Song Bai Lao fiddled with his mobile phone beside me after making a call, and it took half an hour to do so.
I waited left and right to see him, and I couldn’t restrain my curiosity, so I asked, “What email?”


He didn’t look up at me: “Why is the stupid hamster being selected, targeted, and captured by the poisonous snake.”


It ‘s a wonderful email…


“Don’t he like to play with people’s hearts?” Song Bai Lao stopped his movements and raised his eyes slightly to look at me, “Then I’ll play with him.”


This incident made him very excited, not to mention endless death, but he should also have a fight.


I stuttered secretly, and asked him again: “How is Uncle Xiao these days? I want to go see him.”


The fever started at night and it lasted for several days.
In the past two days, I finally got better.
I was thinking about when to see him, and I was hospitalized again.


Song Bai Lao straightened up and stuffed the phone back into his pocket.


“You’re not doing well yourself, what are you looking at?” There was still a trace of hostility in the brow that seemed to have just come down from the battlefield of the corpse mountain and the sea of ​​fire.


I shrugged, and discussed it: “Then I’ll go and see him, okay?”


He stared at me closely, and instead of answering, he asked, “Are you afraid of me?”


“…No.” This is not fear , which is a stress response.


He opened his mouth, clearly looking like he was going to scold someone in the next moment, but he said it in an extraordinarily bland, even helpless way: “Okay.”


I was stunned for a while before I realized that he was answering my last sentence talk.


It has been almost a month since the sutures were removed on my right hand.
I will stretch when I have something to do.
Now, except for the pain when I hold it tightly, I have basically recovered my hand function.


Looking at the sky outside the window, I held my right wrist with my left hand, and my fingers kept repeating the movement of making a fist.
In fact, I understand that Luo Meng Bai’s words do not mean that the alarm is lifted, but I still have a feeling of sudden relief in my heart.


Only now did I realize that no matter how open-minded and fearless I was before, the shadow of death would always hang over my head, which made me feel a lot of pressure.


“By the way, I named the child ‘Ning Xi’, which is the ‘Xi’ of Chen Xi.”


Thinking that the child is half of Song Bai Lao, I should also talk to him.
Unexpectedly, he was silent for a few seconds, before he said “oh”, and then said, “Song Ning Xi is also good, it sounds very nice.”


“…” This time it was me who was quiet.


Wait, who said the child was going to be named Song?


I looked at him: “You, don’t you have the surname of Uncle Xiao?”


Is it possible that my child can also… right? I don’t dare to say it too clearly, so I have to keep it vague.


“Because Luo Qinghe left the Luo family at that time, and he didn’t want his child to be labeled as the Luo family again, so I took my mother’s surname.” Song Bai Lao smiled, “Do you want the child to be named Luo?”


Although Luo Ningxi is also very nice, but let’s not, and I didn’t mean it that way…


I looked at his smiling face, and suddenly felt a chill down my spine, raising an unnamed sense of crisis.


“No,” I said, “Just… Song Ningxi.”


Forget it, it doesn’t matter who the surname is, even no surname is fine, as long as the child is healthy and happy.


The corners of Song Bai Lao’s lips evoked a slight smile, but he quickly suppressed it.


I suddenly felt that I had been fooled and fell into some calculated language trap.


It’s almost the same as the classic “window theory”.
When you say you want to open the window, people always don’t allow it, but once he proposes to remove the roof, he is willing to open the window again – he said that he wants to be named “Song”, I am reluctant, but once he advocates that he should not be named “Luo” “, I can only compromise on the surname “Song”.


Isn’t this exactly the same?


When I woke up the next morning, the nurse took my temperature again.
It was 37 degrees, and it was almost back to normal.


Song Bai Lao needed a video for an important meeting today, so he specially borrowed the hospital conference room and was not in the ward at the moment.


While he was away, I decided to visit Song Xiao.


He is in the Department of Orthopedics, on the 10th floor of the inpatient building, only two floors away from where I am.
Song Xiao’s ward was not far from the elevator entrance.
As soon as I stepped out of the elevator, I heard the familiar ukulele sound echoing in the corridor.


It seems that he is in good spirits today and can play the guitar.


Walking in the direction of the ward, I suddenly stopped in surprise, because at the door of Song Xiao’s ward, I saw an unexpected figure.


Luo Qinghe stood outside the door with an expressionless face, did not go in, but quietly watched everything inside through the glass on the door.
If it weren’t for the blinking of his eyes, I would have thought this was a finely crafted sculpture.


His height and posture are actually easy to recognize, but in order to make sure it is really him, I walked closer, almost three meters away from him.
It wasn’t a short distance, but it wasn’t long either.
He could spot me with just a glance, and he did spot me.


He turned his head to look at me, looked at me for two seconds, then glanced at the people in the ward, and then motioned for me to follow.


When I passed the ward, I glanced inside.
Song Xiao seemed to be teaching the young man in the next room how to play the ukulele.
Both of them were very focused and didn’t notice the situation outside the door.


Luo Qinghe stopped at the entrance of the stairs, and the first sentence he said was: “Don’t tell him I’ve been here.”


To be honest, I don’t quite understand what he’s doing.


“Why? Uncle Xiao will be very happy to know that you are here.”


Song Xiao still calls him a “lover”, and feels guilty for him.
He should love him.
Only when the rest of the relationship is difficult, will you be so unforgettable.


