eople tremble. 

“Dabao cried all night…” Ji Lian Huo picked out a few good-looking fruits, displayed them on the top, and said, “If I sell it, then I can take Dabao to the clinic to have a look…”

A fluffy little black head protruded from Ji Lian Huo’s shoulder and his big black eyes looked at the old man in front of him.

“Yoo, Dabao!” The old man kindly touched Ji Dabao’s head, took out a few fried chestnuts from his pocket, and stuffed it into Ji Dabao’s clothes.

Ji Dabao hurriedly raised his small hand to catch two fried chestnuts, but a plump chestnut rolled down, scratching his calf.

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“What’s the matter??” The old man took a serious look at the wound, but luckily there was no bleeding.

“The stray dogs…” Ji Lian Huo put out the fruit, took out a gaping porcelain bowl from the cloth bag hanging on the fruit cart, and said, “Uncle Yu, can I borrow some hot water from you?”

“Ohh, boy, what are you borrowing?” The old man quickly took down a small teapot from his booth and poured half a bowl of steaming water into Ji Lian Huo’s bowl.

Ji Lian Huo took out a medium-sized gray plastic jar from the cloth bag, poured some rice flour into the bowl, and stirred the paste with the chopsticks.

Leng Ye, who had eaten countless delicacies in his last life, faced the bowl of rice paste, his eyes straightened, his saliva dropped, and his stomach growled.

After confirming the paste wasn’t hot, Ji Lian Huo took out a small iron spoon and slowly fed it to Ji Dabao’s mouth.

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Ji Lian Huo lowered his head and carefully scraped the wall of the bowl with an iron spoon, and fed the last half spoon of rice paste into Ji Dabao’s mouth. 

After eating Ji Dabao touched his stomach and had a long-lost satisfaction.

“Xiao Ji, haven’t you eaten yet?” The old man took out a steel lunch box and handed it to Ji Lian Huo.

“My daughter-in-law made it for me.
I can’t finish eating it.
You can help me eat the rest.
It would be a pity if it is wasted.”

“Thank you, uncle.” Taking the lunch box, Ji Lian Huo seriously bowed to the old man, and said, “I will definitely pay you back in the future.”

“Look at you, it is just some leftovers, child.” The old man smiled and went to his stall and started shouting at passers-by, “Sweet and hot fried chestnuts!”

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