The scary thing about Zhu Li is that he can do everything, and everything seemed to be under his control.


He spent 2 days at the police station, and his lawyer issued a medical report showing that he was 21 weeks pregnant.
In the end, without a doubt, he was released on bail.
I don’t want to speculate on a person with the greatest malice, but if it’s Zhu Li, I suspect that this child is all planned by him.


A few days later, Ruan Linghe suddenly announced to the media that he would end his marriage with Zhu Li, saying that he loved someone else.
He immediately caused a storm, the mark between A and O was protected by law, their marriage could not end, and no country in the world would agree to divorce Alpha and Omega.


Ruan Linghe’s statement will have no results, the court does not support it, ethics and morals do not allow it.
But it doesn’t need to have “results” either, his attitude speaks for itself.
Whether he was disappointed by what Zhu Li did, or he really loved something else, this incident undoubtedly attracted great attention from the world, and pushed the Ruan family to the top of public opinion.


Soon after, an old-fashioned gossip media broke out the love history of Ruan Linghe and Wu Qian.
A large number of photos and the testimony of “informed people” showed that before the mark with Zhu Li, Master Ruan and Wu Qian had clearly arrived to discuss marriage.
On the stage of marriage.


The family’s coercion, Zhu Li’s conspiracy, or Master Ruan’s disappointment? As a powerful actress in the current fire, Wu Qian’s fans are not easy to mess with.


When Song Bai Lao and Ming Shu ended their relationship, they made some waves, which made Luo Qinghe furious and whipped him more than a hundred times.
Although nothing happened in the end, it is enough to illustrate the huge risk that “negative public opinion” will cause to candidates.


Now that the Ruan family is standing on the cusp of such a storm, as long as someone with a heart instigates it, they will definitely be attacked by a group.


“I saw the report and asked them to go to the gate of Yanhua Century to demonstrate… The slogan said ‘Xiangtan does not need criminal members’.” The “careful person” sat on the swing chair, rocking slowly back and forth while talking on the phone.


Since these days, Song Bai Lao has made many troubles for the Ruan family.


When Ruan Linghe and Wu Qian’s revelations first came out, I saw it and said casually: “It’s time to explode.”


He heard it next to him, typing quickly on his mobile phone, and replied me casually: “Buy it.”


I hesitated for two seconds, then couldn’t believe it.


“…You bought it?”


“Twenty million.”


I don’t know if I should be shocked by this figure or by his actions.
I have only heard of spending money to press material, but there are still people who spend money to break the news?


“Mom, don’t move when you look at that flower.”


Hearing Song Mo’s voice, I immediately retracted my gaze from Song Bai Lao and looked back at the cluster of tulips in front of me.


One of Song Mo’s homework assignments was to draw a picture for his parents.
Just as the tulips in the courtyard were blooming, he asked me to come to the courtyard and pose for him to paint.


A six-year-old child has quite the pursuit of pictures.
I sat sideways on the marble flower bed, looking down at the tulips in the flower bed, while Song Bai Lao was a little behind me, Song Mo moved a small stool and sat right in front of us, and there was a whole set on the ground.
The crayon and colored pencil tools of his, with a serious look on his face, and quite the style of an artist.


“Make a vote for Ruan Xiong Hua, don’t let the heat go down… Well, that’s all for now.” After another ten minutes, Song Bai Lao hung up the phone.


“Song Mo, is it done?” As soon as he hung up the phone, he couldn’t sit still.


Song Mo lowered his head and kept moving his hands: “No, there is a little more.”


“Hurry up.”


“Dad, you are impatient.”


He is a little bolder now, and sometimes he dares to slap Song Bai Lao.


“I’m impatient? I…” Song Bai Lao held back for a while, then suddenly changed his tune, “Actually, your sister is tired.
She is still young and needs a rest.
So, hurry up and let her go back to sleep, okay?”


His sister won’t be tired, she’s been sleeping all day…


I looked back at him, he looked away silently, and the swing went even higher.


“Is my little sister tired?” Song Mo raised his head suddenly with a worried look on his face, “Then I’ll hurry up.”


His sister was very useful.
Song Mo’s slow movements suddenly sped up a lot.
Five minutes later, he stood up straight.
Holding the drawing board farther, a bright smile appeared on his face.


“It’s done!”


I rubbed my neck and walked to him, looking at the drawing on the drawing board.


Although the brushwork is very immature, it is still a lot higher than that of children of the same age.
The flowers are flowers and people are people, and the house is a house.


“What is this?” I saw a pink circle on the belly of the villain representing me, pointed to it and asked Song Mo strangely, “I don’t have this pattern on my clothes.”


Song Mo raised his head and explained to me: “This is the sun.
Because it’s my sister, it’s a pink sun.”


In an instant, I felt like I was “hit”.
While I know the world of children is always full of romantic fantasies, the pink sun is just too cute.


