hed delivering the guests, I turned around and saw Li Xun and a middle-aged woman, coming downstairs.

Seeing me, Li Xun smiled at me: “Mr.
The young master has just fallen asleep, Mr.
Song and Mr.
Luo are talking in the study.
He asked you to rest first, saying that you don’t have to wait for him.” Then she introduced me to her, “This is my mother.
She is an omega and the housekeeper here.”

The middle-aged woman nodded respectfully to me: “Mr.
Ning, you can just call me Aunt Jiu.”

“Aunt Jiu.” I Greeted her and asked her which room I slept in.

Aunt Jiu was stunned and pointed me to a room.

The colorful lights outside were still on, and I was sleepy and tired.
As soon as I entered the house, I fell asleep on the bed without turning on the lights.

I thought Aunt Jiu must have pointed me to a guest room.
After all, Song Bai Lao had no feelings for me, and even hated me.
Living in separate rooms without interfering with each other is the most suitable way I can think of to get along.

But I forgot, which bed partner does Song Bai Lao have feelings for? It’s true that he married me as a bussines marriage, and it’s true that he didn’t want me to have his children, but he never said that I should be just a decoration.

In the middle of the night, I was sleeping soundly when a scorching human body suddenly covered my back.

He pressed firmly on the back of my neck, and his slightly heavy breathing hit my ear, with the strong smell of alcohol, which made me shudder for a while.

“Song…Song Bai Lao?” I quickly woke up, my heart was beating violently, and there was something inexplicable besides being frightened.

“Leave your husband to sleep alone on the wedding night, how can you do that.”

He pressed my body with one hand, and slid the other hand into my pants along the gap.
The hot palms pressed against my buttocks, rubbing so hard that I couldn’t help but let out a pained sound.

I put my forehead on the pillow and said tremblingly, “You…you said I don’t have to wait for you.”

The movement of the palm stopped, and a very light smile sounded in my ear.

“I also asked you to abide by your duties, why don’t you remember?” His tone was a little cold, and he ripped off my trousers until they fell to his thighs.

“Wait…wait!” I struggled, trying to escape from under him.

He clasped my neck harder to keep me from moving.
The weight on my back was far away, and there was a sound of him taking apart something from behind.
After a while, he pressed it up again, and I immediately felt a giant slippery thing sliding between my hips.

Immediately before my eyes, many confused images flashed, the stuffy equipment room, the strong fragrance of flowers, the shaky sight…

I was stiff and trembling, and my body started to heat up shamefully.

Song Bai Lao’s soft lips pressed against my face, rubbing my ears: “It’s not the first time, why do you pretend to be so reluctant?”

I froze, not only because the question was so embarrassing, but also because of his slow, unrelenting intrusion.

His size was so impressive that I had a hard time accommodating it, but thankfully he didn’t come in knots.
Alpha’s penis would knot in the front during passive estrus, like a dog, and get stuck in the gut during ejaculation, which can be really painful.

Fingers clenched the sheets tightly, taking deep breaths.
Zhu Li said that the shrike would nail its prey to the thorns to share its food.
I feel like a poor grasshopper now, pinned to the bed by Song Bai Lao and ravaged.

In the meantime, inevitably he discovered the tattoo on my tailbone.
It seemed to be very interesting, he kept scratching with his fingers, as if he wanted to break the false scar, poking into the flesh and stirring.
Whenever this happens, I will scream very loudly, and the reaction is as big as the abdominal wound is really torn open again.

This sex is not so much a human copulation but a beast copulation.

I have no room for resistance at all, I can only let him play with it.
Finally he hugged me from behind and bit my neck, but I didn’t have any glands there.

Alpha’s canine teeth are sharp enough to pierce the skin with ease.
A small stream of heat slowly dripped down my neck, and I groaned in pain, begging for mercy almost uselessly.

After a while, he released his teeth and stuck out his tongue to lick my wound.
The soft and creamy touch, with the intimacy after the affair, made me feel strong.

He felt it and withdrew from my body: “Do you like it? Your ‘mark’.”

I touched the place where he bit, and hissed in pain, but I couldn’t say I liked it anyway.

“Isn’t this what you want… You can show off everywhere…” He said haltingly, pounding on his lower body for a while, and release something under the bed, then yawned contentedly and fell asleep.

I pursed my lips and limped out of bed to take a shower, but I found no trace of semen in my body.
He was so drunk that he didn’t forget to use contraception.
It seemed that he was really afraid that I would steal his seed.

After taking a shower, I carefully lifted the quilt.
I slept on the other side, occupying a small bunk, and fell asleep with my back to Song Bai Lao.

The bed is big enough that you can have no physical contact at all for a night.

The next day I woke up in a trance, it was already bright, Song Bai Lao left at some point, and he was nowhere to be seen on the bed.

A used condom was thrown on the ground, very disgraceful.

I didn’t want Aunt Jiu and the others to see this scene.
I threw it into the trash can in the bathroom with a dozen tissues, and then wiped the carpet there for a long time.

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