f asking ‘Why did you stop?’ As if to tell me to keep going, she lunged her chin towards my hand.

It seems like she thinks I’m either a petting machine, a ball throwing machine, or a feeding machine.


Just my luck.
Why am I being the dog’s babysitter?

Well, It can’t be helped.
She’s our dog.
The least I could do is feed her.



“Let’s go and eat.”



If there was a ‘World’s Goodest Dog’, it would be Azzy on her way to eat food.
I went to the cafeteria with the dog who only became good three times a day.


‘I should get us the leftover bean stew for breakfast and have something else in the afternoon.
Maybe I should cook.
It’s been a while.
Last time, to get Azzy’s favour, I stove-cooked some meat.
But to be honest, meat is an ingredient that gives a better feeling of satisfaction when prepared differently… Huh? Why is the pot empty? I swear there were some leftovers in there.’


I turned my head.
To my irritation, Azzy was looking at me as if she’d done nothing wrong.

I stand corrected.
Azzy has never been a good dog.
This mutt with superstrength is a disaster upon this world.


“Oi! You ate the last of the leftovers, didn’t you?!”

“Woof-woof? Woof!”

“Don’t play dumb! There’s no one else here who could have done it!”


“You get nothing this morning! Nothiiiing!”



The wail of the starving dog rang out for a long time.


“Today’s lesson is about dealing with an ungrateful dog!”



Azzy, who was lying down in the back of the classroom, barked loudly as if responding to what I said.
When I stared at her with flaming eyes, she turned her head with a ‘Hmph.’


You think I care?’


“Animals have never known grace and don’t even have the intelligence to recognize it in the first place, so there’s no need to do anything for them.
You’re just suffering a loss! Just tell them to survive on their own!”

“Woof! Woof! Grrrrrr!”


The regressor—who had been watching me and Azzy go head to head—asked with no interest.


“What’s the problem?”


「It’s probably nothing as usual.
I couldn’t care less, but I’ll pretend to ask.」


I could hear her impertinent thoughts, but I couldn’t let go of my feelings.
I thumped my chest with my fist and responded.


“That fucking mutt ate all the leftover food from yesterday!”

“Bark! Grrr—Woof!”


Azzy barked, as if she was retaliating.
She had the appearance of a human, but all that came out was the bark of an animal.

This is some real dog noise.

(TL/N: ‘Dog noise’ also means ‘nonsense’ or ‘bullshit’.)

Ugh, come on.
If she wasn’t a dog with a dog’s mind, I would have easily read her mind and came through with unavoidable evidence.
It’s at these times where not being able to properly read her mind is a problem.

However, the regressor asked, seemingly missing the point.


“So what if the dog eats some food?”

“‘Some’ food? ‘Some’?”


I pinched my forehead and let out a deep sigh.


“Seems like you’re missing something here, Trainee Shei.
The only reason dogs and humans can coexist is the fact that it only takes some leftovers to feed these guys every day.
And the amount a dog needs isn’t that much.


I pointed my finger at the glutton and yelled.


“That thing eats not only the same food as me, but twice as much! And it has the audacity to eat on the same table!”

“Feeding her just a bit is fine isn’t it? Stop being so stingy.”

“Stingy? Stingy?”


‘You only say that ‘cause you have fucking everything from money to items after taking everything for yourself! How can you say that to someone like me who has to work every day just to get food on the table?! Didn’t you say something about Azzy being a piece of the end of the world?! Why aren’t you caring for her?! Isn’t that your responsibility as a regressor?! Why don’t you take ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ to heart?!’


I was about to say all that.
But since I couldn’t reveal that I could read minds yet, all that came out of my mouth were plain old complaints.


“Then why don’t you feed her?!”

“Ah, sorry.
That’s not possible.”


「I tried feeding her some food from the Bountiful Table… but she didn’t eat any of it.
It’s overall plentiful, but each portion of food is so small that it would never be able to fill her.」


The thing that came up in the regressor’s mind—the Bountiful Table.
Every meal, it would produce tons of food that could fill a table.

There were so many little portions of food that, with a lot of plates and some chopsticks, it would all disappear in an instant.
It was designed so that each meal could provide a great variety of food to taste for a limited stomach.

It was the ultimate luxury item.

It was filled with the most high-end foods just to make sure no one mistook it for anything other than the Bountiful Table.

It definitely isn’t just some dog food, since it’s so precious that the dog can’t even eat it.

I wrinkled my forehead and let out a sigh.


“Anyway, I didn’t like eating on the same table as a dog.
I’m going to leave it here.
I won’t even pretend to see Azzy anymore.
Class dismissed.”

That's the end?]

I just wanted to share with you all my grievances.
Now, you can have the rest of the day off.
You won’t get every day off, so enjoy this time while you can.”


The one thing students love is a day off.
The crazy thing is that even the teachers love rest days.
Maybe the rest day is the world’s only greatest good.

After announcing the world’s greatest good, I quickly headed to the door.



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