Under the suppression of the hospital’s own security, the riots in the consultation hall were quickly brought under control.


Luo Meng Bai put his hands in the white coat and came from outside the gate.
The gold-rimmed glasses on his face reflected a cold light, calmly commanding the crowd.


“Those who are injured should be treated first, those who are not injured will be handed over directly when the police arrive, and those who resist will be stunned.”


Behind her, Li Xun pooped out his head, and ran towards us after a while.


Song, Mr.
Ning, are you all right?”


Xia Sheng and Yanhua Century’s commercial infringement case is about to begin.
This morning, Xia Sheng held a question-and-answer session with the media.
Song Bai Lao said yesterday that he might not be back until the afternoon, so he just listened to Han When the voice said the parade was in chaos, I thought he was going to be stuck in the road.


Unexpectedly, not only did he not get blocked, but he also rescued me and the nurse in distress like a miraculous soldier.


I don’t know whether to say that I am lucky, or that there is some unique feeling between me and him.


“It’s alright.” I noticed just now that Li Xun was barefoot, holding the high heels directly in his hand, and asked her, “Why don’t you wear shoes?”


Li Xun quickly put on his shoes, his temples were thin: “I ran too fast just now.
Song knew that the parade was chaotic.
He was afraid that the hospital would also have an accident, so he got out of the car and ran over.
It was inconvenient for me to wear high heels, so I took off my shoes.”


No wonder the two were panting like this.
Abandoned the car and ran.


When I went to see Song Bai Lao, he looked away unnaturally, and said to Li Xun, “Send Mr.
Ning back to the ward first, I’ll be there later.” After saying that, he glanced at me, turned and walked towards Luo Meng Bai.


After Li Xun finished putting on his shoes, he and the nurse supported me from left to right, as if they were treating a critically ill patient, they “framed” me back to the ward.


Song kept calling your cell phone in the car.
At first no one answered, but then a nurse finally answered, saying that you went to check up and didn’t come back.
Before hanging up, Mr.
Song opened the door and got out of the car, and I chased after him.
It’s too late.” She carefully helped me to lie down on the bed, recalling what happened just now, “There are many people lying on the road, I don’t know whether they are injured or dead, it’s quite scary.”


As Song Bai Lao’s secretary, Li Xun has always been calm, what? Haven’t seen the big scene? She said “scary”, the scene should be more tragic.


She sat down on the sofa beside my bed: “Actually, I’m here to show you the decoration effect of ‘Xu Mei Ren’.
The whole project is almost completed, only the final wasteland cleaning is needed.” He took out a tablet and handed it to me, “Since your current body is not suitable for touching the newly renovated store, Mr.
Song asked someone to make a 3D model using VR technology.
Do you like it?”


The screen lit up, and the new “Xu Mei Ren” appeared in front of me.
My fingertips slowly slid across the screen, and I didn’t breathe lightly.


She even asked me if I liked it?


I don’t like it, I’m just overjoyed.


Bright and simple industrial design, neat shelving against the wall, stunning island cabinets, and…every baker’s dream, world-class luxury workspace.


Fresh-keeping cabinets, electric ovens, and various food processing machines are all top brands that I could only drool over at the pictures in the past.
Roughly estimated, the decoration cost of this workshop alone may exceed one million.


In addition to the 10 million spent on the shop before, it may not be possible to earn back a lifetime of cakes.


“Do you like it?” Li Xun asked me again with a little nervousness in his tone.


I looked back and forth at every corner of the workshop, looked up and smiled at her: “I like it very much, thank you.”


Li Xun covered his chest and breathed a sigh of relief: “If you like it.”


She seemed to suddenly remembered something, she turned sideways in the bag and pulled out a cowhide bag and handed it to me.


“This is also for you.
President Song negotiated with the people of the association for a long time, and it was finally delivered yesterday.”


I unseal the seal in confusion and took out a thin piece of paper.


When I saw the content on the paper, I was stunned, and then my fingertips began to tremble.


This is a baker’s certificate.


It has my name, age, identity information, and a certificate of baker stamped with the red seal of the association.


Previously, after Chang Xingze and Xiang Ping lost their lawsuits, the association only informed me that I could retake the certificate because of public opinion and did not want to lose face, but the previous one could not be restored.


The exam was not difficult for me, and it took a while at most, so I did not continue to appeal.


And now, they actually sent me a new certificate?


Only those who have dealt with the association will know how rigid and arrogant they are and how tough their attitudes are.
Song Bai Lao can talk to them without knowing how much words it takes…


I caressed the words on the certificate cherishly, and in a trance, The person in mind pushed the door and walked in.


Song Bai Lao should have cleaned up his appearance, wiped off the blood on his face and hands, and his hair was back to order.


Li Xun stood up, gave him his seat, and said respectfully: “I have already completed all the things you explained.
If there is nothing else, I will leave first.”


Song Bai Lao nodded lightly: “Let the driver go around the back door to pick you.”


Li Xun promised him with a smile, and hurried out the door.


There were only me and Song Bai Lao left in the ward.
He stood by the bed and his eyes fell on the certificate in my hand.


“Do you like it?”


I couldn’t tell for a moment whether he asked whether it was Xu Mei Ren’s decoration, the certificate in my hand, or everything he did for me.


However, no matter what it is, normal people will not “dislike” it, right?


