For the next few days, Song Bai Lao didn’t talk to me again, and he didn’t stay in the hospital very much.
Although this is reasonable according to his status, it is impossible to leave such a big company alone forever.
But people are not used to it, and they are used to being surrounded by cinnamon.
Suddenly, there is something subtle in my heart that is not clear, but it does exist… uncomfortable.


It was clear that I was the one who was angry, but he ignored me first, this popularity was too small.


On the day I was discharged from the hospital, Aunt Jiu came to pick me up, and Luo Meng Bai personally took me to the front of the car.


“The c20 in your body has been well suppressed, and I believe it will return to the latent state in a short time.” She had long hair and a full forehead, and she looked more heroic.
“It’s a miracle.”


I held the car door, smiled and said, “I hope it will help you in your research.”


“It’s very clear.
Maybe this is a gift from God.
God asked this child to help us get rid of the bondage of c20, maybe five or six years, or maybe ten or twenty years.
But human beings will not give in, and we can always find a way to win this battle.”


Her words were all “hope”, and I was excited to hear it, as if victory over c20 was just around the corner.


Back in Weijingshan, before his butt was hot, Liang Qiu Yang called to say he wanted to see me, and said he had something to give me.


He was mysterious, and he refused to tell me what kind of surprise he had prepared.
I pondered it all by myself, and even wondered if he was going to send me a wedding invitation.


After waiting for an hour, he finally came, holding a big box in his arms, and the muffin I made just happened to be fresh.


Blowing air, I moved the snack tray, and then brought it to Song Mo, who had been waiting for a long time.


“Be careful when eating, don’t get burned.”


Song Mo nodded obediently, holding it carefully, seeing Liang Qiu Yang calling “brother”, then sitting on the sofa watching the video while eating cake.


“It’s so heavy.” Liang Qiu Yang put the big box on the island, waved his hand and said, “I would have sent it to you if I knew it earlier.”


I took a look at the cardboard box with my fingers and found that it was actually a full box Assorted envelopes.


“What’s this?” I picked up one and opened it.
Inside was a cute pink greeting card with white clouds and rainbows painted on the front and “I wish you a speedy recovery, and we’ll go to Yang Yang’s concert later.”


“I asked the fans to write you a blessing.” Liang Qiu Yang grinned, showing his white teeth, “My agent said, it’s called ‘wish power’, the more people pray, the easier it will be to get your wish.
God heard it.
I made tens of thousands of comments in the state where everyone blesses you.
God must have heard it.
You will be fine, and the child will be born safely.”


This little ancestor usually looks carefree, but from time to time he will do one or two things that make me feel very soft, such as paying for the tattoo fee for me when I met by chance, and now mobilizing fans to pray for me.


He dialed the greeting card in the box and said, “I can’t do anything else, I can only do something and I don’t know if it’s useful.
My grandfather and mother both died because of c20.
As long as it’s possible, I don’t want you.
I have something to do.”


He was really a tear jerking little prince today, and if he did this, I couldn’t help crying while hugging him.


“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” I blinked away the heat in my eyes and handed him the muffin on the table, “I just made it, do you want to eat it?”


The topic started to gossip.


Leaning on the cooking table, Liang Qiu Yang tore the muffin shell paper in his hand and said: “Wu Qian stopped all performing arts a while ago, saying that she would adjust herself, give herself a long vacation, and then return in a better state.
This rhetoric is also a lie.
Lies outsiders, everyone in the circle knows that she is too hurt to work properly, so she can only escape from the country to relax.”


I put all the kitchen utensils I used into the dishwasher, and scolded Zhu Li again in my heart.
commit a sin.


Counting the days, Ruan Linghe has been receiving Song Bai Lao’s emails for many days.
I don’t know if he has any seizures.
But even if he knew Zhu Li’s true face, it would be impossible for him and Wu Qian, just like Song Xiao and Luo Qinghe, destined to have no relationship.
On those few days of each month, he had to spend the estrus period with Zhu Li because of the mark, and it was a hardship to think about.


“By the way, what about Song Bai Lao?”


After wiping the island’s, I lowered my eyes and said, “I don’t know, I haven’t seen him for a few days.”


Liang Qiu Yang was quiet for a while, and asked me in a serious tone: “Ning Yu, in fact, I have I just wanted to ask you.
Have you been able to forget the person who hurt you back then?”


The person who hurt me back then?


I looked up and looked at him, not quite understanding.


He glanced at my lower abdomen and said in a low voice, “The one who made you… seven years ago.”


After a few seconds, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t explained this to him.


I wiped the already clean island back and forth, not daring to look at him: “Actually… In fact, Song Bai Lao is that person.”


For about a minute, I didn’t hear Liang Qiu Yang say anything.


I looked at the opposite side uneasily, and found that he just opened his mouth like that, and stared at me with a frown without blinking, a little annoyed in shock.


I smiled at him flatteringly: “I’m sorry…”


He was like a balloon inflated to its limit, about to explode, and because of my “I’m sorry”, he slowly deflated and returned to a safe range.


