In the coldest season in Xiangtan, my pregnancy has entered the 20th week.
There is a slight bulge in the lower abdomen, and the fetal movement can already be felt.


In order to get more detailed information on my body and detect the changes of c20, Luo Meng Bai performed amniocentesis for me.
Before doing it, she told me that the probability of the child being an Alpha and an Omega is relatively high, and she tends to be an Omega.
In the end, it turned out as she said.


This result seems to have challenged some of her conjectures, which greatly cheered her up.


And the fertility sac problem, which has always worried me a bit, seems to be really helped by God, and it has not caused much problems.
In Luo Meng Bai’s words: “It’s as plump and smooth as if it’s never been used.
If it continues like this, maybe it can last up to 35 weeks or even longer.”


Song Bai Lao began to arrange the baby after knowing the child’s gender.
Curtains, wallpaper, and even the shape of the lights are all his favorite styles and brands.


Not only that, he also hung oil paintings of many modern artists on the wall, two on one wall and three on the other, with spotlights on, I don’t know which art museum he thought he had entered.


“How’s it going?” he asked me back, adjusting the balance of the frame.


I stared at the geometric figures painted with various shapes and colors, and nodded reluctantly: “Yes.”


He stepped back and admired his achievements, came to me, and said in a smug tone: “This is the work of Jack Attius.
I took it at Sotheby’s two years ago, 20 million.”


I almost choked on my own saliva.


One painting is 20 million, five paintings… 100 million?


Ten Xu Mei Ren? !


Although this baby room is not dreamy at all, it is really “luxury and expensive”, and it is so expensive that I suddenly worry.
If such a precious painting is placed here, even if you are not afraid of stealing it, in case it is damaged and soiled by a child in the future, the loss will be tens of thousands of dollars.


“Will it be too wasteful to put it here?”


Song Bai Lao raised his eyebrows: “These pictures are the cheapest in my collection.”


Okay, I didn’t say it.


After a period of rehabilitation, Song Xiao lost his crutches and can walk independently.
Although there are still some problems with running and jumping, he has been working hard, and I believe that in a few months, he will be able to be normal.


I’m not sure if he overheard the conversation I had with Song Bai Lao on the rooftop that day, because since then, he has become more cautious and courteous to Song Bai Lao.
Although he was always energetic and enthusiastic in front of people, but several times I couldn’t sleep because of the heat in the middle of the night.
When I woke up, I could always see him walking around the house silently by himself.
The back looked lonely and lonely, looking preoccupied.


Two days ago, he also took a small black box to Aunt Jiu, saying that she would be sent to Luo’s house and handed over to Luo Qinghe in person.
It really looked like a ring box.


I don’t know what’s in it, but I guess Luo Qinghe won’t be happy when he receives it.


Seeing that the vote for the parliamentary election is about to begin, another major event happened in Xiangtan.


The Omega daughter of Chen Zhen, a well-known diamond tycoon, was attacked by a group of unknown Betas on her way home from eating out.
The vehicle was damaged, the driver was seriously injured, and even the little girl herself was greatly frightened.
Now she screams whenever she sees someone, and is accompanied by severe aphasia.


On the night of the news broadcast, Song Bai Lao was called out by a phone call and did not return until the next morning.


“How’s it going?” I saw him frowning and a little nervous.


Even if the name Chen Zhen doesn’t read financial news, ordinary people should hear it like thunder.
On the other hand, it is because his diamond business is big, and on the other hand, because his philanthropy is bigger.


Every year, he donates hundreds of millions of assets to promote education and medical construction in poverty-stricken areas.
On the charity list, his cumulative donations are always among the best, and he is known as a “chivalrous businessman” and “benevolent businessman” by the people.
Not long ago, he also said that he would donate his entire inheritance after his death for public welfare, and his children were also very supportive of him.


