This feels very strange right now.
Although it seems that something automatically tells her the meaning of this sentence, she always finds the writing a bit strange.
“User 92339” even knows every word but doesn't know what it means.
Fu Ping’An frowned, looking more and more awkward.

Uneasy in her heart, she subconsciously looked at the familiar person, naturally the mama who raised her.
When the mama saw her, she quickly winked and glanced at the edict on the ground, with a worried look on her face, Fu Ping’An knew she had done something wrong, and was about to speak when Chang Shi knelt on the ground and picked up the edict, Yun Danfeng smiled lightly: “Your Highness is still young, you're scared, you—”

She looked at Mammy, and said: “You still haven't brought back the little highness?”

When the nurse heard the words, she quickly staggered over, put Fu Ping’An in her arms, and whispered: “What is in your arms?”

Fu Ping’An murmured: “Rabbit…”

Mammy said: “Sorry, what are you going to do?”

Fu Ping’An said: “I saw the big rabbits were bitten to death, so I took them away.
Mammy, can I keep them?”

As if a little anxious, she hugged her and walked to the road, whispering: “In the future, you can raise whatever you want.”

In the evening, Fu Ping’An understood the meaning of this sentence.

After she went back that day, she didn't go back to the Zhuangzi where she used to live, but went to the county governor's house in the city.
Wherever she went, others knelt on the ground.
The first time she saw someone kneeling on her, she was frightened.
One jump, and at the same time another line of words floated across the sky—— [User 92339: I feel that the anchor is a very good character.

Her brain told her that Niu means great, she couldn't help but whisper: “I'm not great.”

Mammy heard it from the side and said, “What did you say?”

[User 92339: Obviously there are so many people kneeling in the little kid? You have to be a princess, don't you? 】

Fu Ping’An had a guess.
She thought that “user 92339” might be the name of this person, because the color is not the same, and there is a symbol behind it to separate it from the words that follow.

She also realizes now that only she can see the picture and hear the sound, so she doesn't speak loudly in front of people.
After eating, she is stuffed into a wooden bucket to take a shower and wash her hair, and the sound in her ears rings.
——[Privacy protection mode has been turned on]

[User 92339: Why is the screen black, what is the host doing? 】

Fu Ping’An whispered, “Take a bath…”

There were three maids helping her take a bath, but they were like wooden men, neither talking nor looking up at her, they only mechanically added water to her body and wiped her body, so Fu Ping’An slowly turned instead.
I don't think these three human-shaped things are people, but the line of characters floating in the void is more like people.

[User 92339: Oh, the privacy protection mode will be turned on when taking a shower]

[User 92339: Then you just turn off the live broadcast; there is no sound and no picture, boring]

Fu Ping’An still doesn't understand a lot of his words.
But she was accustomed to thinking for herself first, and after thinking for a long time without a clue, she finally said, “What is the privacy protection mode.”

The line did not appear again.

Later, Fu Ping’An realized that the first viewer in her live broadcast room should have quit, but she didn't know it at the time, she only felt that this magical encounter seemed to have ended, and she felt a little lost and a little uneasy, so she paid attention again in front of her.

The maid was wearing a shirt made of Luo*.
It was a material she had not worn it since she was seven years old.
It was light and soft, so it was easily torn.

The maid smeared a thick ointment on her hair, and then gently combed her hair with a grate.
Every year on the Dragon Boat Festival, Mammy would also help her comb her hair.
She knew that a lot of lice would be combed on her head by Mammy.
These lice are usually thrown into the brazier to burn to death, and combing her hair with a grate is very painful.
She has never liked it, and every year she has to find a way to hide.

But the maids didn't hurt at all when they combed her hair, maybe because they moved very gently, or maybe they put her on the edge of the barrel because of the dizzy ointment.
Holding a basin to help her wash her hair, changing basin after basin of water, the water at the beginning seemed to have some herbs in it, exuding a bitter smell, and in the middle, the water exuded a fragrance, and finally replaced it with water, and nothing can be washed off.

