Song Bai Lao recovered very quickly after waking up.
I don’t know if it was because of his excellent recovery ability or if all Alphas were like this.


He didn’t show any gloom about losing his glands, and he was even a little bit happy, which made me wonder if he wanted to do it.
Otherwise, why did he say those specious things to me before? Why did he have to go to the Sanatorium and Hospital to find Luo Meng Bai for surgery?


But even if I ask him, he probably won’t admit it.


Since then, I can’t smell his pheromone scent, and I feel a little lost when I think about it.


However, I could smell the pheromone breath, which was also thanks to the pregnancy.
Once the baby is born, the hormones in the body return to normal, and it should not smell like before.


If you think about it, there is nothing to regret.


This year, I almost forged an indissoluble bond with the hospital.
Either I was in the hospital or on the way to the hospital, the people around me, from Song Mo to Song Bai Lao, were all injured and hospitalized.
It was like some kind of curse.


The only person around me who was attached to these strange and chaotic gods was Daoist Weijing, so I went to the Taoist Temple to ask for the Taoist Peace Talisman.


“Your current appearance belongs to our Xia family, so I won’t charge you.” Daoist Weijing sent me to the door, “Don’t worry, although I’m no longer in the mortal world, I don’t care what’s going on in the mortal world, but this I will definitely take care of the matter to the end.
You have a relationship with me, and I will not let the Xia family bully you casually.”


At first I thought he said “to the end” was nothing more than to say hello to the Xia family and ask them to stop embarrassing them.
Song Bai Lao and I.
But I learned later that he had gathered hundreds of Xia family members during the Chinese New Year, held a clan meeting, and put my name into the Xia family tree in the name of Guo Fangqin.


So far, I am the “Xia family” in theory, and even if Mr.
Xia is angry, there is no reason to move me.


But I was busy in bed recovering and didn’t know about it.



I begged for the talisman and stuffed it into the drawer of Song Bai Lao’s cloakroom.
In the afternoon, the cook cooked sweet soup.
Aunt Jiu said that she wanted to send it to Song Bai Lao, but I grabbed it from her and expressed my willingness to do it for me.


“I’m fine at home anyway, so let me send it to him.”


Aunt Jiu looked at me with a smile: “You miss your husband, not because you’re fine.”


Facing her eyes that seemed to see through everything, I touched my nose, a little embarrassed.


“The main thing is that it’s okay, and the second thing is that I want to see him.” After all, he was injured by a gland, and he was bleeding so much, it was normal to miss him.


Carrying the heat preservation bucket, I came to the floor where Song Bai Lao belonged.
When I walked to the door of the ward, I was a little surprised to see Li Xun at the door.


Apart from being a little frightened, she didn’t suffer any other injuries that night.


Ning?” She was also surprised to see me, and quickly glanced in the direction of the ward, “Why are you here at this time?”


I raised the bucket in my hand: “Send sweet soup.”


Li Xun said: “Oh Oh, wait a minute, Lawyer Wu is still talking with President Song, and it should be fine soon.”


Lawyer Wu?


The kidnapping case only caught a few innocuous little guys, and even the Xia family didn’t scratch their oily skin.
Should Lawyer Wu be needed?


I saw Li Xun’s expression was very unnatural, so I tentatively asked: “Attorney Wu is here today…”


“Uh…” She hesitated for two seconds, “Just to talk about some work.”


This statement is too general, more like Cope with excuses.


“Can’t I go in?”


She looked a little embarrassed: “This…” She looked into the room and suddenly smiled, “Okay, lawyer Wu has come out.”


After a while, the middle-aged man in a suit pushed out the door.
He was taken aback when he saw me, and then he nodded and greeted me.


Ning, long time no see.”


We haven’t seen each other for more than half a year since the cases of He Xiang Ping and Chang Xingze ended.


I also nodded at him: “Long time no see.”


After the greeting, he quickly said goodbye to me, and Li Xun left with him.


When I entered the ward, Song Bai Lao should have heard my voice long ago, so he was not surprised when he saw me.


He sat at the table, looked up at me, and continued to play with the computer.
Except that the stitches were not removed, the wound was still covered with gauze.


I put the heat preservation bucket on the table and unscrewed the lid: “Why is Lawyer Wu here?”


Song Bai Lao didn’t lift his head: “Xiang Ping has been sentenced.”


I put the soup in the bowl for a while: “How many years?”


“Fifteen years.”


Xiang Ping is not only Master’s son, but also a brother who once studied art with me.
There were lofty ambitions and dazzling dreams, but now, if you make a mistake and fall into prison, how can you not be embarrassed.


Although he is a bastard, when I think of my master and his wife, I feel sad for them.


It is said that bad bamboo produces good bamboo shoots, but here is the opposite, good bamboo produces bad bamboo shoots.
I just hope that Xiang Ping will be transformed inside and become a useful person to society, so that Master and Mistress will no longer feel at ease in the sky.