“Chen Zhen is well-liked in the circle and has a wide network of contacts.
When something happened to his family, he really responded to the saying ‘if one side is in trouble, all sides will support it’.” Song Bai Lao pinched the bridge of his nose tiredly, “Those Betas who committed crimes were arrested a few hours ago.
He stopped, asked why he did this, and said that he was not willing to be inferior to others all his life, so he wanted to do a big thing to make the world face up to the human rights of Beta… Ha, human rights? They understand fart human rights! Because of their stupidity, the bad consequences require all Betas to pay for it, In the future, the road of Beta equality will only become more and more difficult.”


In the eyes of the world, there is no difference between extreme Beta and rational Beta.
Equal rights is a reasonable demand, but once innocent people are harmed and force is used, it is justified and unreasonable.
What’s even more frightening is that Alphas and Omegas who don’t know the truth, and even some Betas, will put this bad debt on all Betas, setting up hostility to Betas.


Just to confirm Song Bai Lao’s words, a large-scale protest march broke out in the urban area in the afternoon, please stop the atrocities.


A few days later, when the reporter finally squatted in front of Luo Qinghe’s house and asked him his opinion on the incident of Beta’s attack on Miss Chen, a young Alpha suddenly came running from a distance, shouting “**eta’s xxx Let’s go.” He threw an egg at Luo Qinghe and quickly fled the scene.


The egg liquid slowly dripped from Luo Qinghe’s hair, and the secretary panicked and tried to wipe off the mucus for him, but he stopped him.


He gently wiped the yellow liquid above his eyes and answered the reporter’s questions calmly.


“Chen Zhen and I have been friends for many years.
Of course I went to see his daughter’s accident.
I don’t like to simply and rudely call this kind of personal crime in the name of all Betas.
Alphas and Omegas will commit crimes, and so will Betas.”


The reporter did not let him go, and continued to ask questions: “They claimed that they attacked Ms.
Chen for the sake of Beta equality, including the demonstration and conflict that happened a while ago, Beta’s obsession with equality has obviously hurt the rights of others.
For this irreconcilable contradiction, do you have any plan? Does Beta want rights or equality? As an Alpha, can Betas really trust you to support you?”


These questions are too sharp, especially the last question, directly placed Luo Qinghe in a very embarrassing position, neither Alpha nor Omega would like to see him, nor could he easily gain the trust of Beta.


Even I sometimes wonder, why should an Alpha contribute to a Beta? I’m afraid this is not a show he did to gain Beta support.
When he succeeds in taking the position in the coming day, I am afraid that he will no longer care about his previous promises.


“I speak for the Beta, not to gain their trust, but to help them.
Do you know how many seats were occupied by the last Beta of the 200 parliamentarians in the country?”


His eyes looked a little silly.


Luo Qinghe didn’t expect his reply, and just reported the number: “14, less than ten percent.” He calmly said, “If you want to have it, you have to pay, how much ability and how much obligation you have.
This is my opinion.”


Halfway through, Song Xiao walked downstairs, and I hurriedly changed the platform.


After my health got better, I just lay down at home besides watching TV and playing with Song Mo.
Recently, Song Mo has resumed tutoring classes, and Song Xiao often takes his camera to the mountains to collect wind and practice his hands.
I really had nothing to do, so I started a live stream of making macarons.


Originally thought that after three months of absence, no one would watch the Amber Live account.
Unexpectedly, within five minutes of going online, the number of online viewers quickly exceeded 10,000.


[Yuyu, I heard that you are pregnant, is it true!]


“Where did you hear about it?” After mixing the ingredients, I noticed the message on the screen while sifting, and suddenly saw this question.


[Gossip media…]


Are the gossip media chasing this kind of news now?


I kept stirring the dough, and said vaguely: “Everyone should pay attention to the production process of macarons…”


[There is a situation, not denying so it is true!]


[Let’s have an Omega as cute as Momo! I want to marry him!]


I see the comments are getting more and more exaggerated, some simply call me “father-in-law”, and even don’t talk about the children, just concentrate on making macarons.


Fill the colored meringue into a piping bag, and squeeze them one by one onto a tray to form a standard circle with a diameter of 3cm.


