e road, but when they got there, a group of gangsters stopped them from setting up the stall.

Those gangsters also broke the uncle’s leg.
His uncle sacrificed his leg to protect him.

Because of the lack of money, the uncle didn’t get treatment in time, and he became permanently lame. 

Even after he went to a Leng’s house, and received various treatments, he still couldn’t fully recover.

Because of that, everyone ridiculed the uncle behind his back, over time the words became even more hurtful, which also caused the uncle’s character to become more and more gloomy. 

Later, his marriage also became a bargaining chip in his uncle’s hands, and his uncle just let him marry a person that he didn’t love.

Now that he was going to do it all over again, Leng Ye couldn’t help but think, what would happen if the uncle didn’t go on the streets today?

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Would the future be different?!

Leng Ye’s throat rolled.

Seeing the child had stopped crying, Ji Lian Huo became soft, and he raised his calloused hand carefully to wipe the tears from the child’s face.

Looking at the relaxed expression of the uncle, Leng Ye secretly said sorry, and when Ji Lian Huo sat and was about to fall asleep, Leng Ye opened his mouth to cry again with all his strength.

Ji Lian Huo was instantly awakened, followed by even more unbearable scolding sounds from the next door. 

Leng Ye cried all night with all his strength, not letting his dear uncle close his eyes.

“These two motherf**kers! Get out and make money!” The fifty-year-old man put on a coat and kicked the door.

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The man walked over and grabbed a broom in his hand while pointing angrily at the little brat in Ji Lian Huo’s arms. 

The man raised his hand and hit the child, “I only know how to cry! If the bast*rd’s mouth is too big, so let him close his eyes!”

Ji Lian Huo hurriedly raised his hand to protect the child, the windy broom soon swiped on his forearm, instantly showing a deep-dark bloodshot mark.

Even after a stick, Li Da Quan’s anger didn’t subside. 

He raised his hand to beat again, but he saw the young man in front of him had raised his head, and his dark eyes were like a bottomless well.

Before the man could react, Ji Lian Huo lowered his head and protected the child in his arms. 

He quickly got up and pushed up the small cart out of the door and hurriedly walked into the thick darkness of the early morning.

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