husband dragged his wife away, while not forgetting to spit at the side, and disdainfully said, “It’s really bad luck to meet him early in the morning!”

Ji Lian Huo blankly stared at spit on the ground, there was no emotion in his black eyes.

Leng Ye worriedly stared at his only relative who was with him now. 

If he remembered correctly, Ji Lian Huo had just dropped out of high school at this time, and when he wasn’t in touch with society.

And he had to take care of a child and make a living, moreover, he had to still suffer from such great malice around him.

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How did this person survive these five years?

The rising sun gradually dissipated some of the cold, and many three-wheeled motorcycles carrying fresh fruits drove into the market. 

Ji Lian Huo again carried Ji Dabao on his back, stomped his frozen feet twice, and pulled the cart into the market.

Twenty years ago, the wholesale fruit market didn’t have a smooth cement road, and the small cart was extremely unstable on the bumpy road.

In the fruit market, in addition to wholesalers and hawkers who buy goods to sell on the street, many nearby residents wanted to buy fruits at cheaper rates.

After a while, the sky was completely bright, the shouts came and went, and the black exhaust of the three-wheeled motorcycle sprayed everywhere.

Thinking of what was going to happen today, Leng Ye wanted to stop Ji Lian Huo from buying the fruits and save some money to treat his legs in the future, but after crying all night, he almost had exhausted all his energy.

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His voice had become hoarse, and his stomach was empty, making him feel truly powerless.

After a long time without eating, Leng Ye’s stomach inexplicably felt a bit nauseated and his consciousness became blurry. 

Just as he lost consciousness, Leng Ye heard the dogs barking around him.
The unstoppable alarm clock forced Leng Ye to open his eyes again.

Things were the same as he remembered. 

Not long after the two left the wholesale fruit market, they were attacked by stray dogs. 

Ji Lian Huo waved a long wooden stick in one hand and pulled a cart in the other, trying to get rid of the stray dogs ​​who were scratching at his trouser legs with their teeth. 

Only after running down a street were they able to get rid of the dogs.

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