Only I Am Level 1

Beta -2- The Man Draped in Shadows

Other Note: If the story is what you expect read Ch.6. Thats where it all changes.

Note: ”This is talking. ” This is thinking.


Joey muttered darkly.

”I kill trees. ”

Joey thought darkly.

I kill trees.

”Hey? Whats that guy doing up there? ”

A blonde-tanned American gym fanatic tapped his buddy who was draped in a museum of scarves in confusion.

The water in Sea-Universe was cold, due to the interference of winter.

Currently, a generous crowd was waiting outside the prided Dolphin Display of the estate. 12 Dolphins fluttered and splashed around in a vast glass tank. A huge eco-biome of seaweed and an assortment of pebbles and logs had been decorated below with a gold-like glitter substance.

Above the tank, barely balancing on the thin borders, stood a boy.

Boy or man, it wasn clear. His face had sunken eyes and a pale pallor. He wore an all-black hoodie accompanied by all-black jeans. His long dry black hair stuck to his ears grotesquely.

His shoes were almost dipping into the chilling water below them.

The lively crowd before the tank was quite puzzled by this man-boy standing above them on the rim of the tank. At first, many assumed it was an act from the park but the man-boy had no uniform.

Julius Ferd rubbed his hands, he felt sweat and pulled skin as he did so.

Before him, was the sight of Dolphins rising to the air before cleanly re-entering the waters surface. Such had the sight been for many minutes now. Julius stuffed his hands into his pockets due to the cold wind.

In just a few moments, he planned to drown himself without remorse.

He was tired, frustrated, and as one could probably guess, suicidal.

Julius Ferd looked from left to right quickly before breathing in calmly.

You can do this.

The blond man from earlier called out, hoping to possibly impress a group of socializing girls behind him.

”Hey? ”

Julius Ferd looked down, his sticky black hair not moving a bit due to the sweat that had gathered and transplanted into itself.

”You good bro? ”

Julius figure twitched, his balance was quite unsteady.

”I-. ”

”Speak up bro. ”

The blond man half looked back to the group of girls who he had garnered interest with.

He let out a small smirk.

Julius Ferd was ready to respond when a child threw an egg at him.

Not a kinder egg, not a tasty egg.

But a raw, hard-shelled egg.

The mother told off the child furiously and the two walked off, continuing their days grouchily.

Julius flinched as the hard shell hit his left knee and looked to where it had been thrown, as he did so a breezy winter wind threw itself down into his back.

The egg fell to the floor and splatted into a sickly mess of white, yellow, and orange.

For a moment Julius left foot mixed with some water that had surfaced on the top of the rim due to the constant splashing of the Dolphins.

It shouldve been fine since he was standing still, but at that moment from the depths of the tank, a dolphin majestically soared into the air right before Julius.

An unexpected torrent and gush of water devoured Julius figure.

The shock of his entire body turning cold and wet in one sour instant caused Julius figure to split.

His left leg went in the tank briefly. His right leg went outside.

Julius barely survived using his poor physical reflexes to place his hands on the tank.

He was hardly hanging on and the pressure had already made his sore hands shake dangerously.

The crowd all looked up in concern, pity, and boredom. Some figured the boy was just doing it for attention now.

Julius cursed and swore bitterly.

He muttered under his breath.

”Fuck. Im not dying because I slipped. Im dying because I wondrously drowned. ”

Julius put his left leg which was in the water onto the rim first. Water droplets dripped down and his shoe had barely hung on. The bottom of his shoe was so drenched that he could see every indent, line, and curve.

Julius then steadily got his right leg up onto the rim. He removed his hands and began to stand up.

An odd squeezing sound formed from his left foot. Julius looked down in uncertainty. He was halfway up to standing. Julius shook off his unsure feelings and continued to rise so that he could drown in formality. He planned to dive straight into the tank like a professional swimmer and to be buried in it till the dredges of time.

Julius was now in his original position, just a lot more soaked. His teeth rattled and his fingers cracked as he watched the sights of Dolphins pouncing into the air again and again once more.

Julius looked back in joyous interest.

He talked like he was examining a recently bought game.

”Sure is quite the drop. ”

Below him, around 30 feet was the ground.

Enough to kill a man.

But that didn matter, Julius had decided to go with drowning long ago.

He had nothing left to give to this accursed world.

Parents? Abandoned.

Friends? Became successful and forgot about him.

Money? Lost in drug overdose years back. Something that Julius wallet never recovered from due to his job admission failures.

Absolutely anything? Julius did have an ant farm but it wasn exactly driving him forwards every day of the week. He had already sold it off in his will to reinforce his detachment to the farm.

Julius wheezed. Turning his head back towards the tank swiftly.

The blond man had already begun attempting to scale the tank, knowing all eyes were now shared between him and Julius.