The bath water was also changed three times in this way, and finally, she was dried with a soft cloth and wrapped in a soft brocade robe.
When she finished changing her clothes, she heard some noise outside the room, she vaguely heard the voice of the mammy and the other party was crying, saying: “…how can you do without me, little master.”

She had already forgotten about Mammy, but now that she remembered it again, she jumped off the couch and ran out, also shouting, “Mammy, Mammy…” The maid came to stop her and wanted to hold her in her arms, but she was a little short.
Dodging, she turned to see that the maid stumbled and almost fell to the ground.
She laughed, but the other party frowned, looking at her impatiently with some dissatisfaction.

This expression made Fu Ping’An a little unhappy, so she ran to the door, opened the door, jumped straight out, and bumped into someone's leg, she thought it was a mother, hugged the other's leg and raised her head to act like a spoiled child, But he saw Bo Changshi's very serious face looking at her with a half-smile.

On the way back, Fu Ping’An knew the other party's surname Bo.

Fu Ping’An remembered that he had vaguely heard of it, and the surname of the empress dowager was Bo.

Bo Changshi stretched out his hand to hold her shoulder and said, “What is your Highness doing?”

Fu Ping’An was inexplicably frightened; she shrank, and said, “It's nothing…
I'm looking for mama.”

She looked out and saw mama kneeling on the ground, she suddenly felt a little unhappy, as if it wasn't the mother who was kneeling there, but herself.

Bo Changshi asked with a smile, “Is the maid I arranged to serve well?”

Fu Ping’An remembered the dissatisfied expression of the maid just now, and said angrily: “I don't like it.”

Bo Changshi put away his smile: “Oh, so, then…” She turned her head and said behind her: “Drag it out and kill it.”

Fu Ping’An was stunned.

The three maids, who looked like wooden men, seemed to suddenly have life, knelt down and begged for mercy: “Your Highness, Your Highness, spare this life…”

The five big and three thick guards behind Bo Changshi had already entered the room, and Fu Ping’An said, “Yes; also it’s not that I don't like it that much, as long as they can change.”

However, Bo Changshi didn't seem to hear, the guard grabbed the maid's hand and twisted them out, Fu Ping’An shouted in fright, “Stop! Stop, did you hear me!” The attendant didn't listen to her at all.

Fu Ping’An felt his head swell and didn't understand what happened; she suddenly remembered the rabbits in her arms.
She hugged the little rabbits because she didn't want them to die, but now, what about her rabbits?

[Kneel down to me presumptuously: I feel like this person is giving you a slap in the face.

This line of words floated out of the void again.

Fu Ping’An saw this line of words and immediately grasped the point.
Bo Changshi read the edict that her identity seemed to be restored, and it was because of this that they called her Her Royal Highness.

Before the death of her father and mother, she was the only daughter of King Yongan, and she was the heir to inherit her father's title sooner or later.

But when her father and mother died, an edict demoted her to a commoner.

Therefore, Fu Ping’An has a concept of the imperial edict.

When she was seven years old, her mother was announced to the palace by an edict.
That day, Fu Ping’An was inexplicably disturbed and cried non-stop.
Her mother knelt on the ground to receive the edict’s purpose, and soon went to the palace.

Then she woke up the next day and heard the maid chatting under the porch, saying that the lady had swallowed gold.
She didn't even see her mother for the last time, and after a while, her father's coffin was placed in the hall.

[Kneel down for me presumptuously: a bit pitiful; if the anchor saves them, I will give you gifts.

Fu Ping’An didn't know what the gift was, but she got some inspiration from reading this line of words, so she blurted out: “Kneel down for me!”

[Kneel down for me:??? 】

The whole room fell silent.

Fu Ping’An didn't dare to look at Bo Changshi, so he turned to wait for the guard at the head.
The guard hesitated to look at Bo Changshi.
Bo Changshi reprimanded: “Your Highness asked you to kneel, but you still don't kneel?” The guard then let go of the maid and knelt down.

Not knowing the courage he brought, Fu Ping’An turned to look at Bo Changshi and said, “You kneel down too.”

