The summer heat is dry and hot, it is obviously only May, and at noon, the air inhaled seems to be scalding hot.
The mountains and fields are full of periwinkle flowers, cat faces, wild peony, and large white grasses, swaying in the wind.

Nine-year-old Fu Ping’An didn't seem to know whether it was hot or cold.
She walked through the grass like a happy child, and found half a dead hare in a gardenia bush.
She seemed to think of something.
A litter of three little rabbits came out.
The little rabbits had just opened their eyes and had a thin layer of fluff.
They were huddled together.
She guessed that the dead hare was probably the mother of the litter of rabbits, and Wong Tai Sin killed the mother rabbit, this litter of bunnies has become an orphan.

There was an inexplicable emotion in her heart, or it was because she was also an orphan, and the little rabbit without a mother would soon die.
She remembered the mammy had hugged her, who was about to fall asleep, and whispered, “How can you live, little master.”

Mammy thought that Fu Ping’An hadn’t heard it, but she had actually heard it.
She had secretly opened her eyes and saw the reflection of the candle on the ground shaking like a ghost, white linen cloth.
The drapery made of it dragged down into the shadows, like a ghost that dipped into the darkness.

Fu Ping’An tore off a piece of clothes and hugged the rabbit in his arms.
The rabbit was warm and soft, and it seemed to echo her heartbeat in an instant.
At this moment, she felt that she was inseparable from the three rabbits.
Emotional connection, so she thought, if she begs Mammy, maybe she can keep these three rabbits.

She walked down the mountain thinking so much, when she heard loud noises coming from down the mountain, in addition to the human voice and the sound of metal clashing, she was instinctively afraid, so she got into a bush of low grass and looked out secretly, and soon A group of people came up, headed by a big bearded man, scolding: “Where did you go, why haven't you found it yet?”

Then Fu Ping’An heard a familiar voice: “Little master often plays here.”

She widened her eyes, looked out from the gap in the grass stalk, and saw that Mammy was following behind the other, with her waist slightly bent, her cheeks flushed, and her face covered in sweat.

In the end, she's just a child.
After this shock, there was a movement, and the blades of grass swayed.
The bearded man knew that someone was here, so he strode over and pulled the leaf away with his saber, “Master!”

Fu Ping’An was a little scared, she had never seen such a mammy before, her face had an expression she was completely unfamiliar with, and in the past, the other party always lowered his eyes and sighed, even if it was a big emotional fluctuation, but only raised his eyelids and glared at her fiercely, but now his eyes were terrifyingly bright, and his sunburned skin looked even redder.

She thought of the human being possessed by the monster in the book, and the half-rabbit beside Gardenia, thinking of the Wong Tai Sin, who she had never seen but definitely existed, she immediately took a half step back, and after half a step, one step, she turned around and ran, and heard the man behind her shout loudly: “Don't run! Little Highness, don't run!”

Fu Ping’An was confused, she didn't know who the people who were chasing her were calling, and no one had ever called her little highness before.
But it does sound like calling her.

Further ahead is a small river, and next to the river is a row of willow trees with crooked necks.
Fu Ping’An panicked and climbed up to the tree.

 “My lord.”

“It's a good thing, Little Highness, don't be afraid.”

Fu Ping'an held the willow branch with one hand and the rabbit with the other.
She looked up to the sky and saw a row of bean geese flying by.
She thought it was  geese.
I wish I could take her to fly away, so I grabbed the branches and wanted to go higher, but the twigs swayed, and there was another exclamation under my feet.

“Don't, don't!”

At this time, a sparrow flew over with a shiny thing in its mouth.
Fu Ping'an forgot his situation for a while, and was completely attracted by this shiny thing.
She had never seen such a bright thing.
It was like a drop of pure water condensed into a solid – of course it wasn't ice, because ice was not so bright, she seemed to be enchanted and reached out to grab it.

The sparrow was frightened, opened her mouth and screamed and ran away, but the thing in her mouth fell off and was caught by Fu Ping'an, but at the same time, she lost her balance and fell from the tree.

Ah, rabbit.

Thinking so, she turned her back down, hugged the little rabbit in her arms tightly, and closed her eyes.

But the imagined pain did not appear, the body was soft, instead there was the sound of someone else's pain, Fu Ping’An opened his eyes and saw four or five people stacked up and down below, stretched out four or five hands to give her a hug.

These people were not at all unhappy about being human flesh pads.
Seeing that she was fine, they immediately smiled and said, “Your Highness is not injured, right? Is there any pain?”

She had never had such an experience before, and her eyes widened in surprise.
He hesitated: “You guys…”

Before the words “Are you okay?” I heard a cool and bright voice coming from the side: “Why is it that  you raise a child from the royal bloodline like a wild child?”

Fu Ping’An looked at the source of the sound, squinted his eyes stabbed by the sun, and vaguely saw a tall figure in black clothes, thin and white, with black hair like ink, tied on top of his head.

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