The next morning, when I woke up, Song Bai Lao was nowhere to be seen.


After washing up, I went downstairs and saw him and Song Mo eating at the table.


“I thought it would take a while for you to get up.” Aunt Jiu saw me coming down, and put the tableware in the place I used to sit.


There are seven or eight kinds of dim sum and a pot of fresh vegetable porridge on the table, and in front of Song Bai Lao is a plate of muffins that I made yesterday.
He has porridge in his bowl and muffins in his hand, combining Chinese and Western, salty and sweet, and eating very happily.


As soon as I pulled the seat and sat down, I heard Song Bai Lao suddenly say, “You’ve already eaten.”


I thought he was talking to me, but when I sat down, I saw that he was holding the side of the muffin plate with his fingers.
He dragged it in front of him, while Song Mo maintained the gesture of reaching out and grabbing it, his face full of grievances.


“I just ate one…” Song Mo withdrew his hand and looked at the plate of muffins that Song Bai Lao took away with hot eyes.


“Children, don’t eat so many sweets.” Song Bai Lao ignored his son’s accusing gaze, finished eating the one in his hand, and picked up a new one from the plate to eat.


“Then why can Dad?”


“Because…” Song Bai Lao thought for a while, and said nonsense in a serious manner, “My teeth are very good, I’m not afraid of cavities.” He deliberately bared his teeth at Song Mo.


Sure enough, it is white and bright, and it looks particularly strong.


Song Mo was stunned, staring at the other side blankly, not knowing how to refute.
His lips twitched a few times, and for a long time he could only utter a pitiful “Oh”, then he bowed his head in frustration and went to eat porridge obediently.


After breakfast, Song Bai Lao wiped his mouth and got up to leave.


“Today, the case between Xia Sheng and Yanhua Century is in court, and I may not be able to come back until tonight.” He adjusted the placket of his clothes and buttoned a suit button around his waist.


I just noticed that he was wearing a very formal dress today, with a black shirt and a black suit, with a dark blue striped tie, which made him tall with long legs and a gibbous waist.
He didn’t look like a company decision-maker, but rather like he was about to enter the shed.
Sexy male model making a poster.


“Got it,” I said.


He picked up the bite stopper, took a few steps, then backed up, and suddenly leaned over and kissed the end of my eye near my hair.


I closed my eyes and felt my face get hot in an instant.


Such non-aggressive intimacy is really new.
Obviously we’ve done everything we should, but those intense physical entanglements are far less exciting than this kiss.


Of course, yesterday was not bad…


“I’ll go.” Song Bai Lao said, putting on the bite stopper and walking towards the door.


My fingertips rubbed the faintly hot ends of my eyes, and I didn’t look back until his back disappeared from view.


There was still a muffin left on the plate, I pushed it towards Song Mo and whispered, “Don’t let Dad know about it, eat it quickly.”


Song Mo’s eyes lit up, and his happy little body twisted.


The commercial infringement lawsuit between Xia Sheng and the Ruan family is called a major case of the last century.
There are countless people who are concerned about this case, from the political circles to the business circles to ordinary people.
Earlier, as a key figure in this incident, Zhang Shi Kuan, a former Xia Sheng researcher suspected of stealing confidential technology, has also been “invited to drink tea” in the name of assisting the investigation.


Various media were blocked at the door of the court, and they were broadcasting live broadcasts one after another.


Before Song Bai Lao’s car stopped, a large number of media rushed forward.
The bodyguards roared and told them to back off, but the enthusiastic reporters could not hear them.
The moment Song Bai Lao got out of the car, countless microphones and flashes of lights turned the scene into a press conference for a movie.
If there is a red carpet under your feet, it will be more like.


Song Bai Lao strode into the court door like a king, while the lawyer beside him kept greeting the media and said he had no comment.


It didn’t take long for a group of them to go in, and a Maybach came after them.
The media repeated the sprint just now, and rushed to the Maybach like a swarm.


The shaking picture made me feel a little dizzy.
I rubbed my forehead.
When I looked at it again, from the crowd, the camera captured a small half of Zhu Li’s face.


It turned out that it was him who represented the Ruan family in today’s lawsuit.
It seemed that Ruan Xiong Hua really trusted him.


Zhu Li maintains his usual style of being close to the people, and he always wears a smile on his face, like a friendly, gentle and knowledgeable Omega.


