Twenty years of memories were instantly decompressed and came into Wang Zhao Mou’s mind.
He saw that he had worked hard to finally hold all of the Wang Group in his hands, and spent the next half of his life leading the company to expand continuously.

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The day before the bankruptcy, he was still in high spirits.
He said at a meeting that he wanted to take the Wang Group into the Fortune 500 list. 

And the next day, he was told that his company went bankrupt, all his assets were sealed, and he couldn’t even bring out a pair of extra pants.

All his goals and efforts turned into bubbles overnight, and he became the biggest joke in Su City.
Even if Wang Zhao Mou tried various methods to try to turn things around, all he got was endless humiliation and failures.

The president of the Wang’s Group, who used to be brilliant, finally had no choice but to curl up in a leaky basement with no sunlight and food.

His Wang Group went bankrupt in just a few hours.
He really couldn’t figure it out, why?!

The company’s operations had always been stable and even if he had to file for bankruptcy on his own initiative, it would take several days for the court to accept the ruling, not to mention the tedious procedures for issuing announcements and claim declarations. 

Why overnight, everything that he had worked so hard for became a joke?!

As if God finally felt he was pitiful, after Wang Zhao Mou completely lost his consciousness, he finally saw the truth behind all of this.

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This world was a Mary Su novel called “One Hundred Billion Contracts – President Leng’s Love”. 

The main plot was about the male protagonist, Leng Ye, and the love and hate relationship with his marriage partner. 

Leng Ye had a “woman” on the left and a “girl” on the right.
He was a full scum, he also had a childhood marriage partner, who was obviously the female protagonist. 

Initially, the male protagonist didn’t like her, he just wanted her body, and later wanted her kidney to save his first love.
He was like an outlaw madman, in a dog-blooded plot.

In the first 100 chapters, the male protagonist abused the female protagonist.
Although the last 100 chapters were about the crematorium chasing his wife. 

There were many plots that challenged the lower limit of IQ.

After reading the full plot, Wang Zhao Mou finally realized that he was one of the characters in this book.
He was an 18th-tier supporting male character, more like cannon fodder to add more drama.

Wang Zhao Mou tried his best to find a passage in the novel about the reason why his company went bankrupt.

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[September in Su City is already autumn, and the cold wind oncoming made Leng Ye frown involuntarily. 

The housekeeper handed over the coat.
He waved his hand in a deep sense, and his sharp jaw lifted slightly.
His dark eyes were three-pointed evil, three-point cold, four-point nonchalant.

He looked in the distance and slowly said, “It’s getting cold.
It’s time to let the Wang Group go bankrupt.”]

Wang Zhao Mou read this passage dozens of times.
He read it over and over again, and finally, a weak line of tears slowly swept across the middle-aged President Wang’s face.

So, in the end, What did the surname Wang do wrong?!

“Boss, what is wrong with you??” The one-eyed man from before brought a cup of warm water with concern, placed it by Wang Zhao Mou’s hand, and asked carefully.

“Your father had just sent a message asking you to go to school and pick up Young Master Zhao Yun.”

Wang Zhao Mou raised his dazed eyes.
Seeing his young confidant, he couldn’t help but look complicated.

“Old Qi??”

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“Boss.” The one-eyed man bowed his head respectfully in answer.

“Old Qi…” Wang Zhao Mou tried his best to recall the contents of the novel, raised his hand and buttoned his shirt unconsciously, and said, “Now put down everything you have at hand, and help me find someone named Leng Ye.”

If he remembered correctly, there was a short passage in the book that mentions that Leng Ye wasn’t born in the Leng family.
He had experienced a period of hardship in his childhood, which caused him to have frequent nightmares, and some stomach problems.

“Leng Ye??” Old Qi took out a notebook and wrote down the name immediately.
He asked, “Boss, do you have any more information besides the name?”

Wang Zhao Mou lowered his eyes and said, “He had just turned one year old.
Look for him not only in Su City but also in other places.

“What are you going to do with him?” Old Qi felt a little puzzled as to why the boss was suddenly looking for a one-year-old child.

“Of course…to give him a slap first, and let him experience the mystery of the world…”

Wang Zhao Mou said in a joking tone, like a spring breeze, “Then teach him to respect women, and finally spanked his ass to make him pretend less like a big boss.”

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“Ha…ha..ha.” Hearing that the boss was joking, Lao Qi smiled dryly and looked at the twenty-year-old boss.

The boss was looking like he had experienced a lifetime, he had a strange feeling that couldn’t be explained.

Watching Old Qi put away the notebook, Wang Zhao Mou picked it up and unskillfully looked for the contacts.

“Boss, who are you looking for?” Old Qi asked in a concerned voice.

 “Of course looking for the lovely Mr.
Zhang that had just left.” Wang Zhao Mou  gently smiled and said, “I owe him a glass of wine and a bag of garbage.”

Leng Ye, who had just turned one year old, suddenly cried out and sat down.
Ji Lian Huo, who was beside him, carefully held him and coaxed him all night.

To occupy the stall, when Ji Lian Huo had to fight with a few thugs, and he injured shoulder, at that time, he didn’t shed even a single tear. 

But now while holding the crying child, Ji Lian Huo’s clear eyes turned red.

[PS: The male lead is here!!!]

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