“It’s only middle school level.”


I’m getting used to the regressor’s sharp comments.

I shrugged before speaking.


“Well, that’s because it really is just a middle-school-level topic.”

Some useless information with an even weaker delivery.”

“Because it’s the basics.
It’s like the multiplication tables in math.”

You covered all the basics, and it’s impressive speed and completion for 0 level magic.
But for someone like you who can only use body mediation magic, I don’t think you can show us anything more than that.”


There was a sense of superiority complex in her childish smirk.

No, it can’t be.
Is the regressor really feeling challenged by me? This is ridiculous.
You’re a professional life-liver with thirteen lives under your belt.
I’m just an amature on this stage of life.
If you want to have competition against me, why don’t you come at me fair and square on your first cycle?


“Magic isn’t my profession or specialty.”

Magic isn’t my specialty either, but I can use strategy level magic.”

“Oh, can you, now?”

“And you're done with illusionary level magic.
I wonder if this is a difference in talent.”


Aren’t you embarrassed of yourself? Pretending like all the magic you’ve gathered through your multiple lives was a result of your ‘talent’?

Does she have a conscience or not?


“If you really achieved that yourself, then it would be a difference in talent.”


I said as I shot a cold glare at her.
Then, she shrank away and started to be invocal.


「…Sure, these are skills I got from dying and regressing, but regressing is also a skill.
So it should be okay to boast about it! Yeah! Regressing is an ability! Part of my specs!」


Thankfully, she does seem to have a conscience since she’s trying to justify herself.
People who don’t have a conscience don’t even try to justify themselves.
So in that sense, it seems that she does know embarrassment.

The regressor stopped there and turned to the vampire.


I’ll teach you magic.
I’d be more competent than that kind of guy.”


Then, the vampire carefully asked.
As if she had no choice but to ask this unfortunate question.


[But did you not only graduate from primary school?]

“I told you, I didn’t go to middle school because I didn’t need to!]

[Ah, yes.
That is right.
It is fine, child.
I don’t really mind.]


The vampire was trying to be nice.
However, she was trying so hard to be nice that the receiver could tell what she was thinking.
The regressor’s hand shook.


「I… I’m starting to realize why that man was treating her like an old woman.」


I told you so.
She’s an elder.
Be it in a good way or a bad way.

The vampire kept glancing at me and continued the conversation.


[Do you really have to graduate? Can’t you just show us here now…]

“Magic is a secret weapon.
Something I built for myself from the ground up.
While it is my strength, it is also my weakness.
I can’t just show it to anyone.”

[But did he not show us his magic?]

“Don’t compare mine to something like that! That was some standard State magic.
It’s magic that anyone can use with the correct requirements! My magic is unique.
High-level magic that only I can use!”

[Ah, hm.
I understand, I understand.
Now, let us go.]


The regressor stomped out of the room, the black coffin floating along behind her.
She kept glancing at me while leaving.


「Magic that anyone can use… Is that not more incredible? Hm.
I do not know.
I do not know any of it.」


She really spent her years well.
Very wise.


「Even so, for a dead woman like me… I wouldn’t be able to use even that kind of magic.」


‘…Well, I hope you two try your best.
The regressor’s probably overjoyed to teach magic, even if she disappoints.
I’m just glad my work load is reduced… Huh? Wait.
I feel like I’ve forgotten something… Oh yeah, my money! My two pieces of Alchemic Gold!’


I hurriedly ran after them and shouted.


“Trainee Shei! Where’s my payment?!”


But all that came back was a tired response.


“Tyrkanzyaka’s gonna learn from me.
Why would she pay you?”

“You said you’ll give me two pieces of Alchemic Gold! Are you going to break your promise?”



The regressor spun around, looked at me, and smirked.


“Let me give you a piece of advice.
No matter who you dealt with or how much you were supposed to get, until that money is in your pocket, it isn’t yours.”

“What kind of nonsense is that?! If you say that you’ll give it, you should give it!”

“Just be satisfied with the first piece.
That's worth a fortune on its own… Well, for you, that is.”


The regressor left with a smile, walking off cheerfully.

If I were to express her thoughts just then as simply as possible, it would be like blowing a raspberry.

Quite aggravated, I huffed and puffed back into the classroom.


“How dare she trick me!”


‘I’ve always tricked people, but never have I been tricked myself.
I even thought about giving them the other half of the content for free! But they changed their minds after hearing all that! I hate these fickle people the most.
These people who don’t plan ahead and make things up as they go.
How can I know anything if your thoughts change from one second to the next?! Predicting a stormy wave on the ocean would be easier than reading that!’


“For me to be hearing those words… Damn it!”


‘I don’t know why, but I’m doubly pissed off.’


As I slammed the door shut…




…I heard an unsatisfied bark.
I turned my head to Azzy who was sulking and shaking her tail while lying on her belly in the back corner.

It was her way of telling me that she was getting bored.
I didn’t even need to read a dog’s mind to know what they were thinking.

I extended my hand in frustration.


“What? What do you want?”


“That’s it for today.
Go back to your room.”


“Why? You think you’re the only one who’s angry? I’m also quite angry.
Also, my fingers hurt, so I’m not in the mood to play with you right now.


As I was bluntly replying to her, Azzy stood up and slowly came towards me.
She kept showing her dissatisfaction as she got closer.


‘This fidelity-less animal.
You’re trying to tell me “I want to apologize even if I’ve done nothing wrong,” huh? You think I’ll accept that?’


“Can’t you see my fingers? I told you they’re hurt.”


I scolded her as I showed off my now-multicolored fingers.
Azzy looked at them in a weirdly sympathetic way and started to lick them.


“Huh? Are you licking them because they’re hurt?”


Azzy kept licking without an answer.
Her slick tongue licked up one of my fingers.
The warm and soft feeling massaged my digit.
As I tried to scrunch my face, I saw her kind gesture and relaxed my face.




Animals often licked their injuries.
Either to stop infection, because it itched, or because it was the only thing they could do about it.

However, for a conceptual being like a Beast King, the act of licking oneself carried a generalistic healing power.
It may not be effective on all injuries, but they said it was more effective than applying a potion.


“You’re healing me.”



The quietly replying Azzy thoroughly licked my remaining fingers.
Even though her nature was that of a dog, she had a human form.
Her fleshy tongue dug through every nook and cranny.

People compared anger to a fire.
It seemed that they had some basis.
As the fingers got wet, the anger within me got extinguished.



What do I even get from being angry?’


I pulled my hand back, a string of sticky saliva stretching between us.
The fingers slobbered in spit were healed back to normal in no time.

The greatest enemies of humans were each other, and the dog was the greatest ally.
I let out a smirk.


“Alright! So what if you eat some food in secret? It’s natural to eat when you’re hungry.
Food was made to be eaten! Right?”


“Right! Let’s have some meat today!”



Azzy’s eyes sparkled.
She got up instantly, as if she was never lying down at all.


“Yeah! We’ll have meat for lunch!”

“Woof! I like meat!”

“Let’s go to the cafeteria!”



I followed behind the gleefully running Azzy.


‘Let’s forget about the lost money.
If you can effectively break down a piece of Alchemic Gold, you could make a card.
If you’re lucky, maybe even a piece of enchantment.
And the regressor’s going to fail teaching her anyway.
I’ll just take some with interest when that happens.’


I started cooking up a storm after cheerfully heading to the cafeteria.

Just then—


“You fucking mutt! Don’t just take the meat!”

“Woof?! Awooooooo!”


‘I’ve come to a decision.
The dog food from now on is going to be beans.’




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