d me to be a matchmaker.
But when they heard that you have a child, and there is a gambler’s uncle in the family, the family was so frightened that they packed up and ran away overnight.”

“I…can’t marry.” Ji Lian Huo’s eyes darkened, and he carefully wiped the pulp from the blade. 

He knew his own situation, no matter which girl asked him, he would never harm others.

“Alas.” Uncle Yu sighed. 

As soon as Uncle Yu signed and raised his head, he saw…

Uncle Yu continued to knock Ji Lian Huo’s arm as if he had seen a ghost, Ji Lian Huo slowly looked up.

From across the street, the young master from before was quietly looking at him.

The other party seemed to have just come out of the night bar, his suit was still clean, and his posture was elegant and generous.

And the pair of beautiful eyes under the gold frame glasses were facing him, and there was slight drunkenness on his face. 

Ji Lian Huo blankly stared at the man, his mind was blank, and he didn’t know where to put his hands or feet.

Ji Dabao was also affected by Uncle Yu’s series of beatings.
He suddenly felt his uncle’s back was stiff. 

He curiously probed and saw a young man standing upright across the street, looking at them.

Ji Dabao squinted his eyes and felt that this person looked a little familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had met him.

“Xiao Ji, he seems to be looking at you…” Uncle Yu said in a lowered voice.

After seeing the man looking at him, Ji Lian Huo’s brain was already blank, and for some reason, he subconsciously looked at himself.

The worn-out single shirt was still patched on the elbows.
The pants were torn apart by the dog.

The cloth shoes under the feet have turned white because of repetitive washing.
Recently, his feet have grown and his toes were about to come out from the shoes. 

He was also carrying a one-year-old child on his back.
The hair was dirty and messy, didn’t he look…funny and ridiculous?

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Ji Lian Huo didn’t dare to look up and was afraid that as soon as he looked up, he would see the undisguised smile on the man’s face.

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