Several vehicles passed by on the street, and the young man didn’t pay any attention to anything and walked straight over.

Ji Lian Huo heard the crisp ringing of the vehicles and subconsciously raised his head.
The next moment, he felt a sudden force on his legs. 

A pair of beautiful eyes with slight redness at the corner looked straight at himself, through the glasses.

Leng..not cold…don’t..acquire…”

From a closer look, the young man’s facial features were extremely delicate. 

Ji Lian Huo couldn’t understand what the man was saying but felt that his heart was about to jump out of his chest from the closeness between them. 

Ji Lian Huo’s breathing was unsteady, and he unknowingly let go of the knife in his hand.
His mind was blank, and his eyes were full of the young man kneeling in front of him.

The man was drunk, his eyes were soft and gleaming. 

He hugged the boy’s legs with one hand, and with the other touched the knife that fell from the boy’s hand.
Then put it back on the fruit cart.

After drinking a few glasses of wine, Wang Zhao Mou subconsciously felt that something was wrong with him.

When he woke up again, there was a faint smell of durian lingering on the tip of his nose and Old Qi was sitting on the driver’s seat.

“Boss, are you awake?”

Wang Zhao Mou frowned and pinched the center of his eyebrows.

It seemed that after drinking something happened, his mind was hazy and noisy.
But he didn’t have the slightest impression of it.

Wang Zhao Mou felt a bit uncomfortable in his stomach, because of drinking before eating something before drinking. 

His every breath was filled with the smell of alcohol and many more.

Wang Zhao Mou suddenly reacted, and when he looked up, he smelled the smell of durian in the car.

“What have I done?” An ominous premonition suddenly surged in Wang Zhao Mou’s heart.

The tragedy three years ago had always reminded Wang Zhao Mou to stay away from alcohol, but he was too irritated today and the bartender didn’t know his situation.

“That…” Old Qi hesitated, “In short, don’t worry boss, no one will say it.”

Old Qi didn’t say anything.
It meant that what happened today might be worse than three years ago.

Wang Zhao Mou took a deep breath, to calm down, and lowered his head to observe his own situation.

His clothes were intact, but there were two gray marks on the knees of the suit pants and his face…

Wang Zhao Mou saw his eyes in the rearview mirror, the end of his eyes had a little redness, and his eyelashes were slightly wet.

“Who am I kneeling for?” 

While guessing the overall situation, Wang Zhao Mou tried his best to keep his tone steady.

“It’s a boy who sells fruit.” Old Qi smiled with slight guilt, and added, “Blame me…blame me for not taking care of you seriously.”

The boy who sells fruit??

Wang Zhao Mou pondered for a long time, and the vague memory slowly became clear.

Before drinking, his mind was filled with the fact that the Wang family would go bankrupt in the future and he would die miserably.

So, in a trance, when he saw a young boy standing opposite him with a knife in his hand, who looked like President Leng, his desire to survive instantly broke out.

Wang Zhao Mou remembered that he hugged the boy’s leg tightly, cried, and said, “Mr.
Leng, it’s not cold.
Please don’t acquire the Wang group!”

After remembering, Wang Zhao Mou lowered his head a little.

“It’s okay, boss.” 

Seeing his boss like this, Old Qi tried to comfort him, “At that time, there were only a dozen or so people who saw that scene which was much better than the last time.”

Wang Zhao Mou was silent and didn’t lift his head.
Did he reborn, just to get embarrassed again?

“I have already asked about the boy you tightly hugged yesterday.
He wasn’t injured and won’t trouble you.” 

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Old Qi seemed to remember something and suddenly changed the conversation, “That boy was young and had a child on his back.
Before, you asked me to pay attention to the one-year-old child named Leng Ye…”

“The child on the boy’s back also happened to be one year old, but not his name was not Leng Ye, but Ji Dabao.”

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