“Congratulations, the c20 virus has completely stopped multiplying, the antibodies in your body have not continued to attack it, and the clinical symptoms have all disappeared.” Luo Meng Bai took my hand and carefully observed a small piece of rash on the forearm skin.


As she said, the plaques and rashes on my body have healed naturally, as smooth as they have never been.


Once the latent virus is activated, it replicates in large numbers in the host’s cells, triggering a frantic attack by the immune system.
Once it enters the “onset period” of c20, according to common sense, the host will rapidly decline due to this immune war in the body.


But I didn’t, and although I still can’t completely eliminate the latent virus, it’s like the immune system has reached some kind of reconciliation with c20, and they are back in balance again and no longer burdening my body.


“When are you going to hold it?” Song Bai Lao on the side was slightly displeased, “Where’s the birth sac? Is there a problem?”


Luo Meng put down my hand angrily: “No problem, keep your mood at ease, don’t get excited and work hard, just hold on for another one.
It’s ok for a month .
But I recommend a caesarean section before 30 weeks, which is relatively safe for the child and Ning Yu.”


The pregnancy has entered 25 weeks, Luo Meng Bai said that it can last another month, which is much better than expected , I thought it would not last for six months.


Song Bai Lao thought for a moment, and said, “Can an early dissection reduce the risk of adults? It’s earlier if you can, anyway, c20 is now under control.”


Luo Mengbai clutched her chest and said in an exaggerated tone, “Wow, cousin, you look like a scumbag.
In the past, because the baby was useful to Ning Yu, you kept it for the time being.
Now that Ning Yu’s health is not in serious trouble, you was in a hurry to take it out.”


Song Bai Lao glared at her coldly: “Answer my question, don’t say something stupid.”


“Cough, let’s have an autopsy at 28 weeks.
With current technology, the survival rate of babies born prematurely during this period can reach more than 98%.
Basically, as long as the fetus does not have major defects, it can survive.
Ning Yu what do you think?”


In 7 months, I’ve also done the best I can.
Besides, Ning Xi can even beat c20, what else is she afraid of? She must be a healthy and energetic child, like… a little pink sun.



“I trust the doctor’s judgment.”


Luo Meng Bai laughed: “Every patient is just like you.
Then I’ll make an appointment for the operating room.”


I pulled down my sleeves and was about to get up when I heard Luo Meng Bai say again: “The old man from the family has come to Xiangtan, have you been told to ‘pick up’?”


Obviously, this was not what I said.


Song Bai Lao helped me up for a while, and said indifferently, “He is one of Xia Sheng’s shareholders.
It’s normal to come and see at the end of the year.”


“At this time, I always feel a little overwhelmed.”


“Cover up.” Song Bai Lao hooked his lips in disdain, “I’m still afraid that he’s too old to die?”


On the way back, Luo Meng Bai’s words repeatedly appeared in my mind, stirring my emotions, and the surname “Xia” really didn’t give me any reason.
What a good impression I left, I couldn’t help my thirst for knowledge.


When I was about to go to Weijing Mountain, I coughed lightly and finally asked Song Bai Lao about the “old man of the Xia family”.


Song Bai Lao probably didn’t expect me to be interested, so he was stunned and said, “Oh, he is the eldest elder of the Xia family now.
According to his seniority, he should be Xia Qiao’s uncle and Xia Weijing’s uncle.”


Song Bai Lao had to call him “grandfather” when he saw him.


“How old is he?”


“Eighty or ninety.”


I pondered for a while, and calculated the intricate kinship between them, and suddenly thought that Xia Huainan had mentioned that he was Xia Qiao when he first met me.
His cousin, isn’t he the great-grandson of this old grandfather Xia? He was so annoyed that he even felt that the elder of the Luo family was treacherous.
Could it be this old man?


“… Are you worried?”


After returning to my senses, Song Bai Lao caressed my cheek with the back of his hand, and there was a smile on the corner of his lips, looking quite happy.


I found that the more I worried about him, the happier he was, what’s wrong?


I pursed my lips and said, “You’d better be more careful.”


An open gun is easy to block, but a hidden arrow is hard to defend.
There seems to be no more effective way to prevent dangers that have not yet occurred, especially those dangers that are particularly easy to achieve, other than “beware”.


Song Bailao also clearly understood the existence of “dangers”: “What would happen to you if I marked someone else?”


I frowned, staring at him without speaking.


Xia Huainan said that I would become another “Song Xiao”.
At that time, I felt uncomfortable, and now this discomfort has appeared again.


“I’m joking.” Song Bai Lao tugged at my cheek, “I won’t let them succeed.”


I held his hand and said sternly, “I don’t like this joke.”


No one knows until that point.
What choice I would make, I dare not say that I will do better than Song Xiao, because I am not him, and Song Bai Lao is not Luo Qinghe.


“Angry?” Song Bai Lao looked at me for a long time, and seemed to be happier, “Okay, then I won’t make this joke again.”


He approached me, pecked the corner of my lips, and said to himself: “Why am I so happy to see you angry?”


Because you are psychopathic.


