“Can you still stand up?” Wang Zhao Mou squatted down while gently looking at the teenager’s face.

The youth had not yet fully grown, but still, a bit of lingering beauty was easily revealed from his looks.

With clear three-dimensional outlines, and snow-white skin.

Wang Zhao Mou noticed the teenager’s shiny black eyes and found his facial features were somewhat similar to Leng Ye’s.


After replying, Ji Lian Huo’s ears turned red, as if he quickly wanted to prove something.

He carefully hugged his nephew in one hand and tried to get up from the ground.

Wang Zhao Mou looked at one big and one small boy, and his mood turned turbulent. 

He already had a rough guess in his heart.
He carefully looked at the young man standing in front of him, and he still couldn’t believe it. 

This was Leng Ye’s father, the legendary dragon who would rule the business world.
In the future, he would have a gloomy personality and ruthless means. 

The teenager standing in front of him was the future head of the Leng family.

According to gossip, the head of the Leng family was lost at the beginning, and after a lot of hardships, he was finally discovered by the Leng family by chance.

And after recognizing his ancestors, he finally took over the Leng family industry. 

Back then, when the Leng family discovered their long-lost child.
It was originally a great event, but no report was made on it, and that child never showed his face on camera. 

It was rumored that the young boy was ugly, but seeing the person Wang Zhao Mou was really stunned. 

There was no flaw on the teenager’s face. 

So what was it that made him so reluctant to appear in the public eye??!

Ji Lian Huo’s cheeks had turned hot after being stared at by the young man, but he still puffed up his chest secretly, to act confidently.

Still, his hands were nervously and involuntarily grasping the things.

Because of being strangled, Ji Dabao’s expression was a little distorted. 

But a little angel was already playing music in his heart…

His uncle’s legs are fine! That tragedy will never happen again!  

His rebirth was not in vain!!!

Thinking this, Ji Dabao was happy for two seconds, but the corners of his mouth quickly slumped again.     

Although the uncle’s leg was not broken, the next five years of their life would be very hard for the two of them.     

His little uncle would still be beaten by the uncle when they went back home.

They would still have to live in that utility room where the roof and the walls were leaking.

But now it seemed that there was a solution.     

Ji Dabao plucked up his courage, patted his thick skin, and slowly blinked his eyes. 

He tried his best to look pitiful, then turned his head towards the young man in front of him, trying to reach him out for help.

Brother, Help me! Please don’t force me to kneel and beg you!

Seeing the child’s pitiful gaze, Wang Zhao Mou fell into deep thought. 

As the saying goes, before beating a dog, his master’s ability must be checked.

He could underestimate Leng Ye, the stupid president of the Leng Corporation.
But there was someone behind him who would help him out in the time of crisis. 

But he couldn’t underestimate the teenager standing in front of him.

The situation of the Leng family was very complicated.
In the early years, they made a fortune abroad and returned to their homeland with a lot of funds and resources. 

If it was not for this teenager who made the best use of those funds and resources and allowed the Leng family to quickly gain a foothold in China and grow stronger, the Leng family wouldn’t have grown so big.

And the degree of viciousness and neatness of this man dealing with the business rivals was breathtaking. 

It was hard to imagine what would be the consequences in the future if he offended him.

Maybe he wouldn’t be able to live until the Wang family went bankrupt.

Then if… 

He tried his best to help the father and son now, will the Wang Group get a different result??!

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

Wang Zhao Mou pondered for a long time, but he still couldn’t come to a conclusion. 

He saw the baby in the teenager’s arms, turned his head pitifully, and slowly stretched out a small hand towards him.

Yo, isn’t this President Leng??

A poor little one…

Ohh, boy, you have a day like today too??!

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