[Kneel down for me presumptuously: wow…]

[“Kneel down for me presumptuously” gave a lollipop.

Bo Changshi lost the smile on his face and looked at her with pursed lips.
Fu Ping’An grabbed something from his hand and smashed it on Bo Changshi's body: “Kneel down!”

The thing hit Bo Changshi.
After hitting Shi's body, Fu Ping’An found that it was a broken straw sandal; maybe she had just replaced it.

There was still mud on the straw sandals, which splashed onto Bo Changshi's brocade robe, which seemed to be glowing with light.
Bo Changshi slowly reached out and picked up a little hem of his clothes, and slowly knelt on the ground.

“His Royal Highness…
calm down.”

Fu Ping’An said angrily, “Did you not hear me when I said stop?”

[Kneel down to me presumptuously: I suggest the anchor to calm down.
Now he's a little out of breath and has no momentum.

Fu Ping’An took a deep breath and stabilized his emotions.

Although I don't know what monsters and ghosts these things come from, I have to say that it is very useful to her now.

Although Bo Changshi was kneeling, he was still as tall as her.
He looked at her expressionlessly; his eyes were as calm as a deep pool.
If Fu Ping’An was still controlled by anger, he would definitely show his cowardice at this time, but she calmed down, just holding her breath in her heart, in a childish way, she hated the person in front of her.

But at the same time, she was afraid.
In fact, she didn't know what to say next, so she was silent for a long time, her fingers were trembling under her sleeves, and then a sentence floated in the sky——

[Kneel down for me presumptuously: The anchor you say, “I don't like the maid, and you say drag it out and kill it, so what should I do if I don't like you?” 】

Fu Ping’An vaguely felt that it was not good to say this, but because he didn't know what to say, he parroted his tongue and said, “I don't like this maid, you say drag it out and kill it, then if I don't like you…
What should you do?”

The more she spoke, the more hesitant she became, and the tone of her speech dropped, but in the ears of others, she seemed to be casual.

The corners of Bo Changshi's brows trembled suddenly, then took a deep breath and leaned down deeply: “Let your Highness handle it.”

[“Kneel down to me presumptuously” sent a gift box.

[Kneel down to me presumptuously: Be careful, this person won't be so angry that he poisons you, right?]

Fu Ping’An wanted to cry but had no tears, so he pretended to be calm, waved his hand and said, “I'm tired, you all go out…
The maid and maid stay.”

Everyone saluted, and then filed out without saying a word; when the door was closed, Mammy came in but didn't dare to speak and she just looked at Fu Ping’An in surprise.

Fu Ping’An didn't speak, she sat on the collapsed, her palms clenched tightly in her sleeves, and she was sweating coldly.

She was a little surprised at those words that appeared in the void and entered her mind.
If there were not those words, she would definitely not have said those words to offend Bo Changshi.

[Kneel down to me presumptuously: Can I ask what the host's identity is? 】

Fu Ping’An raised his eyes and looked at the three maids.
The maids' eyes were red and hair was messy, and they still looked panicked.
Fu Ping’An said, “Go out and fix your appearance.” After the maids left, Mammy finally stepped forward; Fu Ping’An stepped forward and hugged her, burying his face in her arms.

Heart beating like a drum, not knowing what to tell her, Fu Ping’An looked up at Mammy and said, “Have I regained my identity?”

Mammy looked down at her, her cheeks flushed, and her face was excited: “The emperor collapsed, the Queen Mother wants to adopt you as an adopted son; you are going to be the emperor!”

[Kneel down to me presumptuously: …
wow, paying attention.]

Fu Ping’An felt awkward.
She didn't seem to be like herself just now.
The attitude of those people made her not know how to deal with herself.
She twisted her body and said after a while, “Where's my rabbit?”


*Luo refers to the textiles woven with stranded warps.
It appeared in Shang Dynasty (16th – 11th century BC).
In Tang Dynasty, the Yueluo gauze, produced in Yue State in today's Zhejiang Province, and single-warp gauze are quite famous.

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