“Mo Mo is really amazing.” I patted his head, “It’s a great painting.”


At this time, Song Bai Lao also came over and glanced at his painting: “You drew your sister too.
After showing it to the teacher, let Aunt Jiu hang it on the wall of your room.”


You can know that Song Mo’s painting is “sister” without asking, should it be said that it is a father and son?


Before dinner, Song Xiao came back and admired Song Mo’s paintings.
He admired them greatly.
He took dozens of photos with his camera and said that he would add them to his next photo album.


When it comes to dealing with Song Mo, Song Xiao is surprisingly consistent with Luo Qinghe, and there is no bottom line.


The voice against Ruan Xiong Hua is getting louder and louder every day, even if Ruan Xiong Hua came forward to say that he did not know about Zhu Li’s behavior, it did not eliminate the public’s anger against him.


What made the Ruan family even worse at this time was that the commercial infringement case between Xia Sheng and Yanhua Century was decided.
Xia Sheng won the lawsuit.
According to the valuation of the stolen technology, the Ruan family needed to compensate Xia Sheng for 12.7 billion economic losses.


This sky-high compensation made the world an uproar and made me speechless.


The hamster was eaten by the snake, the snake and the fox became allies, and finally both were nailed to the thorns by the shrike.
It was a perfect food chain.


Under pressure, Ruan Xiong Hua could only announce his withdrawal from the campaign.
So far, although the voting has not yet started, Luo Qinghe has already won more than half of it, and it can be said that he is the winner.


The threat of the Ruan family was lifted, but the relationship between ABO was not so easy to ease.
Han Yin found me and hoped that I could cooperate with her to record a video and let her post it on her social account.


“I found a lot of influential Betas and asked them to tell their experiences, share their feelings when facing inequality, and at the same time call on everyone to calm down.” Han Yin said on the phone, “Alpha, Beta, and Omega are three.
It shouldn’t be an antagonistic relationship.”


I agreed with her words and agreed without any hesitation.
After that, she sent me a question sheet and arrived at Weijingshan early the next day with the equipment.


The video was recorded very smoothly, and she cut it faster.
Three days later, a long video of one hour and forty minutes, consisting of interviews with ten Betas, was released simultaneously on all of Han Yin’s social accounts.


The video immediately aroused a lot of repercussions, and after Liang Qiu Yang also forwarded it, the repercussions became more intense.
More public figures, whether Beta or not, have joined the forwarding team, and even Luo Qinghe’s official account is among them.


After taking a shower, I walked out of the bathroom and saw Song Bai Lao leaning on the bedside, holding his laptop and looking at something with interest.


At first I thought he was looking at work emails, but when I heard my own voice, I realized that he was watching a video from Han Yin.


“…I suffered a lot of discrimination when growing up, being bullied in high school, and being framed after work.
I also asked myself, do I deserve this just because I’m a Beta? Later I understood, no, It doesn’t matter, it’s not my luck that needs to change, it’s the world.
Alpha should be strong, Omega should be beautiful, Beta can only be mediocre, this is the most stereotyped image the world has given to human beings.
Alpha will be fragile, and Omega can be a leader, Beta can be very good, this is ‘equality’.”


As if back in high school when he peeked at my small composition, I was so ashamed that I wanted to find a hole to dig into.


“Don’t look!” I quickly walked over and closed his computer.


Song Bai Lao was watching intently when I was interrupted abruptly, frowning in dissatisfaction, “Why? I haven’t finished it yet.”


I sat on the bed and simply threw the computer far away so that he couldn’t reach it.


“Nothing to see, go to sleep, I’m sleepy…”


My face must be very red, I feel it is about to burn.


“It’s obviously very beautiful.” Song Bai Lao lightly rubbed the back of his hand against my cheek, “You’ve always been good-looking.”


At this time, I sigh.


The heat on my face rose instead of receding.
I avoided his touch, climbed to the side where I was sleeping, patted the pillow, and got into the quilt.


“Are you shy when I said you look good?” Song Bai Lao pressed his back on my back like a piece of candy that couldn’t be shaken off, while he whispered in my ear.


I shrank under the quilt and buried half of my face in it.




“Ning Yu is not only good-looking, but also has a good voice, and the cakes are very delicious.” There was a smile in his voice, “The appearance of wearing baking clothes is very attractive.”


This person is really annoying, he used to dislike this and that, but now it’s good everywhere.


I pondered that this character can’t be called “bad”, it should be “worst”.


“Aren’t you bored?”


I felt the quilt on my head being pulled, and I quickly pulled it back.


“It’s not boring.” I said to the person outside the quilt, “Don’t talk to me, I’m going to sleep.”


After a while, there was a rustling sound behind me, something was covering me outside the quilt, and then a slap on my forehead.
The position felt a downward pressure, which quickly disappeared.


“Don’t bother, go to sleep.”


The voice fell, and the light went out.

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