed off straight into Viktah.

”Crash through in flames. ”

”Flame Dash. ”

Two revolving orange magic circles began turning on Lucas feet before explosive flames manifested blasting him straight into Viktah.

Julius looked at his own opponents.

3 bandits, two carried axes and one carried a crossbow. They were all more or less uninjured.

Just as Julius was about to shoot one of the axe men he saw a silver reflection under the moonlight. His instincts screamed at him.

In the flicker of the moment, Julius squatted, and soon a rapid bolt of iron blasted through the space where he had just been.

Julius aimed at the cross-bow bandit. Although he wanted to shoot his shot, he barely had any aim it was a mystery how he had hit the other bandits so easily earlier.

Julius ears twitched. He heard a gust of wind behind him.

Julius was driven forth by his instincts.

”Soleil. ”

Julius imagined a light so blinding that not even night could strip it of its power.

And the magic returned his favor.

Although a tiny orange magic circle manifested, from it came a blazing blinding light.

A bandit carrying a dagger behind Julius groaned as his eyes burned.

Julius instantly put the gun to his chest.


Blood spurted all over Julius. The bandit fell to the ground slowly. Julius still only felt numb.

As Julius turned around the other 3 bandits were 3 meters away from him.

Julius cursed.


A disastrous arrow of fire split through all the bandits instantly. Their bodies were torn apart by the flaming savior that flew by with a whistle.

Julius lost his breath. He looked back to where Lucas was.

Viktah coated his blade in some strange thick red energy, he then drove it to his side, preparing to slash.

And there he saw Lucas blocking the hit by covering his body in some strange elusive wind barrier. But the force of the attack sent Lucas flying off the mountainside, into a deep dark abyss.

Moments before.

”Flame Dash. ”

Lucas, his feet engulfed by red flames, dashed straight into Vitkah. Using the built-up power Lucas tried to get a solid flame explosion to activate near Viktahs face.

Viktah merely responded by using his sword to slash Lucas in half. Viktahs body was covered in a faint red aura that looked like flames it boosted his physical abilities tremendously.

Lucas used the flames to rise, an explosion occurred and he was now several feet in the air.

As he began to fall, Viktah coated his blade in a dense thick red energy. Viktah attempted to do a heavy slow slash but Lucas was far too agile and slippery.

Lucas muttered words whilst he was in the air.

”Wind tunnel. ”

Soon a silver circle rapidly spun above Lucas before Lucas was shot down by wind. He hit the ground with a swift thud. Lucas wasted no time.

Lucas prepared two spells simultaneously using incantations.

”Anti-Aura. ”

A dangerously red magic circle spun before Viktah, the red aura surrounding him was blown back into the atmosphere where it faded away.

”Numb and force my enemies. ”

”Wind Palm ”

A silver magic circle formed in Lucas right hand he placed it on Viktahs now unprotected chest.


Viktah was thrown off the mountainside by the force of the close-range wind blast.

Lucas let out a frail smile. With this, he had bought a bit of breathing space. Now it didn feel like he was on the time limit of his mana.

Viktah sighed.

His faint red aura returned and he pulled his sword arm back.

In one powerful movement, he thrusted with the aid of aura and the sheer force propelled him back up onto the mountain.

Lucas had already prepared another spell in meager anticipation of a move like this.

”Glacier Maelstrom Combination. ”

Lucas face had gone grey from mana exhaustion.

A pure white magic circle formed and spun before him.

Soon a huge crystallized glacier of ice rapidly structured and crashed toward Viktah.

Viktah leaped over it with the physical amps gifted from his aura cloak. His teeth gritted due to the concerningly low temperatures.

A pure white magic circle formed in the air above Viktah.

The second part of Glacier Melstrom Combination activated, and soon a sea of ice pegs rained down with forces aiding them.

Viktah blocked hundreds but was still pierced by a lucky few. His blade gave out showers of sparks before he looked at the exhausted Lucas with serious eyes.

”You were strong, boy. Allow me to show you what you were really up against. ”

Lucas looked up with dead eyes. He had barely any mana left from using so many destructive spells. He hadn held back even using a few advanced-rank spells.

Viktah breathed out heavily.

Lucas gathered up all of his left-over mana.

”Repel and protect, sacrifice the neck. ”

”Wind Guardians Spirit. ”

Spinning silver magic circles appeared all over Lucas body, all apart from his neck.

Viktah shouted his attack.

”Red Demons Reign. ”

Viktah drew his blade, attempting to cut Lucas in half.

Lucas tried a last-ditch attempt.

”Pierce thou in hells atrocities. ”

”Fire arrow. ”

An orange magic circle formed in his right hand he did a backhand throw to catch Viktah off guard, a poorly formed orange flame construct formed.

Viktah dodged it easily and then released his attack upon Lucas mercilessly.

The two forces collided.

Viktah was blasted back due to a repelling feature of the wind-construct armor. Lucas was blasted back by the force of Viktahs attack.

Lucas and Julius had a split-second of eye contact before Julius was consumed by the space below.

Julius looked on with a face that looked like it had been coated in chalk.

If there wasn a way to know that Lucas had died well it was that…

Null point was deactivated.

All of Julius emotions returned like a crashing tide. His face turned in an uneasy green mixed with red. His hands trembled. He could feel every pang of pain in his body unleashing itself.

Soon Viktah got up and began walking over to Julius.

Julius aimed the gun, he still had 3 bullets.


Viktah deflected all the bullets easily. A small few sparks bounced off his blade with each deflection.

As he got right before Julius he rose his blade calmly.

He had never chosen his bandit group, they had just decided to follow him.

Nevertheless, he was feeling rather melancholy. At the end of the day, they just needed some horses to sell for food. If they couldn have sold the horses they wouldve eaten them.

Viktah had never wanted to kill a boy and nor had he wanted all of his men to die in the grip of flames and iron.

Just as his sword began to swing down, all Julius could hear was the crackle of flames.

And before he knew it, a sea of flames was unleashed like a flame-thrower, devouring Viktahs figure.

Julius looked back, a huge orange magic circle was turning mechanically, releasing unfathomable amounts of beastly orange flames.

Behind the attack was a wizard. No. Like an actual wizard. He had a pointy wizard hat, blue robes, and a long grey beard. His face was wrinkly and his eyes were of a majestic purple.

He looked at Julius with a sly grin revealing wasted yet pearly white teeth.

”Well, aren you wasting all that potential of yours? ”

Viktah had been burnt to a crisp. Lucas and Albert had died.

And that was all the Old Man had to say?

Well, nothing really mattered anyways. Because Julius, tired and exhausted fell to the ground in a slump, the Old Man hit his staff on the ground and a silver circle rapidly spun under Julius body. Soon Julius was picked up by the wind before he could hit the ground.

The old wizard merely let out a wry smile.

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