Filling a baking tray, I straightened my waist and said to the audience behind the camera: “Let this set aside and let it dry naturally for half an hour.
We take advantage of this time to make the filling, because macarons are sweeter, and most of them are powdered sugar, so I suggest the filling be lighter.”


After making the filling, the macarons are almost dry, put them in the oven for fifteen minutes, and after they are out of the oven, you can see that each one is slightly bulging, revealing a symbolic circle “Skirt”.


I picked up to the close-up camera, pointed to the swollen side and said, “This is the key to testing the success of macarons.
If you don’t have them, you will fail.”


Halfway through, Song Bai Lao’s voice suddenly sounded at the door.


I listened to the action, I didn’t expect him to come back so early.


I was also quite worried about Luo Qinghe’s election campaign recently.
Although their father and son have always been at odds, Xia Sheng has always been the loyal financial support behind Luo Qinghe.
And if Luo Qinghe lost, the Ruan family would win, and Yanhua Century would definitely be even more powerful.
No matter from which point of view, they are a relationship of prosperity and loss.


“What did you do?” Song Bai Lao walked straight to me, completely ignoring the camera in front.


I was holding a freshly filled macaron in my hand.
Hearing this, I handed it over to him: “Try it.”


Song Bai Lao looked at the pink macaron on my hand, lowered his head and bit my hand into his mouth, the tip of his tongue even touched my finger.


I retracted my hand in palpitations and looked back at the message on the screen where the demons danced wildly.


[President Song is so handsome and petite!]


Song’s brows at the moment when he lowered his head were so bad for me, I can’t!]


[I have to wait for Momo to grow up! Otherwise, I can do it too, I’m Beta, I don’t choose! ]


[Damn, suddenly a little envious of Beta]


I saw that the more they talked, the more outrageous they were, and I quickly ended today’s live broadcast.


“That’s all for today, see you next time.” I hurriedly turned off the camera.


“It’s so sweet.” Suddenly an arm wrapped around my waist from behind, pulled me back, and leaned against a sturdy chest.


Song Bai Lao’s breath blew against my ear, and I felt shiver on the back of my neck.


“Because it has a lot of sugar, so it’s a little sweet…”


“I don’t like ‘girly breasts’,(It is macaron)” his lips inevitably touched my earlobe as he spoke, “I only like yours.”


I blinked, and the next moment I reacted, a stream of heat rushed from my neck all the way to the top of my head, and my entire face began to heat up.


“Your ears are so red…” He hooked my chin and asked me to look at him, and said in a tone of hypocritical doubt, “Why are you so red? Obviously you don’t have a fever.”


I stared at him and said nothing.


“Don’t look at others with this look in the future.” He lowered his eyes and gradually pressed them up, “They will misunderstand…”


The last words were between his lips and teeth.


I closed my eyes, and the fingers gripping my arm tightened involuntarily.


Liang Qiu Yang once said that my appearance and personality were seriously inconsistent, and Song Bai Lao always felt that I was seducing people all the time.
I became curious myself, what did I look like? Do you want to carry a small mirror with you in the future, and take it out to take a look at this time and learn about expression management?


After all, it’s a kitchen where people come and go, Song Bai Lao didn’t go too far.
When I was about to breathe, he kindly let me go, and then he watched me make the rest of the macarons right next to me.


I was a little uncomfortable, bit my head and put the macarons in the refrigerator while he watched, and then the phone rang.


Before connecting, I glanced at the caller, it was Han Yin.
We haven’t been in touch since the last time we parted from the hospital.


Song Bai Lao was close to the phone, so he naturally saw the caller’s name.


“I don’t know what she asked me to do…” Thinking of the last time Han Yin came to interview me at home, he had lost his temper when he saw it, and he felt a little guilty.


“Oh.” Song Bai Lao nodded, with a look of “I understand that you don’t need to explain”, “It’s been ringing for a long time, please pick it up.” The positivity is frightening.


I picked it up hesitantly, and when I heard it, it was indeed Han Yin, but to my surprise, she was not looking for me.

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