This is more and more like a red carpet show, and it’s all about acting.


When the Ruan family also entered the building, the media began to review the case and predict the direction of the incident outside the door.


I listened to it a bit, and when I felt bored, I turned off the TV.


Song Bai Lao came back very late that day.
I raised my eyelids and asked him how he was doing.
He said everything was going well, and he was just waiting for the verdict.
After I finished speaking, his fingers wrapped in the cold outside stroked my forehead.


I ducked in disgust, rubbed against the pillow, and closed my eyes.


Before falling asleep again, I seemed to hear a low chuckle in his ear.


Two days later, Song Xiao was discharged from the hospital.


When he was admitted to the hospital, he was on crutches, and when he was discharged, he was still on crutches, but one represented pain and the other represented new life, with completely different meanings.


Song Bai Lao took him to the mountain and checked into a guest room.
When he first saw Song Mo when he entered the room, he was almost speechless with excitement.


“He looks like Bai Lao when he was a child…”


He wanted to hug Song Mo, but Song Mo was too afraid, so he hid behind me and stuck firmly to my lap.


“What are you hiding?” Before I could say anything, Song Bai Lao took him out by the collar, just like he was carrying a chicken.


He picked Song Mo up, faced Song Xiao, and asked him to greet Song Xiao.


“Grandpa.” Song Mo called out in a low voice.


Song Mo was slow and introverted, but Song Xiao was someone who could melt the glacier Luo Qinghe, so he didn’t take this as a problem at all.


The grandparents and grandchildren started racing with remote control cars, and their relationship developed rapidly.
After half an hour, the yard was full of Song Mo’s screams and laughter.


Although the temperature is low, the sun is particularly good today, and it is warm on the body, and there is no wind.


After watching a few exciting matches between the two, I saw that Song Mo no longer showed fear of life, so I went back with confidence.


Looking up inadvertently, I saw Song Bai Lao resting on his arm with his chin on the roof of the building, his upper body lying on the guardrail, staring at a large and a small not far away.
There is a little envy in the look of calm, and less jealousy.


With a move in my heart, I entered the house and went straight to the rooftop.


When I pushed open the small door leading to the rooftop, he turned his head when he heard the movement and waved to me.


“Come here, you can see clearly from here.”


I walked over to take a look, and my field of vision was indeed much wider than the one below.
I could see the entire garden, and even two remote-controlled cars speeding fast one after the other on the grass cearly.


It’s almost like a VIP stand.


“Song Mo is such a lucky kid.
There are so many people rushing to love him.”


If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears, I wouldn’t have believed that Song Bai Lao said this.
So childish.


Like Zhu Li, he has never lacked admirers, and there are many people who live and die for him.


He is the one who should be envied and envied.


“You’re also very popular when you’re studying.”


“They love my pheromones, my family background, my appearance, not my character.” He looked back at me with a sullen expression.
Laughing, “Do you think I don’t know that I have a bad temper? They love only a part of me, not all of me, I know it all.” It turned out that he knew it all, and he was a little self-aware.


I sat beside him, leaned on the guardrail, raised my head and closed my eyes to feel the slight heat from the sun on my skin.


This weather is really suitable for taking a nap, especially the refreshing scent of sweet-scented osmanthus on the nose, which is really soothing.


“Uncle Xiao also loves you very much, and it must be the ‘all’ of you.
He actually tried very hard to make up for you, give him a chance?”


Song Bai Lao didn’t say anything for a long time, and I started to drum in my heart.
I just heard him say, “Do you know how Song Mo got here?”


I looked at him, not quite sure: “You and Xia Yanchi were born?”


“Do you think that I was covetous of the Xia family’s property, that’s why I was born? Will you have a baby with your step-brother?”


I silently lowered my eyes and dared not speak, I did say so when I was arguing with him.


Last time, Xia Huainan also mentioned Song Mo, and said that he was the bottom line and the “step back” of the Xia Luo family.
At that time, I was completely immersed in the other party’s arrogant declaration.
In hindsight, this statement was full of strangeness.