“No wonder.” He sighed, and seemed to understand something that he couldn’t figure out, “You seemed very happy at the time, but it wasn’t full of joy, it was just… complicated, a little bit looking forward to it, a little bit happy, and a little bit scared.
It turns out that you two had disputes seven years ago, even having children.”


I couldn’t understand when he said “then”.


When Liang Qiu Yang saw me like this, he clicked his tongue and performed it directly in front of me.


He half-drooped his eyes, twitched his lips and smiled, looking very tender: “If there is a place where I can stop and rest for a while, I really want to go.”


I remember this, when I was going to marry Song Bai Lao I told him…but did I look like this at the time?


Expectation, unease, and more joy, as Liang Qiu Yang said, looks very happy.


I laughed, “I’m not like that.”


“You have.” Then he played it again, this time with more exaggeration and a hint of embarrassment.


He shouldn’t sing, he should act, maybe he can win the best actor.


Liang Qiu Yang’s schedule was hectic, and after half an hour, he was urged away by a phone call from his manager.


After taking him to the door, when he entered the house again, Song Mo held his tablet in front of me and said that he wanted to watch my video, but he couldn’t find it.



I took a look and found that there was a major update to the software, and it was time for a revision, so that he could not find the previous “favorites”.


Sitting down on the sofa, I swiped the screen, slowly groping how to use the new version of Amber, and accidentally clicked the “Message” button.


I originally wanted to return immediately, but when I saw the previous messages from this account, my fingers stopped in the air, and the whole thing was a little stunned.


[Sweet at first glance]


[Is Ning Yu your real name?]


[Don’t open cans like that]


[What did I say? Stop the bleeding soon!]


This is obviously not Song Mo’s tone, I swiped down unconsciously and saw more messages.


[The muffins you make are always too sweet]


[Kick him out.
Can’t you see he’s teasing you? Or do you enjoy it?]


[You are so useless]


Sometimes very picky, sometimes very arrogant, mixed in the comments of everyone, at first glance, it is like a black fan.



I can’t say 100%, but I can be 90% sure, this is Song Bai Lao.


I found that he left comments on almost all of my live videos until…three months before our reunion, the behavior suddenly disappeared.


[It’s over.]


This is his last message.


I counted the time, it happened to be the time when he and the Zhu family were talking about their marriage.
Not long after, Chang Xingze settled in Amber, and I got involved in the plagiarism scandal.
Zhu Li designed Ruan Ling and marked himself, and then Song Bai Lao joined the marriage object.
I was replaced.


Let Song Mo find out the video in the collection.
I can’t see my face in the picture and I am stirring a bowl of cream, saying that I want to make a matcha mille crepe cake.


The new feature after the revision of Amber is that you can display your own message separately in the favorite video.


I clicked on this function and saw that as the video progressed, pop-up screens kept popping up.


After that, I watched my own live video with Song Mo all afternoon.
It wasn’t really interesting, but it wasn’t.


It’s just… kind of weird.


I thought the first time we met after seven years was not the first time.


If I hadn’t stumbled across these messages today, I might have been kept in the dark for the rest of my life.


Song Bai Lao didn’t come back until nine o’clock in the evening.
Song Mo was playing flying chess with me after dinner.
When P saw he’s calling him, he immediately rubbed his eyes and said he was sleepy.


I asked sister Aunt Jiu to carry him back to the room to sleep, and out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Song Bai Lao go upstairs without a word.


Looking at his back, my eyes suddenly narrowed, and I noticed that there was a white thing under the collar on the back of his neck, which looked like a piece of gauze.


I haven’t seen this thing a few days ago.


I quickly chased after him, and when he pushed open the door, he was standing in the dim light with his back to me, his coat off the bed, and was unbuttoning his cuffs.


There was no layer of clothing, and the distance was closer, so I could see the white piece on his neck more clearly, it was indeed gauze.


“What’s wrong with your back?”


Song Bai Lao labored for a moment, turned his face halfway to look at me, his face wearing a bite stopper looked a little indifferent under the moonlight outside the window.


“Are you referring to this?” He pressed his palm on the gauze, “actually nothing…”

As he spoke, he unbuttoned his shirt one by one, and tucked the shirt down to his elbow, revealing firm muscles.
Broad back.


I saw white gauze covering all the way from the back of the neck along the spine, and it seemed to extend all the way to the back of the waist.


“I just made a small tattoo…” He said in a low voice, grabbed the gauze with his backhand, and tore it off with brute force, revealing what was covered underneath.



On the wheat-colored back, two lines of Sanskrit descended along the spine, and the skin was still red and swollen, apparently it had just been tattooed.


I opened my mouth, but I didn’t expect him to disappear for two days, and it turned out to be a tattoo.


“This is…”


I only had time to see that the line of Sanskrit seemed to be tattooed on the tailbone, and he turned around before I took a closer look.


“This is the Great Confession.
My ‘Confession’.”

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