I nodded and said softly, “Um”: “Li Xun said that you have been negotiating with the association for a long time, how could they finally let go?”


Song Bai Lao sneered with disdain when he heard the words, sat down and said, “Sponsor them.
There are no less than 20 competitions, trainings, and conferences held every year, lasting for three years.”


It’s too dark, 20 games, how can it cost millions… The lion opened his mouth.


The thin certificate in his hand became heavy in an instant.
Three million yuan in one gold brick could smash anyone to death.
Suddenly, I wanted to ask Song Bai Lao to return the certificate.
After all, I will take the test myself, and I only need to spend a few hundred registration fees.




However, when I met Song Bai Lao’s deep dark eyes, I couldn’t say anything again.
Intuitively, if I really let him go back, he might be angry, very angry.


“What?” he asked with raised eyebrows when he saw me talking halfway through.


“Thank you.” After a while, I decided to change my tune.


A fleeting, almost “gentle” smile appeared on his lips, but I blinked and disappeared again.


For a moment, I couldn’t tell if it was my illusion, or if he was pretending to be calm.


Although the turmoil in the consultation hall quickly subsided, it was still on the evening news following the march and riot.


The Sanatorium and Hospital is the property of the Luo family.
Today, the Beta affirmative action organization participated in this matter.
The reporter directly contacted Luo Qinghe’s spokesperson and wanted to know his opinion on this matter.
He declined an interview on grounds.


“Trash.” Song Bai Lao suddenly uttered the words with unknown meaning.


I stopped to eat and looked at him on the other side of the table in confusion.


In this hospitalization, because the floor where the ward is located completely prohibits the entry of unmarked Omegas, Song Bai Lao can dine with me without wearing a bite stop all the time.


“Deliberately creating conflicts and increasing one’s own approval rating is one of the methods that politicians often use.” He stretched out the tip of his chopsticks and pointed at the parade on TV.
“It is also a common trick to defeat opponents.”


I was surprised and lowered my voice .
“Could it be Luo… intentional?”


When I saw the parade scene, I understood what Li Xun meant when he said “very scary”.
All kinds of flags, clothes and shoes were scattered everywhere on the ground.
The ground was covered with blood.
Many people lay there motionless, and their companions hugged them helplessly and cried out for help.


It is not an exaggeration to describe it as “disaster scene”.


If all this is really premeditated, it would be terrible.


“I don’t know.
There are a total of four seats in Xiangtan, three of which are occupied by major parties, and only the last seat is for other parties to compete for.
Ruan Xiong Hua and Luo Qinghe are actually competing for this seat.
In order to win, they can do whatever they can.” After speaking, his expression became a little light, “Sacrificing the interests of some people is for the sake of greater interests.
This is what we have been taught since childhood.”


This “we” may include him, Luo Qinghe, and Ruan Xiong Hua, Ruan Linghe, and even in a big family like them, there are many other children.


But the benefits obtained afterward are certainly considerable, but who should the people who are sacrificed now turn to?


“You don’t agree.”


My expression might be too obvious for Song Bai Lao to see right through it.


Poking the rice in the bowl, I simply admitted it generously: “Yes, I don’t agree.
Although I know that many rules in this world operate in ways that I don’t agree with, this doesn’t prevent me from ‘disagreement.” Song Bai Lao’s light laughter came from my ear


“Like the mark between A and O?”


I don’t know if he was laughing at my naive thoughts, or if he simply thought my words made him happy.


“It’s still different from what we just said.”


“Oh? What’s the difference?”


I looked up at him: “The difference between natural disasters and man-made disasters.
Natural disasters cannot be controlled, but man-made disasters can be avoided.”


Song Bai Lao was stunned for a moment, and suddenly burst into uncontrollable laughter, as if I told a funny joke.


“Well said, natural and man-made disasters…” After a long while, he finally stopped and wiped the water from the end of his eyes, “But you are wrong.
The premise that man-made disasters can be avoided depends on whether those in power are willing to give have a chance.
If they don’t want to, then you can’t avoid it.”


I frowned: “Power… do you mean people like you?”


He snorted: “Sometimes, I may I am the one who holds the power, but I am not the king of this world, there will always be someone with more power than me.
The sacrifice I have made, you may not be able to imagine.” He pointed, halfway his face, The lines of the jaw and neck were revealed, and the finger pulps scratched from under the ears to the collarbone, leaving four light red marks, “Because of this place, my shackles are not as simple as a bite stopper.”


That’s the Alpha gonad.
Where, to put it more bluntly, where pheromones are secreted.


Song Bai Lao said in a tone that I couldn’t tell whether it was a joke or a serious one: “Sometimes I really want to cut it off.”


Since the specific effects of pheromones on A and O are still unknown, and whether it is related to the immunity of c20 , and no hospital dares to do surgery to remove the glands.


This involves medical ethics.
Just like human cloning, it is still a restricted area.


I swallowed my saliva and said in a stunned manner: “Don’t be impulsive…”


This is the neck, and if there is a mistake, it will be lost.


Song Bai Lao looked at me, his eyes moved slightly, he suddenly swept away the gloomy face, and said, “Don’t worry, just think about it, I won’t really cut it.”


After he finished speaking, he lowered his head again and focused on eating, I stared at the red marks on his neck , but a little tasteless.


If you have an idea, you have a plan to put it into action, otherwise you won’t think about it.


His light-hearted words made me have a knot in my heart.

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