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In fact, she felt that even if she asked Bo Changshi now, she would not necessarily say it.

Bo Changshi obviously didn't say everything, and not everything was the truth.
For example, in her mouth, the Queen Mother was kind and loving, and ignored the government.
It was because she was worried about the society that she followed the government, but Chang'an Hua said——: No one can let go of power after having absolute power.

 [Changanhua: And she did not adopt a son for her own son, but a son for her husband.
It should be that she does not want to be the empress dowager, and she wants to be the Queen Mother more.
How can a grandson be as a reliable as a son?]

The “audience” was really nice and cleared up a lot of relationships for her.

For example, when she actually listened to Bo Changshi, she didn't understand who Emperor Wendi was.

But there is a big difference between ‘helpful audience’ and ‘other audience’.
Changan Hua helped her to explain the situation patiently, but Day by Day insomnia would only say-

 [Day by Day insomnia: Your food is really bad.]

 [Insomnia day by day: Your paper quality is really poor.]

 [Insomnia day by day: Do you really not have diarrhea after drinking this water?]

It seems like now, she said——

 [Insomnia day by day: Do you think the regent sent someone to assassinate you?]

Fortunately, at this time, Fu Ping’An didn't know how to mute someone; otherwise she would definitely mute the insomnia day by day.

Although she knew that the other party was speaking freely, Fu Ping’An was still somewhat nervous.
She looked at Bo Changshi, who nodded to her very calmly and gracefully, and then opened the car door and went out.

A conversation came from outside——

“Who is Your Excellency?”

“Here is Zhang Ling from Xinshan Mountain.
I came here to meet His Highness.
How do you address it? It's polite.”

Fu Ping’An stayed in the carriage for a while: “Who?”

 [Insomniac Tian Tian: Did your parents know each other before?]

 [Chang'an Flower: It's just for speculation.]

Fu Ping’An secretly looked out from the gap of the door curtain, and vaguely saw a person bowing deeply and saluting.
The other party looked up, as if he saw him, and immediately knelt down and salute, and said loudly: “His Royal Highness is on the top, you will be bowed by Zhang Ling.
There is a happy event to report.”

This makes it hard to not be curious, not to mention that everyone else is bowing to him.
Fu Ping’An lifted the curtain and asked, “What is the happy event?”

“That is the great auspiciousness of the sky, which is enough to prove that there will be a Mingjun coming into the world, and I wrote the “Five-color Bird Fu” below to sing this magnificent scene.”

 [Insomnia one day: Say you?]

 [Changanhua: It should be about you.]

Even if Fu Ping’An was still a child, he could not help thinking at this moment: What the hell?

She hesitated: “I passed by Yongzhou the day before yesterday, but I didn't see it.”

Zhang Ling's voice was higher, and he said excitedly: “After the five-colored bird chased His Highness's frame, His Highness didn't see it.”

Fu Ping’An: “…”

Not so, the experience of being flattered is difficult to answer.

Fu Ping’An glanced at Bo Changshi with some embarrassment, but Bo Changshi didn't speak, just stood on the side and looked at her lightly.

 [Insomnia day by day: What should I do at this time? At first glance, it is flattering, telling him to get out?]

 [Chang'an Flower: You are wrong! This is to take refuge in the mountains! In general, people like this in ancient times are quite important.
In ancient times, auspiciousness was very important.
You should ask him to hand over his work to take a look and calm down.]

Fu Ping's face was expressionless and said lightly: “Where is your gift, do you want to show it to me?”

Zhang Ling smiled: “This is an honor.”

He took out a roll of tissue paper from his arms, bending his knees, Fu Ping’An took a brief look – um, I don't know most of the words.

But she didn't show it on her face, only said: “Well, Zhang Ling, I understand.”

After saying this, she closed the curtain and retracted the carriage.

After confirming that no one saw her, she looked nervous and whispered: “What the hell is going on?”

 [Insomnia day by day: I always feel that the situation is not good, let me ask someone else.]

 [Changan Flower: Who are you going to ask?]

 [Insomnia day by day: Send a post to ask netizens?]

 [Chang'an Flower: …

The two of them don't seem to understand either.

Bo Changshi's voice came from outside: “His Royal Highness has traveled a long way, and is already tired.”

After saying this, the carriage started again.
Bo Changshi didn't enter the carriage again.
Fu Ping’An thought about it, opened the car window and said: “Tell Azhi to come in and serve.”

After a while, Azhi entered the carriage.
Fu Ping’An stared at her.
Azhi lowered his head and did not speak.
Fu Ping’An asked, “What do you think?”

Azhi looked up at Fu Ping’An and saw Fu Ping’An's expression was uneasy, like a young bird.

She suddenly softened and said, “Your Highness has done a good job.”

Fu Ping’An said, “Really?”

Azhi said, “These scribes just want to make a name for themselves; His Highness has nothing to do now, and just needs a reputation.
There is nothing more famous for you than these scribes.”

Fu Ping’An lowered his head and asked after a while, “Why doesn't Bo Changshi speak today?”

Azhi said, “Bo Changshi…is the Queen Mother’s.”

Fu Ping’An looked He asked her, “What about you; are you the Prince Regent's person?”

Azhi didn't speak.

But that night, the carriage entered the city gate, and Fu Ping’An was taken to the old residence of King Yong’An to rest.
Of course, he received an edict that night, and the Queen Mother announced that she would enter the palace the next morning.

There is another big event tonight.

Because I posted a post every day because of insomnia, there were suddenly many unfamiliar viewers in the live broadcast room.

Then, Fu Ping’An finally found where the settings were.

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