[Learning is like a river.
It flows from a high place towards the low.
So the one who teaches must always maintain a certain air of authority and formality.
Who would want to learn from someone so poorly dressed?]

“I can’t believe it.
I didn’t think someone who lives in a coffin would try to tell me what to wear.”

[…That is—]

“I know, I know.
It’s like your wheelchair.
I get it.
I’m not going to berate you for that.”


Cough! Cough!

The regressor’s face grew red as she violently coughed in reaction to my statement.


「…A ‘wheel-chair’? I do not understand what he means… but what is a ‘wheel-chair’? I feel as if I am being insulted.」


Note to self: never explain what a wheelchair is.’


I gripped the lectern with both arms and shouted towards the coffin.


“And Trainee Tyrkanzyaka, there’s a clear reason as to why I came here dressed like this.
Please do not doubt the instructor when the class has not even begun.”

I hope your words serve more purpose than just excuses.]

“Don’t get too surprised.”


‘I’ll show this outdated vampire the greatness of modern technology.’


I stretched out my left arm.


“Citizens of the Military State undergo a recording of their biological statistics when they reach the age of eighteen.
Height, weight, body shape, bone structure, and even the length and width of their limbs.
All of these things are recorded and engraved into our bodies.”


I turned my wrist to face the class.
A peculiar hole was in my left wrist.
The dip made from digging out flesh looked as if something needed to be fit inside.


“Because of that, the Military State has the most advanced identification system.
Utilizing it, they’ve made a few useful inventions.”


I dug out the object Azzy and I had found in the control room.
The small dark-blue marble was a size that would perfectly fit the hole in my wrist.

They were realizing it now.
The regressor who already knew what it was, and the vampire who had questioned the strange hole in my wrist.

They had a sense of how to use this marble.


“The Military State’s science is the best in the world.
This is the pinnacle of alchemic technology, the clothing technology of the Military State.”


With those words, I fit the small orb into my wrist with a resounding click.

Instantly, blue filaments began to cover my body. 

Firm, strong fibers made the base structure.
Thin blue strands layered themselves in between.
The clothes instantly built themselves based on their alchemic pattern.
Strands became fabric, and fabric became a bolt of it.
They piled up, step by step. 

I did a quick twirl in place because I felt like I needed to.
On my third way around, an instructor’s outfit perfectly tailored to my body had covered my entire body.

Quickly taking the form of a trained instructor, I saluted, according to the State standard.


“The Clothing Packet.”


It took only ten seconds for the stiffly ironed suit to cover my entire body.
The invention of the century that used the information recorded in your own biological data to transform into the perfect clothes.
Even if it ripped or got messy, all you needed to do was change it back into a packet and wipe it away.

It was one of the best inventions, even among the seven great inventions of the Military State.

I boasted as I lifted up the collar of my brand new clothes.


“With the invention of the Clothing Packet, citizens of the Military State were freed from the curse of laundry.
Also, they spent less money on buying new clothing.
A person only really needs a couple clothing packets, and they could keep using them.”


“Now, do you understand why I came so lightly dressed? I wanted to show you the Clothing Packet in action.
It’s better to just wear the standard underwear beneath.”


Hums of amusement echoed from the coffin, but I could hear the vampire’s thoughts clearly.


「That’s amazing…! The world really has changed so much!」


I knew she’d love it. 

It was a stereotype that old people disliked new technology.
Actually, they were often willing to spend more time exploring it.
Curiosity was something that existed within everyone, regardless of age.

The only issue was that, for some reason, old people tended to revert back to analog ways, saying ‘It had a nicer feel to it.’

However, currently, the vampire was entirely focused on the clothing packet.


“An instructor’s outfit… Hmph.”


Shei’s expression soured after seeing my outfit.
Then, the vampire asked the regressor.


[Child, you didn’t have any hole like that on your wrist.]

“I won’t ever get that kind of stuff.”


The regressor shot back in a moody way.


“That’s for surveillance.
It’s a product of totalitarianism, made by the desire to track and control every single citizen.”


“It means they watch every citizen.
You need a Bio-receptor to enter major roads or buildings.
And if someone goes into the wrong place, the authorities can use it to arrest them immediately.”

[…What is the issue with that?]


The regressor—who had only experienced the future—probably didn’t understand, but the vampire was from a totally different time.
One with complete monarchy.


‘Do you think human rights was a thing back then? If it were, the vampire probably wouldn’t have died at such a young age when she was alive.’


Realizing that, the regressor clicked her tongue.


“Additionally, there’s an even bigger issue with the Bio-receptor.”


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