I was trying to stop the bleeding for Song Bai Lao when Luo Qinghe came up, and his expression changed slightly when he saw this battle.


He squatted down and felt Xia Huainan’s pulse, and found that he was fine, so he ignored him and asked Song Bai Lao how he was doing.


“Can you get up?”


Song Bai Lao’s lips paled, he glanced at him, and stood up directly.


The handkerchief was all soaked, and blood dripped down his fingertips.
It seemed that this little treatment had no effect.


“Slow down.” Because of his movement, my hand loosened a little, and instantly I felt the blood flow even more fiercely.


Luo Qinghe walked to the bed, lifted the sheet, tore off a piece, and came back.


Song Bai Lao took the sheet from his hand and pressed it on the other side of his wound.


When our group went downstairs, Luo Qinghe’s bodyguards had already restrained all the Xia family’s bodyguards.
Old Master Xia and the middle-aged man were pressed on the sofa by Daoist Weijing, their faces were full of anger and dare not speak.


When they saw us, they were stunned at first, and then stared at Song Bai Lao in disbelief.


The middle-aged man said anxiously: “He made this himself, it has nothing to do with us.”


No one thought that Song Bai Lao would be so strong, so strong that he would not hesitate to see blood or hurt himself.
No matter how domineering the Xia family was, they didn’t really want to cause death.


Luo Qinghe stopped: “If something happens to my son, don’t think about it for any of you.”


He was very calm when he said this, but no one would doubt the truth of his words.
At this point, he finally looked a little like a father.


The old man Xia and the middle-aged man suddenly turned pale, and they were a little speechless.


“I can’t enter, I’ve already reported, you wait…”


Luo Qinghe’s car was parked outside, as was the police car, two police officers were stopped outside the gate, and the servants of the Xia family would not let them in.


“Have you reported it? Who the hell called the police? Saying you were illegally detained, we can’t just go back…” A young Alpha officer frowned.


The servants of the Xia family were sweating profusely when he asked him, but they still refused to give in an inch.


“If you don’t let us go, we will force a breakthrough!” Suddenly, the young police officer saw us from a distance, and his eyes lit up, “Ah, someone has come out!”, they all consciously gave way in panic.


Luo?” Another slightly older police officer, who seemed to know Luo Qinghe, stepped forward and asked, “What happened? Are you okay?”


Luo Qinghe shook his head and asked me to help Song Bai Lao get into the car first.


I don’t know what he said to the police, but through the car window, I saw two police officers finally rushed into the Xia family mansion forcefully.


Originally, we was going to the nearest hospital, but Song Bai Lao called Luo Meng Bai on the way, and then asked the driver to go directly to the Sanatorium and Hospital.


“What are you doing with that expression?” Song Bai Lao threw the phone aside, raised his hand to touch me, but frowned and gave up because his hand was full of blood.


“Don’t talk.” As soon as he speaks, he will touch the wound.
I don’t know if he hurts, but it is definitely not good for blood clotting.


“Don’t be afraid, I can’t die.” He cracked his mouth and smiled, “I still have a wish, so how can I be willing to die.”


I wanted to stretch out my third hand to cover his mouth, but I couldn’t do it, so I had to lean andlock with my mouth.


After a while, I straighten up, licked his lips soothingly, and said, “I told you to stop talking.”


He smiled, held my wrist, and rubbed his thumb where the pulse beat, obediently no longer say.


Arriving at the hospital as quickly as possible, Luo Meng Bai had already led people to wait at the door, and Song Bai Lao was taken to the operating room by the stretcher bed on the stage.


“He’s so powerful that he dared to cut the glands himself.
It’s his luck that he didn’t cut the aorta.” Luo Meng Bai changed his usual laughing appearance, and even a bit of anger appeared on his face.


It wasn’t until Song Bai Lao was pushed into the operating room that she stopped and asked me, “You don’t look very good, are you okay?”


As soon as she asked, I realized that my shirt was wet with cold sweat.
Now that I was quiet, I felt chilly.


After wrapping my clothes, I said, “I’m a little tired, but I can preserve.”


“What are you persevering, my cousin is fine, you can go to rest first.” She recruited a nurse and asked her to take me to VIP room.


The VIP room has a sofa, a TV, and a separate toilet.
The TV does not broadcast the news next to it, but only shows the operation situation of each operating room.


Song Bai Lao entered the operating room No.2, and until Luo Qinghe came to find it, it was always “in operation”.


