Aunt Jiu said that in order to handle official duties, Song Bai Lao lived in the city every day, and only Song Mo and a group of servants were on the mountain.
Of course, now add another one, me.

Song Mo is well-behaved and quiet, but he doesn’t like to talk.
I have vaguely asked Aunt Jiu if he is not feeling well.
Aunt Jiu quickly understood what I was asking, and said that she had taken him for a comprehensive examination when he was three years old, and everything was normal.
Maybe his reluctance to talk was due to his personality.
He has regular psychological corrections, but the effect is not obvious.

He also mentioned the previous nanny, saying that the family did not recruit unmarked young Omegas, but Song Mo liked listening to her tell stories, so Song Bai Lao made an exception to hire her, hoping that she could better stimulate Song Mo’s language skills.
I didn’t expect the other party to be so unbearable, and when I went out, I almost lost the young master.
At the end, she sighed, looking a little helpless.

Song Bai Lao’s house has everything, a banquet hall, a library, a swimming pool, and a toilet to Liang Qiu Yang’s entire suite.
The kitchen tools are also very complete, the oven is the largest and the latest style, there is no shortage of flour and frosting, and there are hundreds of piping nozzles.

Originally, I wanted to bring my own set of tools, but when I saw this posture, I immediately gave up my thoughts.
I was relieved to abandon my old love, and only went back to get my computer, diary, and a few clothes I used to wear.

Aunt Jiu was surprised when she saw me coming back with a bag of clothes, saying that Song Bai Lao had already ordered new clothes for the four seasons for me, and they hung them in the cloakroom half a month ago.
It’s because I don’t want to wear old pre-wedding clothes that I specifically ask for this.

I was stunned for a while, and went to the cloakroom upstairs to take a look.
Sure enough, there were new unopened clothes on the shelf, and the size was my size.
Of course this was not my request.
After thinking for a while, I guessed that Song Bailao might have seen me twice and couldn’t bear my poor and sour clothes, so he condescended to buy new clothes for me.

Think about it, since I’m already “Mrs.
Song”, my external image is not only related to myself, but also to him, how can I be as sloppy as before.

After the resumption of the live broadcast, because Song Bai Lao’s kitchen was very different from the small kitchen I used to be unable to turn around, it was obvious to all, and the comments skyrocketed.
After several months of double-digit numbers, the number of people in my live broadcast room broke through 100 for the first time, and slowly climbed towards 200.

“Today I will teach you how to make branches, first adjust the color, a little darker, probably dark brown…” Stirring the buttercream, I glanced at the comment area, which was already guessing whether I was married or which local tyrant I married.
Someone sharp-eyed noticed a small corner of white gauze sticking out of the back of my neck, exerting excellent reasoning ability, thinking that I must be married to an alpha.

My camera is completely faceless, and the screen only shoots into the area below my shoulders, so that they can see my gauze, and I admire their eyesight.

“Squeeze it onto the parchment paper with a No.
66 piping tip, and bake it in the oven at low temperature for five minutes…” I saw that the more they guessed, the more outrageous they were, so I had to interrupt, “No, I’m not an Omega, my bio says my real information, I’m a Beta, and I’ve been since I was a kid.”

Some Alphas also leave tooth marks on their Beta partners these days, but it doesn’t really make much sense other than it looks like “that’s the case”.

It’s like an oath, if you keep it, it’s your oath, if you can’t keep it, it’s bullshit.

After that, no matter how speculative the comments are, I will no longer make any positive responses.

When the live broadcast was about to end, Song Mo suddenly ran over from nowhere and hugged my leg.

I was startled and shook an Austin rose to the ground.

When Song Mo saw it, he had to pick it up with his hands.
I didn’t care about the live broadcast, so I stopped him immediately.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t eat it…” I picked up the pale pink rose and threw it into the trash.

Song Mo stared at me blankly.
Although his face was still expressionless, I always felt that he was a little shocked.

“I-I’ll make you cupcakes later, okay?”

Song Mo’s eyes lit up, he gave me a small smile and nodded.

I rubbed his head and told him to wait by the side, saying that he would be fine soon.

Due to the camera angle, it couldn’t take a picture of the short Song Mo, but when I bent down, I was actually photographed in profile.
I realized the problem when I straightened up, stiffened for a moment, and subconsciously looked at the screen, only to see my entire face fully revealed, with a terrified staring expression that was even a bit funny.

Comments exploded, so fast that I didn’t even have time to take a closer look.

I immediately stood up straight, kept my face away from the shooting area, and began to stammer: “It’s the end for today’s broadcast.”

Without saying “goodbye” or the closing words of the past, I hurriedly closed the live broadcast.

Although I couldn’t see the people behind the camera, I knew they were all looking at me.
This reminds me of two years ago, when the boos from the audience seemed to be close to my ears, they shouted “Cancel the grade”, “Get him out”, like another form of carnival, completely drowned out my thin defense.