I cursed him inwardly.


Song Xiao recently got tired of shooting in Weijingshan.
He went to Linshi yesterday and said he would stay for a few days before coming back.
He’s an adult too, so I’m not worried about him.
It’s good to go out and relax, you don’t have to think about Luo Qinghe all the time.


At the end of the year, major companies are holding tail-tooth banquets, and Xia Sheng is no exception.
Song Bai Lao asked me if I wanted to participate.
Although my crowd phobia is cured, I still don’t like such crowded occasions.
Especially as the focus of the crowd, it will make me very uncomfortable.


“No, Luo Meng Bai told me not to worry, I’d better stay at home.”


Song Bai Lao, who was wearing a tie, nodded after hearing the words,


“Alright.” He turned around and took something from the cabinet, and when he faced me again, there was already a tulip brooch on his left chest.


“I’ll go, you don’t have to wait for me at night.”


He straightened his clothes and was about to go out, and I hurriedly stopped him.




Song Bai Lao turned to look at me: “What?”


“What about mine?” I glanced at his chest with a pointed glance.


He understood it quickly, but he still had to betray it.


“Guess” He winked at me with a smirk, “Let me remind you, the treasure is where the treasure is buried.”


Then he turned his head and continued to walk out, and waved his hand away from me: “Come on, look for it.


This is a treasure game?


The treasure is where the treasure is buried…isn’t that crap?


I don’t care if I don’t think about it.
But this puzzle always haunted me, and it made me think about it all afternoon, when I was eating, when I coaxed Song Mo to sleep, and even when I was taking a shower.


Where to bury treasure?


Suddenly I thought of a possibility, so I rushed out of the bedroom and went to the library downstairs.


Aunt Jiu and a few servants were still waiting for Song Bai Lao to come back.
They didn’t sleep.


Seeing me hurried downstairs, they were surprised: “What’s wrong, Mr.

“Look for something!”


The library was as clean and quiet as when I first came here.
Turning on all the lights, I searched for the bookshelf with Song Xiao’s photo album.
Last time Song Bai Lao got drunk, I put the photo album on the coffee table, I don’t know if he put it back in place.


I read it all over the top layer, but no, I started to look down layer by layer, and finally found the photo book in a convenient location.


Treasures are buried where treasures are buried…


I took out the photobook from the shoulder-height shelf, and just opened the page with the letter in it, two things fell out of the gap, one after the other.
It fell into the thick carpet, rolled around a few times, and stopped in front of the bookshelf.


Brooch and ring…found it.


I picked them up one by one, staring at the golden “treasure” in my hand, I couldn’t help feeling that Song Bai Lao was naive.


He must know that I have read his letter.


But he also read my diary, forget it, it’s even.


Putting the ring back on the ring finger, carrying the brooch back to the bedroom, the phone was ringing as soon as I arrived at the door.


I quickly walked over to pick it up and found that it was a set of numbers I didn’t recognize.


“Who is it?”


There was a rapid breathing sound from the other end: “It’s me, they are about to start, my estrus is coming…”


When I recognized the owner of this voice as Xia Huainan, I quickly moved from head to toe.
Corrupted by a cold, the blood in the whole body seems to be congealed.


“Where are you now?”


“Mangrove Lake…you can stop it…just stop it…” He didn’t know if he was still taking any medicine, and his thoughts seemed unclear.


And before I could ask another question, there was a rude knock on the door.


“Master Huainan, open the door! If you don’t open the door, we’ll crash in!”


His breathing became more messy, and then without warning, the phone was hung up.


I dialed back again and there was no way to get through.


I became uneasy and started to call Song Bai Lao, but I don’t know if it was because the phone was not with him, but no one answered.
Then I called Li Xun’s cell phone again, and the same happened.


Song Bai Lao didn’t say it, but Li Xun never did not answer the phone.
I became more and more anxious and wanted to continue calling.
Li Xun called me back.


I immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and my hands and feet were unsealed and warmed up again.


“Li Xun, you scared…”


Ning, Mr.
Song… Mr.
Song has been kidnapped!” On the other end of the phone, Li Xun interrupted me anxiously.


The chills returned, and I stumbled uncontrollably and fell to the edge of the bed.


“What’s the matter?” I asked, covering my forehead.


“Just now, a car hit us.
When the driver got out of the car to check, another car came from behind.
The people above attacked us, shot Mr.
Song with an anesthesia gun, and took him away.”


“Are you injured?”


“The driver was seriously injured, and they also shot me with anesthesia bomb, but it hung on my coat and didn’t pierce the skin.
I pretended to be dizzy to escape the disaster.” Li Xun was still in shock.
“I thought it was the Ruan family’s revenge at first, but then I vaguely heard that they were going to take President Song to see Mr.


The Xia family really did it…


“You now notify Luo Qinghe to go to Hongshu Lake, and then call the police.” I got up and walked out “Take care of yourself.”


Hanging up Li Xun’s phone, I went downstairs and asked Aunt Jiu to quickly prepare the car, saying that I was going out, and at the same time dialed Daoist Weijing’s cell phone.

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