“Is that all?” I sighed inwardly, and I pushed the bowl in front of Song Bai Lao.


He moved his laptop aside and took a sip of the sweet soup while holding a spoon.


“Otherwise, what else is there?”


Li Xun clearly said that it was a matter of work, but he said it was only a matter of Xiang Ping.
The two of them don’t have the same caliber, which makes me more and more suspicious of fraud.


“But Li Xun didn’t say that.”


Song Bai Lao didn’t stop drinking the soup at all.
He looked very righteous and didn’t feel guilty at all.


“What did she say?”


“Tell the truth.”


Song Bai Lao put down his spoon, looked up at me, looked at me for a moment, and smiled suddenly.


“She won’t tell you the truth.”


Shows full trust in subordinates and extreme confidence in his own authority.


But this remark also indirectly confirmed that the arrival of lawyer Wu today is indeed not simple.


I frowned, and suddenly covered my stomach: “Hey, my stomach hurts a little…”


Song Bai Lao’s expression changed, he stood up and hugged my waist from behind.


“Does it hurt so bad?”


I frowned and said solemnly, “If you tell me the truth, I won’t be in pain anymore.”


Song Bai Lao stared at me and almost lost his mind.
After a while, he laughed angrily and pulled my arm.
Sit on a chair and let me sit on his lap.


“Ning Yu, you’re good at it now.” He poked my cheek with his finger, “How dare you act and deceive people?”


Not only can I deceive people, I dare to beat you.


“Look,” I stretched out my five fingers and turned the back of my hand to him, the ring on my ring finger was particularly prominent, “I have retrieved the ring.”


He took my hand and stroked the narrow ring back and forth with his fingertips.


“You’re pretty smart…”


I staggered a little bit and put his hands in front of me.
In the same position as me, he also wears a ring on his hand.


“So what’s the matter that I can’t know?”


Song Bai Lao inserted his finger between my fingers and sighed softly in my ear: “Actually, it’s not a big deal, it’s just… I made a Will.”


I was blinded all of a sudden, and I didn’t expect this to happen.


When I thought I was about to die, I also thought about finding a lawyer to make a will.
Could it be that Song Bai Lao thought that he was about to die, so he wanted to make a will?


Doesn’t it mean that… if you lose your glands, you may not have any sequelae, but become Beta with A blood type?


He did this like an accident could happen anytime, anywhere.


“Just in case, it’s normal to make a will, Luo Qinghe must have his own will, there’s nothing to be unlucky.”


Since it’s a normal thing, why hide it from me?


I turned around, looked at him for a moment, leaned into his arms, resting my chin on his shoulder.


The tip of my nose twitched, but I couldn’t smell any breath behind his ears.
In the past, this place was obviously the richest in pheromone.


“I can’t smell sweet-scented osmanthus anymore…”


I didn’t ask about the “will” any more, I just pretended that I didn’t hear anything.


He stroked my back and said dissatisfiedly: “Why? Don’t you like me without the scent of sweet-scented osmanthus?”


I closed my eyes: “I like it.”


I have always liked you.


From past, present, to future.


After a few minutes of this quiet embrace of each other, I froze suddenly, and then started shaking uncontrollably.


“Ning Yu?” Song Bai Lao quickly discovered my abnormality.



I frowned tightly and pressed my stomach, unable to speak because of the sudden pain.


“Uhh…” My forehead instantly burst into cold sweat, and when I opened my mouth, I could only groan in pain.


“Is it a stomachache?” Song Bai Lao asked me eagerly.


I nodded, my body couldn’t help but want to curl up, it was so painful, it was like… like my internal organs were torn apart.


Without a word, Song Bai Lao hugged me onto the bed by the waist, and then rang the bell.


Sweat clouded my eyes, and I was cold and weak.


The ears were buzzing, and the sound seemed to be far away and could not be heard clearly.


“Ning Yu…”


The broad palm wiped the fine sweat from my forehead, and in my blurred vision, Song Bai Lao showed an expression I had never seen before.


It seemed to be frightened, but also like pain.


Whenever I can spare a bit of time and spare energy, I will take a picture of him with my mobile phone.


“You’ll be fine… I’m here…”


I stared at his lips that kept opening and closing, and deciphered the words.


Sometimes people really can’t joke around, just pretended to have a stomachache, and now it really hurts.


Luo Meng Bai clearly said that I could hold on for another month, but now that my stomach hurts like this, there must be something wrong with the birth sac.
Could it be… Could it be because I was too excited about Song Bai Lao two days ago?


I struggled to lift my arm in pain, and after all my hard work, I gathered strength and patted Song Bai Lao’s face with my palm.


“Don’t be afraid…”


I don’t know if I made a sound.
Maybe I just lip-synched, or maybe my volume isn’t as good as the sound of a mosquito’s wings.


But Song Bai Lao should have understood.


He took my hand and nodded at me.

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