Taking a deep breath, I turned and leaned on the cooking table, my limbs numb and my palms sweating frantically.
After about two minutes, the physical discomfort eased, and the heartbeat returned to normal.

I lowered my head, and a small hand suddenly appeared in my line of sight, gently tugging at my waist.
As soon as I looked up, I saw Song Mo staring at me with a worried look on his face, with a small soft lines between his brows.

“I’m fine…” I smiled weakly at him.

He looked at me for a while, then suddenly turned away and came back quickly, holding a tablet in his hand.

I didn’t know what he was going to do, and looked at him puzzled.
His fingers were skillful in swiping and pulling, and after a while, I heard my own voice coming from the device.

“Tame me.
I’m just one of thousands of foxes…”

I was stunned for a moment, and when I leaned over to him, I found that he actually had all my live videos on his tablet.

“You…have been watching my live broadcast?”

Song Mo nodded shyly, pointed to the video of “The Little Prince”, and opened his mouth: “…I like it.”

This is the first time I have heard him speak.
Bunch of soft marshmallows.

Whether it’s the fact that he opened his mouth or the fact that he watched my live broadcast, I was a little shocked and couldn’t get back to my senses.
The shock even diluted the excitement I had just received from the live broadcast accident.

I suddenly thought: “Then you were in the mall that day, and you followed me because you recognized my voice?”

Song Mo hesitated for a moment, then looked away with a guilty conscience, then looked back at me, and finally nodded slightly under my burning gaze.


The nanny was wronged by her “death”.

With a sigh, I stretched out my hand to squeeze his tender white face and warned: “You can’t run around like this in the future, you’ve only heard my voice on the Internet, you don’t even know what I look like, what if you recognize the wrong person? ? And even if you recognize the right person, what if I’m a bad person?”

“Well…” Song Mo’s face was deformed by the tug of me, he opened his big black and white eyes ignorantly, and nodded heavily.
It looked like a harmless puppy, and for a moment I even had the illusion that a miniature version of Song Bai Lao was looking at me.

Song Bai Lao’s son, how could he not be like him.

“Good boy.” I rubbed his cheeks as a reward.

I promised to make cup cakes for Song Mo, so naturally I couldn’t break my promise.
Fortunately, there is no trouble.
Pour the mixed batter into the mold, put it in the oven, wait for fifteen minutes, and the soft sponge cake will be out of the oven.

I squeezed a layer of buttercream on the surface, and then decorated it with the various colored decorations that I just made.
In no time, a beautiful set of cupcakes was ready.

Song Mo excitedly picked one of them, and after watching it for a long time, he was reluctant to eat it.

“Eat it, there’s a lot more.
If you don’t eat it, it will go bad after two days.”

Hearing me say this, he ate it in small bites.

The cupcake is a little fragrant, and it made me hungry, so I picked up a small cake and ate it with him.

Just then, there was a noise from the front hall, and I could faintly hear the sound of the car’s engine approaching from far.

After a while, according to Aunt Jiu, Song Bai Lao, who always lived in the urban area, came in straight from the outside in a suit and appeared in front of us.
As he walked, he put his hands behind him, unlocked the bite stopper on his face with his fingerprint code, and threw it on the table next to him.

“What are you doing?”

Song Mo and I didn’t swallow what was in our mouths.
We each held half a cake in our hands.
It was not that he didn’t see it, but he had to ask a question knowingly.

“Make… make a cake.” I hurriedly swallowed the cake in my mouth, but I choked too quickly, so I rushed to the sink and poured a few handfuls of water before I could swallow it.

After wiping my mouth and turning around, I saw Song Bai Lao walking towards me frowning.
I was startled and couldn’t help but lean back.
He stopped abruptly, glanced a little tiredly, and seemed too lazy to make fun of my stupid behavior.

His eyes fell on the cake I made: “You made it?”

I was a little nervous, but I couldn’t tell where the tension came from.


He picked one at random and brought it to his lips.
Instead of opening his mouth immediately, he cocked the tip of his nose and sniffed, as if to confirm whether the thing in front of him was edible.

After a few seconds, he took a bite on the side of the cake and quickly put it back.

“It’s too sweet.” He wiped the cream from the corners of his lips with his thumb and gave only one comment.

My heart fell back to the same place as the cake.

“I come back to get something, and I’ll be leaving soon.” He gave me a meaningful, somewhat frivolous smile, “don’t wait for me at night.” That attitude was like treating someone who didn’t like it very much, but it was not bad.

He didn’t touch the cake again and turned upstairs.

After he disappeared completely, I slowly walked to the island, picked up a cake and took a bite.

Because it’s for children, I obviously added less sugar…

“It’s not sweet…”

I looked at Song Mo in a daze, and he said to me again: “It’s not sweet, Dad is lying.”

It’s rare to say long sentence.

My heart is soft, Song Bai Lao is a jerk, but his children are very cute.

“Well, Dad is a liar.” I smiled at him.

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