Old Qi seemed to have received some signal from his boss and walked toward President Zhang. 

When Mr.
Zhang noticed something was wrong, he immediately shouted to his two bodyguards, who were standing outside.

But no one responded for a long time.

Old Qi smashed Mr.
Zhang’s face with a punch, and after a while, he pressed Mr.
Zhang with a bruised nose and a swollen face to kneel in front of Wang Zhao Mou.

“Wang Zhao Mou, you’re crazy!!” Mr.
Zhang stared at the spotless black leather shoes in front of him and angrily tried to threaten, “I am…”

“What are you, I don’t know?” Wang Zhao Mou slowly raised his foot and stepped on the man’s side face.

He lowered his body, and deliberately exerted a little force until the other party’s face was close to the floor and couldn’t speak. 

Then he looked up at the waitress, with a slight smile, and said, “Please, come here.”

“Boss.” The waitress was very frightened.
She had been working here for two months, and this was the first time she saw such a bloody scene.

“Give him wine.
How much he drinks, how much I can pay.”

Wang Zhao Mou’s voice was soft and elegant.
With a gentle reassurance, he said, “With me here, he wouldn’t dare to trouble you.”

“Really?” The waitress’s voice was trembling, and her fingers kept twisting the corners of her dress.

“I don’t tell lies.” Wang Zhao Mou put his legs away calmly, took out a black card, beckoned to the other two waitresses, and simply said, “Swipe the card.” 

The first waitress found a funnel from nowhere, and with the help of Old Qi, started to pour wine bottle by bottle, into President Zhang’s mouth.

Every time the first waitress picked a bottle, the other waitresses swiped his card. 

Wang Zhao Mou leaned casually against the sofa and closed his eyes and rested his legs.

He didn’t know how long it took, the music in the bar stopped, and Wang Zhao Mou slowly opened his eyes and saw President Zhang vomiting.

“Send him to the nearest garbage dump and bury him deeper.” 

Wang Zhao Mou got up, pushed the gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, and gently smiled at the waitresses.

He gracefully took out a few pink banknotes from his wallet and politely said, “Please help him carry the trash down.” 

In the bar, a few young people were having fun when they suddenly saw a man and a few waitresses carrying down a man who kept vomiting.

Thinking of the person who just bought the drink for them, the young people paused and then continued to play poker, as if they had not seen the previous scene.

After a while, Wang Zhao Mou walked down from the second floor and sat at the bar checking the time.

It would take at least half an hour for Old Qi to return from throwing the trash. 

Although he had cleaned up that piece of trash, Wang Zhao Mou wasn’t relieved at all.

The Wang family would still go bankrupt, and he would still have nothing and die lonely in the basement.

But it was good like this, there was one less person who relied on the Wang family for-profit and enjoyed his misery.

“Master Wang, do you need something to drink?” The bartender enthusiastically asked.

“A few glasses of what you are good at.” 

Recalling those things, Wang Zhao Mou felt a little tired.
He raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows slowly.

Half an hour passed by in a blink of an eye.

As soon as Old Qi came back, he saw the boss was sitting at the bar, and chatting with the bartender.


Hearing the voice, Wang Zhao Mou turned his face sideways, and his eyes were slightly red.

“Have you found Leng Ye??”

“Boss, I have already checked in Su City and the other neighboring cities.
There is no one-year-old child named Leng Ye.”

Old Qi looked at Wang Zhao Mou who was sitting motionless as if he was lost in thought, so he could only bite the bullet and keep talking.

“One more thing…” Old Qi’s face was helpless, as he said, “Master Zhao Yun is waiting for you at the school, for a day.”

Wang Zhao Mou was a little dazed, but he still carefully asked, “Did he not admit that he was wrong?”

“No, he ate dinner in the principal’s office and said…”

“What else?” Wang Zhao Mou raised his eyes and asked.

“Also said…” Old Qi lowered his voice, and said, “If you don’t go, he will tell everyone that three years ago when you got drunk, you hugged someone else’s dog, taught a group of old men and women how to dance, and directed traffic at the intersection, and you even got arrested by the police.”

“Nonsense, I have never.” Wang Zhao Mou’s eyes were erratic.

Old Qi watched the boss for a while, then suddenly reacted.

He called the bartender and asked, “How much did the boss drink??”

“Seven glasses.” The bartender answered while wiping the glass.

Old Qi frowned, and asked, “What was the boss talking about with you just now?”

Hearing it, the bartender looked helpless, and answered “Master Wang is arguing with me, how many legs do forty-four frogs have…”

“I said one hundred and seventy-six legs, but Master Wang insisted on one hundred and thirty-two because one frog only has three legs.”

Old Qi suddenly felt bad, and turned his head to look again, and found that the person sitting next to him had disappeared.

Old Qi hurriedly shouted, “Quick! Quickly look for the boss!”

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