“I asked someone to send Xia Weijing back.”


I nodded, “Where are the police officers?”


“Take away a few bodyguards.” Luo Qinghe’s eyes were cold, “With only two small police officers, they can’t move the Xia family.”


They have already done this step, and they will not be afraid of the police coming to the door after thinking about it.
There are as many of them as means to settle the matter, and as many as scapegoats pushed out to block their guns.


Even Luo Qinghe, judging from his previous attitude, should not want to have a head-on conflict with the Xia family.
But now that Song Bai Lao was seriously injured, this beam would have to be tied even if he didn’t.


Two hours later, operating room No.
2 finally jumped from “operation in progress” to “operation completed”.


Luo Qinghe and I got up and walked out almost at the same time.
In front of the operating room, Luo Meng Bai came out of it, and behind her was Song Bai Lao, who had already undergone the operation but was still awake.


“Uncle.” Luo Meng Bai called Luo Qinghe, and then said to me, “The operation went well, but his glands were severely injured, so we can only remove both glands.”


“Does it have any effect?”


Luo Meng Bai showed regret: “Sorry, I can’t say for sure that it has no effect at all.
There is too little information on this.
It’s so little that we don’t know what will happen to an Alpha after losing its glands.”

I nodded, indicating that I understood, turned around and chased the stretcher bed, while Luo Qinghe stayed where he was and continued talking to Luo Meng Bai.


Possibly due to the anesthetic, Song Bai Lao woke up several times a night, all in a daze, screaming for thirst, putting some water on his mouth, and quickly fell asleep again.


The next morning, Song Bai Lao didn’t wake up.
I was dozing off but was woken up by the quarrel outside the door.


After listening carefully, I realized that it was Song Xiao’s voice.


He gently pushed open the door of the ward, and at a glance, I saw Song Xiao with his back to the door, grabbing Luo Qinghe by the collar and pushing him against the wall: “It’s not enough for them to rob my lover, and now they have made my son like this! How can you let them go?”


Luo Qinghe snorted, grabbed his arm, and slowly pushed his hand away.


“You don’t need to tell me, I’ll make them pay the price.”


“Pay the price?” Song Xiao shook off his hand and took a few steps back, his tone was bitter and mocking, “Can you still kill them? They paid the price, how can they endure until now?”


Luo Qinghe looked at him for a long time: “At least, I have been working hard.”


After saying that, without waiting for Song Xiao to respond, he shook the front of his suit and strode away to the other side of the corridor.


I hurriedly closed the door, sat back on the bed and pretended to sleep.


After a while, I faintly heard the sound of the door opening, and I opened my eyes with a pretense.


“Uncle Xiao, why are you here?”


Song Xiao gently came to the bedside: “Luo Qinghe called me yesterday, and I came back overnight.”


After listening to him, I also sighed in my heart.
Although he had to know about Song Bai Lao’s situation sooner or later, was it a little too fast to tell him yesterday? What mother would love to see her son lying so weakly in a hospital bed? Even if Song Bai Lao woke up a day later, Song Xiao would not be so excited.


It seems that it was Luo Qinghe that Song Xiao chased back then, otherwise Luo Qinghe’s emotional intelligence might not be able to catch up with anyone.


“The doctor said that this is not a major operation, the wound is small, and you can be discharged in three or four days after waking up.”


If only the glands were removed, Luo Meng Bai said that it would be a minimally invasive operation at most, but because Song Bai Lao cut it with glass, the wound is relatively large, and they also spent a lot of effort to clean up the wound to prevent glass debris from remaining.
After the sutures are removed, Song Bai Lao will probably have a scar of about three centimeters from the back of his ear to his neck.
Other than that, everything is unknown.


Song Xiao touched Song Bai Lao’s forehead, his face full of sadness.


“If only I took him away back then.”


Everyone has their own last resort, and who can say what the best choice is.


Song Xiao asked me to go back to rest and said that he will be here.


I glanced at Song Bai aLo, who was sleeping, and said, “I’ll go back after he wakes up.”


I waited for a whole night, and it wasn’t bad for the last time.


And as if he heard my words, Song Bai Lao let out two vague moans in his throat and slowly opened his eyes.


Song Xiao and I immediately got together.


“Bai Lao, how are you feeling, do you feel pain?”


“Are you thirsty? Do you want to drink water?”


He looked at me, then at Song Xiao, and said with difficulty, “It hurts, I am not thirsty.”

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