“Ahh…I almost forgot to pay today’s protection fee.” Uncle Yu stepped forward tremblingly, and slowly took out the money from his pockets. 

When the gang leader saw Ji Lian Huo, he directly pushed away the old man in front of him.

Looking at the person who was approaching, Ji Lian Huo’s face sank. 

He slowly got up and glanced at Uncle Yu who fell to the ground.
His hand hanging beside him shook, he resisted the urge to step forward to help.

“You boy! You’re so brave, how dare you set up a stall here!”

Last time, this kid’s shot was too ruthless.
There were five people on his side, but they couldn’t beat him!

“Last time, you were lucky! This time I have to let you know who is the boss here!” 

The gang leader glanced at his younger brother, and said, “Come on!” 

Seeing the person standing still, the leader kicked his younger brother’s ass, “Stupid! Go and fight!”

Ji Lian Huo’s eyes darkened, he picked up the wooden stick on the fruit cart and turned his hand towards the nose of the oncoming gangster. 

Just with a stick, the little gangster instantly got a nosebleed.
He rolled his eyes and fainted. 

The gang leader looked at the useless person, gritted his teeth in hatred, and said, “Let’s fight together!”

Only then did the other gangsters react, and they stepped forward to surround Ji Lian Huo, who was staring closely at them. 

He fought with several people at once, his body was flexible and he easily dodged.
Then he quickly swung his stick to beat the opponent’s joints and abdomens, making sure they fell behind.

Seeing the little brothers getting beaten, the gang leader stood aside.

He saw the little boy behind the teenager who was covering up his head with his small hands, his eyes lit up.

“You are all stupid, you didn’t see that he was carrying a small boy behind his back, beat that boy first!”

A few thugs hesitated, but someone had already made a move, even if he ducked, Ji Dabao still felt a fist brushed on his head.

Seeing this, Ji Lian Huo’s face turned pale, he quickly untied the straps on his body and protected the little child on his chest.

The other party was not a good person who would wait for him to secure the child first. 

Before he could tie the child to his chest, Ji Lian Huo had already suffered several sticks, and his self-protection wooden stick had also been left aside.

Ji Dabao looked at the chaos in despair. 

With no other way to protect the child, Ji Lian Huo could only use his body.
He lay on the ground, firmly protecting the baby between himself and the ground.

The sound of the stick hitting Ji Lian Huo’s body was dull and heavy, and hearing it, Ji Dabao couldn’t help but burst into tears, crying hoarsely.     

“Aren’t you very good at fighting before!” 

The gang leader saw that the situation was under control, and then he picked up the wooden stick and stepped forward with a grin,

“Tell me, how good it is to pay the protection fee honestly.
Now you have to pay for it with your life!”

Ji Lian Huo said nothing, and none of the street vendors dared to step forward.

“Yes…people are fighting in the public place here.” 

A young man holding a mobile phone with a delicate face and serious expression said, “Please come here as soon as possible.”

As if he didn’t pay attention to the gangsters, the young man lowered his body to check the teenager’s situation.

“Are you okay?”

Ji Lian Huo stared blankly at the young man in front of him.

After a while, only the faint smell of wine and a clear and clean fragrance was around him.

“Who the hell are you?! How dare you ruin my business??!” 

The gang leader was furious, obviously, the revenge was so close, but it was all thrown away by this man!

Wang Zhao Mou slowly got up.

He looked at the gangster’s face, raised his hand to support the gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, and narrowed his dark eyes slightly.

“The Wang family, Wang Zhao Mou.”

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