The street where Ji Lian Huo set up a stall was one of the prime locations in Su City. 

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There were two residential areas and a district-level hospital.
Across the street was the famous nightclub of Su City.

Ji Lian Huo wasn’t willing to finish the food given by Uncle Yu at once.
Only by taking two bites at a time, he could last for a day without being hungry.

Today’s business was not bad.

Ji Lian Huo had sold ten kilograms of apples and half a box of oranges.
The durians were still on the fruit cart. 

Passing by people would occasionally ask for the price but when they hear the price, most of them give up.

After drooling, Ji Dabao fell asleep.

When there were no guests, Ji Lian Huo slowly took out the lunch box, and carefully swallowed two mouthfuls of rice. 

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After swallowing a grain of rice stuck on the side of the lunch box with the chopsticks and he looked at the empty lunch box.

As evening approached, the sky was dyed a warm red-orange color, and a car slowly parked diagonally opposite the fruit stand.

The car’s black and bright body was like a mirror.
Uncle Yu curiously came over and stood beside Ji Lian Huo, looking at the car logo.

Seeing the logo, Uncle Yu couldn’t stop but said “tsk”.

“Xiao Ji, did you see that big B with wings??” Uncle Yu with envy in his eyes said, “That’s called Bentley.
Rich people love to drive this stuff.”

“Oh…” Ji Lian Huo lightly responded.
He lowered his head to check whether there were any more rice grains stuck to the lunch box.

“Xiao Ji, guess, how much such a car cost??” Uncle Yu’s interest was hooked by the car, so encouraged Ji Lian Huo to guess the price.

Ji Lian Huo finally raised his eyes and looked at the high-end luxury car standing diagonally opposite.
The car obviously looked different from other cars. 

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Ji Lian Huo shook his head silently.

“My son told me that at least this much amount is required to purchase it.” Uncle Yu stretched out his hands while speaking.

“One hundred thousand?!” Ji Lian Huo had no idea about how much this amount would look like.

The only high amount he knew was that after his brother and sister-in-law died, the other party lost thirty thousand yuan.

The money was originally in the hands of the grandfather, but it was slowly taken away by the uncle’s creditor.

“One hundred thousand??” Uncle Yu shook his head triumphantly, while accentuating his tone, he replied, “It’s, ten million!”

Ji Lian Huo didn’t say anything, this number was too ethereal.
It was impossible for him to earn that much money in this lifetime.

“Ah??” Uncle Yu looked diagonally across from him and called out in surprise. 

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Ji Lian Huo subconsciously raised his head and saw two men come out of the nightclub and look at the car with a smile.

“It seems to be a big man…” Uncle Yu opened his eyes wide to watch the excitement.

“Those two are the managers of this bar.
I saw my youngest son’s boss come to play here before.
He was the big boss but was never greeted by the manager.
This one looks quite big.”

Ji Lian Huo also looked up at the scene.

“Night Hunting Bar, Xiao Ji, you must have heard of it.
I heard from my youngest son that there is an inner bar and outer bar, as well as a swimming pool.
There are also so many beautiful girls!”

Ji Lian Huo glanced at Uncle Ye’s eyes which were full of enthusiasm and then focused his eyes on the lunch box in his hand again.

“Hey, the people in the car came out!” 

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Uncle Yu excitedly rubbed Ji Lian Huo’s elbow.

Holding the lunch box firmly, Ji Lian Huo looked up.
The one that caught his eye was the one who stepped out of the car, a man in spotless precious black leather shoes.

The man in a straight black suit had a slender figure, long legs, and a narrow waist. 

Ji Lian Huo’s eyes slowly moved up, and he unconsciously held his breath.

Unlike Ji Lian Huo’s vague guess before, the man was very young.

The button of a man’s white shirt was tied to the top, his complexion was white, his facial features were slender, and he had a pair of gold-frame glasses on the bridge of his straight nose. 

The man looked elegant and gentle.
Although the color of the thin lips was light, it looked beautiful and hard to ignore.

For some reason, Ji Lian Huo suddenly felt that the forearm that he was injured this morning had started to get hot and itchy.
As if the blood was boiling and making people want to tear it hard.

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