Just after saying this, Fu Ping’An was hugged by the Queen Mother covering her eyes.


Then she heard the Empress Dowager say sternly: “Quickly separate the two of them, and all the heavenly stems present will leave the palace gate.”

There was a mess in her ears; Fu Ping’An didn't have a deep idea of ​​what happened, she only had the fear of A Zhi dying in her heart.

She remembered the first time she saw a palace man being killed with a staff.
It was at noon twenty days ago.

Then she never saw the man again.

Compared with a few years ago, she has a clearer understanding of death, death is leaving forever-at least, she will never see this person.

She didn't want this to happen; she wanted A Zhi to be by her side forever.

At this time, she began to imagine that the sack was wrapped around A Zhi's body, her slender eyes would be tightly closed, blood would flow from her mouth and nose, and her bones would be broken.

So she had no choice but to firmly hold the Queen Mother's hand, and said: “Mother, don't kill A Zhi, she definitely didn't do it on purpose.”

She had already forgotten to please the Queen Mother by acting, and she only hoped that the Queen Mother would not kill A Zhi.

The Empress Dowager embraced her into the hall, saw her tearful, and there was a touch of love in her eyes, and said in a low voice: “It's so late; the emperor should go to bed first.”

Fu Ping’An grabbed her sleeve tightly: “After waking up, will Ah Zhi be dead?”

The Empress Dowager hesitated, and Fu Ping’An began to sob.
The Empress Dowager finally sighed, “She won't die, I promise.”

Fu Ping’An tried to suppress it.
Crying, trembling: “Okay, then…
Then I will sleep, I want to sleep next to the Queen Mother.”

She looked mournful and weak, her pale cheeks were hot and red from crying, and her slender eyelashes were wet, reminding people of a newborn puppy.
The Queen Mother really couldn't bear it.
The same is true, holding her tightly and calling her mournfully.

But there was nothing she could do at the time.

Seeing that Fu Ping’An was only wearing an inner jacket, she hurriedly said to the people around her, “Bring a coat here.”

Fu Ping’An hiccupped and closed her eyes.
She was indeed tired and sleepy, but her brain was too active.
Even though she lost the strength to open her eyes, he could still hear the surrounding voices.

When she heard someone coming and trying to hug her away, she clutched her sleeve tightly and would not let go, the Queen Mother sighed: “Forget it, let her fall asleep like this.”

After a while, someone came over and whispered: “This dynasty has always been kind to the issues  of Tiangan and Dikun.
After all, reproduction is the foundation of the country.
If you don’t care about the stick and kill it today, it’s hard to explain.
At least you have to wait until the letter period has passed…”

“Then in the end; is it careful work?”

“Nothing was found, only a pair of sachets, maybe it is a pair of hard-working couples…”

“The obscene work is also hard-working couples?”

“It was the slaves who made a slip of the tongue, but the folks sent them into the palace.
There have always been many mistakes and omissions in this regard.
In the past, there were many people who said that Chang Yong sent them in.
In the end, a letter came.
After all, this matter is also a good thing…
As usual, most of them were sent out, and some food money was even used as a dowry.

There was a long silence.

The rich agar wood was flowing in the palace room.
Although Fu Ping’An didn't open her eyes, she seemed to be able to see the current situation.

The palace man must have bowed his waist and looked at the Queen Mother flatteringly, and the Queen Mother must have frowned and thoughtful.

Fu Ping’An knew that A Zhi's fate lay in the Queen Mother's thoughts.

Unexpectedly, she leaned down, buried her face in the Empress Dowager's arms, and murmured in a low voice: “The Empress Dowager…”

The voice is like mosquitoes and flies, vague and indistinct, it seems to be talking in sleep, but it is full of attachment.

The Queen Mother moved in her heart, caressed her hair, sighed for a while, and said: “Forget it, I have already promised this child.”

The heart seemed to be floating in the water, until it finally calmed down at this moment, but it was still suspended.
Fu Ping’An felt a kind of pain like being choked, and she opened her eyes suddenly in this pain.

Sunlight shines through the window panes to illuminate the dim interior.
Above the head are bedposts carved with patterns of dragons and phoenixes.
Red window curtains hang above them, like a piece of blood-red flesh.
On the curtains are hung jade carvings in the shape of a unicorn.

Fu Ping’An recalled that A Zhi had told her that famous ministers were transformed from unicorns to assist the king for generations to come.

“Then A Zhi, you are the Qilin who assists me.” She said.

Azhi smiled and said, “Your Majesty's servant is a servant, and cannot be your minister.”

Fu Ping’An could see that A Zhi who said this was a little lonely in her eyes.

Thinking of this, Fu Ping’An straightened up suddenly, and shouted: “Ah Zhi!”

Someone beside her said: “Your Majesty, Miss Azhi is fine.”

Fu Ping’An turned her head and saw a forty-year-old nanny .
Fangzheng is the Queen Mother's favorite palace maid, who is usually called Mother Quan.
Fu Ping’An asked timidly, “Where is the Queen Mother?”

At this moment, Fu Ping’An realized that she had actually slept in the Queen Mother's palace and on the Queen Mother's bed.

This was a wonderful feeling.
She realized that although the barrage kept saying that the Queen Mother had ulterior motives; after getting along for a long time, Fu Ping’An still became attached to the Queen Mother.

Maybe it's because in this palace, the only one with whom she is equal, and the only one who really looks like a mother is the Queen Mother.

