“Ji…Dabao?” Hearing the name, Wang Zhao Mou slightly frowned.

He suddenly felt something strange in his vague memories after being drunk.

“Turn around.” Wang Zhao Mou decisively opened his mouth and put his hand on his forehead, “I have to go back and take a look.”

“Boss, Young Master Zhao Yun is still waiting for you at school…” 

Old Qi was still a little hesitant, but as the driver of the boss, he had to obey the order and turn around.

Looking at the rearview mirror, Old Qi was full of doubts, why did the boss want to go back to such a terrible scene, and that child named Leng Ye, why was it so important?

“Today, it really opened my eyes.” Uncle Yu looked at Ji Lian Huo, who had lowered his head and was busy placing the fruit and couldn’t help but sigh.

When the young man suddenly rushed over from the opposite side of the road, it scared Uncle Yu. 

In a blink of an eye, he saw the young man hugging Ji Lian Huo’s leg, crying sadly, and saying something like “cold…acquisition”.

Remembering the scene, Uncle Yu deeply sighed.

It’s not easy for rich people.

Listening to Uncle Yu’s sigh, Ji Lian Huo pursed his lips tightly, and a little light flashed in his eyes. 

Even Ji Dabao, who was lying behind Ji Lian Huo, could clearly feel his uncle’s joy.

Also, since the death of his parents, no one had seemed to approach his uncle so intimately, except for himself, an oil bottle.

Ji Dabao propped up his face with his small hands, thinking seriously, and rolled his eyes.

He had met the young man who hugged his uncle’s legs, but not now…twenty years later.

The last time he saw him was in the Financial Newspaper, and Ji Dabao still remembers the title of that news.

[Wang Group went bankrupt and filed for insolvency.
The owner of the group was once rated as an “Outstanding Entrepreneur”.]

The picture in the newspaper at that time was the photo of the young man just now when he was named “Outstanding Entrepreneur”.

Ji Dabao didn’t pay much attention to the development of things at that time, let alone know the ending of the man.

Because at that time the marriage partner arranged by his uncle had already started living in his villa and was playing hard-to-play tricks on him.

Oh, that woman.

Ji Dabao raised his head arrogantly, and after a while, his neck was sore and tired, only then he slowly retracted.

As the sky darkened, the vitality of the street slowly gathered.
Many young men and women were chatting and laughing together.

At this time, the housing price in Su was low and the pressure on young people was indeed much smaller than it would be twenty years later.

Ji Dabao was thinking about how to get rich quickly, and after thinking for a while, he suddenly realized that his uncle hasn’t moved for a long time.

Ji Dabao probed with difficulty and grabbed Ji Lian Huo’s shoulder.
Only then he saw his uncle’s trance-like expression.

Ji Dabao has never seen this kind of expression on his uncle’s face.
He only remembered that in the next five years, almost all the edges and corners of Ji Lian Huo would be smoothed out. 

After that, even when he arrived at Leng’s house, Ji Lian Huo would never have this kind of appearance again.

Grandpa Leng had also thought about finding a companion for his uncle, but unfortunately, his uncle never had such an idea, and he was very vigilant toward everyone.

Since Uncle Yu passed away, he didn’t even have a friend to talk to.

Ji Dabao was sighing with emotion, when he vaguely heard a few foul words coming from the front, and when he raised his eyes, his body shuddered.

Seven or eight gangsters surrounded a stall and started to tease the stall owner’s daughter.
The stall owner almost cried, and hurriedly took out the money and stuffed it into the hands of the gang leader.

Seeing the scene, Ji Dabao’s body was stiff.
He had seen this scene before… 

In just a few minutes, those gangsters would notice Ji Lian Huo, and then the suffering began.

Those goddamn gangsters who couldn’t beat Ji Lian Huo would deliberately attack him and hit a one-year-old child on the head with a stick.

And in order to protect himself, Ji Lian Huo would lie on the ground and block the attack with his body. 

Ji Dabao didn’t want to see it, he really didn’t want to experience it again!

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

“Woohoo!” Ji Dabao hurriedly patted Ji Lian Huo with his hands as he saw those gangsters walking towards them.

That’s too late!

Ji Dabao shouted in a hurry.

Uncle, Run!

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