“Is it Wang Zhao Yun’s parents? I’m his head teacher.
He again caused trouble at school.
You should come and take him away as soon as possible!!”

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The middle-aged man on the other end of the phone obviously tried to suppress his anger, and speak politely. 

Answering the call, Wang Zhao Mou raised his hand and pressed the void, the music in the luxury billiards room immediately stopped.
And a group of young men stopped clinking glasses.

“Excuse me, is he dead?!” Wang Zhao Mou asked in a gentle and elegant voice.

Wang Zhou Mou tilted his head and held the phone between his shoulders and leaned on the pool table.
He held a pool cue in one hand, and slowly lowered the cue tip.

“No, no…he…” The head teacher was a little surprised when he heard a young man’s voice on the other side, he asked, “May I ask who are you to Wang Zhao Yun?”

“I am the vicious brother who has robbed him of his property”

“You can call me after he is dead.” Wang Zhao Mou added.

After smiling slightly, he gave a wink to the one-eyed man standing next to him.
The man quickly stepped forward to hang up the phone.

The music in the billiards room sounded again, the young people started drinking while clinking glasses.

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While holding the cue, Wang Zhao Mou looked at the man on the other side.

Taking his gaze back, he lowered his body slowly and his left wrist pressed against the table.
And his deep phoenix eyes were staring intently at the last pair of red and black balls on the table.

Both balls were on the edge of the pocket, the red ball was hanging in the middle and was an easy play, but the black ball was close to the edge of the table.
To score both balls, one needed to be careful. 

Wang Zhao Mou’s lean body was almost parallel to the billiard table, his slim suit vest showed a smooth waist curve, and his eyes were slightly aggressive. 

He aims at the white cue ball horizontally.
The white ball hit the red ball in a straight line, and the red ball went into the pocket neatly. 

Before the few people around him had the time to applaud, the white ball spun into a semi-arc and hit the side of the table, and then accurately hit the black ball.
The black ball also went into the pocket.

A double shot!

The cheers instantly broke out, Wang Zhao Mou slowly got up.
He put away the cue and picked up the narrow-rimmed gold-framed glasses that had been put aside. 

Wang Zhou Mou put them on with one hand and smiled at the man across from the table.

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Zhang, you lost.”

The man standing on the side was stunned, and only recovered when he heard the voice.
He couldn’t help clapping his hands in praise.

“As expected of Mr.
You are two points better than your father.
This time, I will give the list to the Wang family, and I will happily send it!”

Hearing the title “Mr.
Wang”, Wang Zhao Mou showed an introverted smile and said, “Mr.
Zhang doesn’t have to be so unfamiliar, you can call me Zhao Mou.”

“Zhao Mou, this time it is a big order of 70 million.
If you do it well, you and I both will win together, and the profit will be at least over this amount!”

After making a gesture, Mr.
Zhang stepped forward with a smile, and said, “Look at you, you are only in your twenties, you can achieve such achievements.
You are truly young and talented…”

Wang Zhao Mou kept smiling, quietly listening to the man’s babbling not knowing why, he felt a sense of familiarity.

He seemed to have seen this picture, but he didn’t know where it was.

Was it because he had been listening to too much flattery recently??

“Zhao Mou, let’s go and have a drink together?” Mr.
Zhang smiled and asked.

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His wine holding capacity was not good, Wang Zhao Mou was about to decline when a strange scene suddenly flashed in front of him.

Zhang, whose eyes were full of wrinkles, looked at him with eyes filled with righteous indignation and patted the table with a “dong dong” sound.

“The Leng family is deceiving too much! How can the Wang Group go bankrupt because of a trivial matter!”

“What? Borrowing money? After working with Wang Group for so many years, my company has made billions of profits, and I can’t let you be idle.
Go back!”

Zhang with gray hair greeted the secretary next to him and earnestly said, “Come on, pack up the garbage outside for Mr.
Wang, and sell it at the junkyard.
No matter what, he can still earn ten yuan from it.”

Leng family?? When did the Wang family go bankrupt?!

Before Wang Zhao Mou could react, the scene in front of him suddenly changed. 

Zhang, who had black hair, was standing in front of him and shook his hand with a concerned look and asked, “Zhao Mou, what’s wrong with you?”

Taking a quick glance around him, Wang Zhao Mou raised his hand to support the glasses on the bridge of his nose, and indifferently concealed the abnormality he had just felt.

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“I am just a little stunned, maybe because I’ve been too tired lately.”

“Young people must pay attention to their bodies.” Mr.
Zhang amiably said, “Let’s go to drink wine some other day.”

Zhang…” Wang Zhao Mou raised his hand and pressed his temple, and casually asked, “Do you know the Leng family?”

“Leng family, what Leng family?” Mr.
Zhang’s confused eyes asked, “Now there is only your Wang family in Su City.
Is the Leng family a small family?”

“I heard a sentence somewhere.” Wang Zhao Mou smiled warmly, and added, “Maybe I remembered it wrong.”

With the gift prepared in advance, Wang Zhao Mou politely sent away Mr.

Wang Zhao Mou finally couldn’t hold on anymore and quickly sat on the sofa. 

He unbuttoned the button on the collar of his shirt, and tightly held his forehead with one hand.

As he closed his eyes, various pictures continued to emerge.
The scene that flashed before seemed to be just a prelude, and now a lot more information poured into his mind.

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