Sometimes she acted like a baby to the Queen Mother, but it was not completely against her will.
Perhaps it was because she was half sincere that the Queen Mother believed her.

 [Moranran: Azhi, Azhi, quickly ask Azhi.]

 [Be happy today: Is Ah Zhi still alive?]

 [Insomnia every day: Quickly ask where Azhi is.]

 [Bobo milk tea with taro paste: Judging by the appearance of the Queen Mother yesterday, it seems that she really won't kill Azhi.]

 [I really want to see the moon: This mammy helped me a lot, so she couldn't be bribed, right?]

Seeing this, Fu Ping’An observed Quan mama indiscriminately.
She had heard that Zhao Mama who raised her called Quan mama sister.
In this way, Quan mama should be older, but the other party took care of her.
Very good, the bun is meticulous, the skin is fair and rosy, the eyes are gentle, and it looks amiable.

She plucked up the courage to say, “I want to see Ah Zhi.”

Aunt Quan showed hesitation, and Fu Ping’An said again: “You can talk to the Queen Mother first.”

Mama Quan hurriedly said, “Whom does your Majesty want to see, I will let you know.
There is no reason to stop it, but Miss A Zhi is not very convenient to meet people now.”

Fu Ping’An recalled yesterday's conversation, and said, “Is it because she is in the uterus period?”

Aunt Quan said embarrassedly: “Your Majesty is really smart.

Fu Ping’An asked again: “What is the uterus period? Why can't we see each other during the uterus period?”

Aunt Quan changed the subject: “If Your Majesty wants to see you, you can wait a few days until Miss A Zhi is raised well.”

This doesn't sound like a lie, but Fu Ping’An knows that the people in the palace are best at telling lies with their eyes open.
As long as they are willing, they can make lies more true than the truth.

She confirmed again: “I can really see it, I will never forget it.”

Quan Mama said: “If you can, please rest assured, Your Majesty.”

Fu Ping’An returned to Jingui Palace, but at noon she went to Qianqiu Palace to pay her respects, and came again the next morning, and again in the afternoon, when the Empress Dowager was having a meal, seeing her sighed, she said helplessly, “You like that maid so much?”

Fu Ping’An lowered her head and muttered: “No…and it's not…”

The Queen Mother took a sip of soup, thought for a while, and interrogated the two people separately the day before yesterday, and asked the interrogator, saying that nothing was found in the interrogation, it can't help it.

The Empress Dowager herself is also Dikun, and she knows that the involuntary feelings cannot be tolerated by perseverance alone.
If there is no such thing as Yinxin Pill, life will be really difficult.

Yesterday when she went to discuss matters, Fan Yi also persuaded her, saying that the affairs of the inner palace had spread outside the palace, although people dared not speak out, there was unavoidable resentment in their hearts.

The Regent did a good job in this matter.
The other party clearly used it harshly, but she has a reputation for benevolence and righteousness in her conduct.
The Queen Mother has only one opinion about this-she really wants to gain fame.

But it is indeed useful to be famous.

The Queen Mother thought about it, and said to Fu Ping’An: “She's fine, but it's not convenient to serve you, so let's put it in Yeting first.”

Fu Ping’An was still sad when she heard the words, but seeing the joyful barrage, she felt that her sadness was a bit inappropriate.
Then she opened her mouth and said: “…Of course this is all up to the Queen Mother…but can I see her again?”

The Queen Mother nodded and said: “Well, then tomorrow, let the Quan Mama take you to see her.”

Fu Ping’An made a lot of drafts for the next day's meeting.
The next day, just after getting dressed, the Queen Mother came over.
Her expression was no longer the kindness of yesterday.

Fu Ping’An said: “The emperor is here to meet her.
I'll see from the sidelines.
How do you have such a deep relationship between master and servant?”

 [I really want to see the moon: Be alert, I suspect someone said something to the Queen Mother.]

Fu Ping’An also sensed something was wrong.
She looked around and saw that there were palace servants of the Empress Dowager standing by the door, as if they would rush forward if they found something wrong.

It was at this time that A Zhi came in, wearing plain clothes that a courtier who made mistakes would wear, and tied with a hemp waist rope, making him even more slender like a willow branch.
Fu Ping’An looked A Zhi up and down in anxiety, and confirmed that the other party was not only a little weak, and there was no obvious injury.

But there was a bloody smell in the air, and there should still be wounds where they couldn't see it.

After she stood still, she knelt down to salute, first knelt down to Fu Ping’An, then to the Queen Mother, and said after kowtowing: “Ah Zhi is ashamed of great love of Her Majesty, and she deserves death for making this mistake.”

Fu Ping’An wanted to go forward help her, but didn't dare, and timidly glanced at the Queen Mother.

The Queen Mother raised her eyebrows, and suddenly said: “The emperor loves this court lady the most, does she like her soft and docile appearance? Don't you like the court lady I sent?”

Fu Ping’An unconsciously glanced at Qin He in the crowd, but seeing that Qin He's face was pale and horrified.    

The Queen Mother said again: “I also heard that you often have private conversations with Princess Yunping in the palace, and no one is allowed to listen in.
I can know what the emperor and Princess Yunping are talking about in private?”

Smile but don't reach your eyes.

 [I really want to see the moon: Sure enough, someone has informed me.]

 [Insomnia day by day: it must be Qin He's one.]

 [Whether Wei Jin: …
Control yourself, aren't you afraid of being banned.]

 [Bobo milk tea with taro paste: I observed the expressions of everyone present, and I don't think it's Qinhe, it's more like…
Ah Ying.]

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