“Song Mo is indeed the child of Xia Yanchi and I.” The smile on Song Bai Lao’s lips became colder, “Luo Qinghe and Xia Qiao can’t have any more children, the old things of the Luo family and Xia family put their minds on the two of us.
We wanted to give birth to a child with two bloodlines.
I was just a sophomore at the time, and I couldn’t think of this ridiculous proposal, and I didn’t even think about rejecting it.
But Xia Yanchi felt that his time was short, and he wanted to be in this world.
I left something, and I agreed.”


I held my breath, suddenly thinking of Song Bai Lao’s unusually fierce attitude when he received the flash memory disk that Xia Qiao sent him.
Xia Qiao felt sorry for him, maybe not just because of intervening between Luo Qinghe and Song Xiao.



I remember Song Bai Lao said at that time: “Do you know what’s the most ridiculous thing about this? It’s that the old guys who locked them in a room more than ten years ago never felt that they did anything wrong, and even Luo Qinghe and Xia Qiao themselves…”


He didn’t say anything later, I always thought he wanted to say that even Xia Qiao and Luo Qinghe were numb and accept their fate and would not resist.
But it doesn’t seem to be the case now.
What he didn’t finish later is probably… Even Xia Qiao and Luo Qinghe, the two former victims, have now become the perpetrators.


I was horrified for a moment, and I sighed that the sun was pleasant not long ago, but now I feel chilly.


Song Bai Lao cradled his arms between his arms, his voice continued: “I thought that if I didn’t agree to this matter, there would be no more text, but I was wrong, it turns out that my wishes are not important.


“I was attacked without defense, forced to be tied to a bed, injected with tranquilizers, and then given an electric shock…”


“Electric shock?” It’s an unbearable thing, let alone such a blatant humiliation.

Although I was not at the scene, I can also imagine how furious he was when he woke up, fearing that the dragon had crossed the border and destroyed everything in sight.


After encountering my “design”, in the past two years, he was subjected to the “force” that he hated the most.
No wonder he always felt worse and more perverted when he met me again.


“I feel like a fish on a chopping block that can only be slaughtered.
If it wasn’t for Xia Yanchi’s body that might not be able to withstand the mark, maybe we would go back to the old ways of our fathers, estrus, mark, and then get married.
A year later, Xia Yanchi gave birth to Song Mo, but he died in childbirth.
This incident hit Xia Qiao hard, it made him unable to work, and even suffered from depression.”

Poor people must have something to hate, this curse is from the top one generation continues to the next, and everyone is deeply involved in it.


“After graduating from college, I took over Xia Sheng according to the agreement between the two.
When Song Mo was three years old, I never gave him a serious look.
He was raised by Xia Qiao, and I rarely saw him, and I didn’t want to see him.
Until I found out that he can’t speak, and his personality is also very problematic.” He frowned, “How can such a child inherit Xia Sheng? The child they calculated with so much effort turned into a waste.
I had a big quarrel with Luo Qinghe, and since then I have brought Song Mo to my side to raise him, and this is how I look like a ‘father’.”


Counting the time, he also started watching my live broadcast and secretly leaving messages from that time.
Afraid that it would be difficult to coax the children, he had to collect various audio stories on the Internet, and accidentally clicked into my live broadcast room.
Or feel depressed, express it online, and inadvertently choose my unremarkable live broadcast room among many entertainment anchors.


“Mo Mo has a good personality, don’t dislike him so much…” I whispered.


“Okay, okay, okay” Song Bai Lao said three “okay” in a very perfunctory manner.


“I often wonder, if I didn’t stay, but left with my mother, would I not have to suffer like this? He left me so that I could receive a better education and live a better life.
Never worry about money for a day, but I live like a stallion on a farm, not free and not happy.
He was absent when I needed him most, even if he says he loves me now, everything is for my good, I might not be able to trust him right away.” He suddenly reached out and squeezed my chin and lifted it slightly, while leaning closer, he whispered vaguely, “Just like you…”


Just as he was about to kiss my lips , I saw that the door of the rooftop seemed to move from the corner of my eye, and immediately pushed him away with a quick response.


“Ah…” Song Xiao stood at the entrance of the stairs, the door was halfway open, his face full of embarrassment, “I, I don’t know…”


Song Bai Lao was pushed by me and hit his back against the guardrail.
The center of his eyebrows was slowly raised and his eyes were unhappy.


Fortunately, the tone is still restrained: “Remember to knock on the door next time.”


It seems that the bridge of trust is not so easy to build for a while…

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