He had a moment of insecurity as he felt eyes burn into his back. To his luck, he found a ladder on the other side. He slowly began climbing up.

”Wait for me, hoodie guy. ”

He gained an aura of confidence.

Phones had already been drawn and had begun recording Julius.

Julius had heard the blonde man and decided it was time.

Julius whispered in solemnity.

”I regret nothing. ”

Julius opened up his arms, becoming christ himself for a moment.

And then, he fell.


A small shower of water hit the ground outside the tank. A figure sunk into a world of blue.

A stream of bubbles struck down. They fizzled and rushed around before being devoured by the monstrous mundane blue of the water.

Grey mirages occasionally passed past Julius.

Sounds and screams were muffled and empty.

Within the word of blue, Julius had shut his eyes, he didn even know why he had chosen to hold his breath.

To get a cool death pose maybe?

Although Julius wasn much, he was a fast thinker. In a few short moments, he analyzed all he had prepared in expectation of this moment.

Alright, I left the ant farm to the kids in the playground. I left all my belongings to my old high-school crush Jellaba and that includes my fabled electronics. All my debt can be traced to the family since I have none so the sharks can kiss their payday goodbye. My drug collection went to Fabiano and now I-… I can rest.

Julius let himself fall into the suffocating grip of a deathly sleep.

And then…

His eyes shot open. Blazing wide as red lines had infested among them. His pupils dilated as his figure instantly clawed upwards.

He felt like shit.


Julius kept trying to wade upwards. His clothes were weighing him down and his pockets had all opened up. His arm strength was weak and his legs barely did anything.

I forgot to clear-. ”

Julius felt his consciousness waver. He had lost all air long ago. Julius felt his mind stagnate for a brief moment.

”My… ”

Julius saw an orange shape above the surface of the water. It looked like the sun.

”Search history. ”

”Gah. ”

Julius hoarsely breathed outwards. He had been rather forcefully yanked up by a muscular blonde man.

Phone-cameras clicked.

”Thatll look great on my TikTok. ”

The blonde man roared in laughter. Flexing a bit. Julius had two arms on the rim of the tank. His body from the shoulders below felt discombobulated. He couldn even speak due to how little breath was in him.

The Blonde-man made eye contact with Julius.

”Thank me later. Unless you have… Venmo? ”

Julius eyes went blank. His mind still whining wildly. He wasn even aware of the eye contact he was making with the blonde man.

I told her she could start using the place today.

I told her all the passwords weeks ago.

I gave away my car months ago so the fastest way to get back would be by bus.

No. Im broke. Id have to walk back or steal a bike.

”Paypal? Cash App? ” The blonde man went down a list of the apps on his phone.

Julius eyes sparked with an unseen fiery determination. He ignored how terrible and miserable the rest of his body felt.

He cursed to the heavens above.

”I have to live. The things on that hard drive could blind a Sacramentine Sister. ” (Blind nuns…)

The blonde man looked down in confusion.

”You good bro? Is your phone even work-. ”

Julius looked up in irritation.

”I don have a phone. Even if I did itd be under the water by now. ”

Julius looked down going back to his game plan.

Anyways what I need to do is-. ”

A remedy of eery clicks cracked out next to Julius. Julius looked left in uncertainty.


A hard grey object crashed past Julius and knocked him back into the water.

Outside the tank, screams emerged as a dolphin landed on the ground.

It sputtered and gasped. There was blood seeping from its belly.

The people gathered and surrounded it, drawing phones like robots.

Julius had no strength to swim back up as he once had and no breath to last a while.

The blonde man who was shocked dipped his hand back in.

”I got you, bro. ”

He did not have his bro.


A hard and shilling impact met with Julius head. A faint grey mirage had rapidly swerved past him. Julius felt his consciousness growing fainter and his thought process deteriorating.

”Damn. ” Julius eyes tightened sharply. His lungs felt like salt blocks.

Soon, all the dolphins swarmed Julius like bees and began knocking him left and right.

”Am I really… ”

Blood began curling out of Julius mouth, becoming something like crimson steam in the water.

”Going to die… ”

Despite the transparency of the tank, all were focused on the dolphin on the ground.

Julius figure bent from a raging thrust from a dolphin.

”To… ”

Julius coughed. Water flooded his system mercilessly.

”Child-friendly sharks? ”

Julius eyes whitened all over. Any trace of red vanished miraculously.

The blonde man kept on wading his hand through the water, receiving no answer.

Soon, a corpse rose to the surface of the water tank. The blonde man looked up and found its attire quite similar to a figure he had just saved.

That and, a figure that he had just failed to save.

Julius had been killed and ganged on by a group of vicious dolphins.

His only goal was for a cool and honourable death.

Yeah, it hadn gone so well.

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