Luo Qinghe looked at me indifferently and said, “There’s no reason.
I can’t explain the matter with him in a few words, and it’s hard for outsiders to understand.”


When I asked, I didn’t actually give much hope.
After all, Luo Qinghe didn’t seem to know anything.
People who tell the truth from my heart.
If he doesn’t say it, I can’t force him to say it.


“I see, I won’t tell him.” I promised him and turned to leave.


“I heard Meng Bai say that you are going to give birth to a child.”


When he suddenly mentioned the child, I was a little wary.
I stopped and turned around to stare at him without speaking.


He cross-examined me, “Is it worth it to risk your life to give birth?”


It seemed that Song Bai Lao had given a gag order to Luo Meng Bai after I returned to Xiangtan, so Luo Qinghe probably didn’t know about c20 yet.
Maybe I was hospitalized repeatedly for a while.
He thought it was because of a dangerous pregnancy.


“If you ask Uncle Xiao now, is it worth risking your life to give birth to a child? He will definitely tell you: ‘It’s worth it’.”


Luo Qinghe’s eyes flickered after hearing the words, and after a while, he said, “That stinky boy If you have a complete fallout with me, you probably won’t listen to me anymore.” The “stinky boy” in his mouth can only be Song Bai Lao, “If you want to listen to me, listen to me, if you don’t listen to me, just treat it as if I didn’t say it.
Even if you give birth to the child safely, the Xia family will not sit idly by.
The big family is so intertwined that some people may not show up at ordinary times and have nothing to do with you.
When it comes to the lintel, these people will immediately jump out to break your spine and make you pay an unforgettable price for your mistakes.”


I shivered for no reason, and my skin started to get goosebumps.


He is sharing his experience.
Back then, in order to be with Song Xiao, he abandoned his family and surname, and the price he paid was blood and tears, which can only be described as “painful”.


They “interrupted” his spine and forced him to submit to his people and confess his crimes.


Luo Qinghe paused for a while, and when he spoke again, his tone was as usual: “The next few months, the election will be in full swing, and I don’t have that much time to take care of you.
Remember, don’t cause trouble.”


I understand his subtext, don’t make trouble for Song Bai Lao, and most importantly, don’t make trouble for him.



He straightened his clothes and walked downstairs.
After a few steps, he seemed to remember something.
He turned around and said, “Also, take care of Song Mo.”


I can ignore his other words, but I can’t ignore this sentence.


“I will.
If you don’t tell me, I will too.”


Luo Qinghe gave me a deep look, turned and left along the stairs.


Before returning to Song Xiao’s ward, the guitar teaching was still going on.


“This tone should be dialed faster… No, press it like this… Hey, why is it so hard to teach a child to be smart?”


When I opened the door, I heard Song Xiao’s words as if he had run out of patience.


The face he had already taught tended to be hideous, and when he looked up and saw it was me, he immediately put on an expression of kindness and surprise.


“Why are you here, Ning Yu?” He was sitting on the bed, only one foot could be bent, and the other was standing there straight.


Seeing someone coming, the big boy next to the hospital bed stood up quickly and gave me the sofa seat.


“Uncle, then I’ll go back and practice by myself.” He shook the ukulele in his hand and said.


“Okay.” Song Xiao waved at him, and when he saw someone leaving the door, he turned his head and complained to me in a low voice, “He can’t play the song, he said he want to propose to his girlfriend for Christmas, and if he sing like this, If I was his girlfriend, I won’t marry him.”


I couldn’t help laughing, in fact, I just heard it and thought it was okay, not bad, of course, it was worse than Song Xiao.


“Bai Lao said that the c20 in your body was temporarily suppressed, is it true?” He took an orange bedside table and gave it to me, saying it was very sweet.


I took it, patted my stomach twice, and said, “Yes, it’s all up to him.”


Song Xiao also peeled an orange, and laughed when he heard the words: “This is a lucky child, and there will be no danger.
All was well.”


I ate two oranges and one pear at his place.
I heard him talk about a lot of interesting things I encountered in photography in the past, and I also heard him talk about the habits of various birds.


“Why didn’t you tell me when you left the ward?” He said sternly, breathing a little too fast.


I stood up from the seat subconsciously, feeling a little guilty: “Because…because you’re in a meeting.”


Song Bai lao seemed to be choked up by my answer, and was instantly dumbfounded.


Song Xiao’s eyes shuttled back and forth between me and Song Bai Lao, breaking the embarrassment in time: “Ah, Ning Yu, you should go back and rest early.
I’m tired after teaching guitar all morning, and I plan to catch up on sleep.”


I nodded, I heard that he was going to let me go down the steps, so I went down.


“Then I’ll see you another day.” I waved at him and walked towards Song Bai Lao at the door.


Song Bai Lao didn’t care whether I would keep up or not.
When he saw me coming, he turned around and left, always three steps away from me.


We walked to the elevator entrance one after another like this.
I saw him stop and said, “I met your dad today.”


I promised Luo Qinghe not to tell Song Xiao, but I didn’t promise not to tell anyone else.


Song Bai Lao’s back was visibly tensed, and he frowned and turned his head to ask me, “What did he say to you again?” His tone was not good, suppressing his anger.


I beat a drum in my heart and said truthfully: “It’s nothing, just tell me not to tell Uncle Xiao that he’s been here.”


Song Bai Lao was stunned for a while.


“Hypocritical.” After a long while, he snorted coldly.


The evaluation is accurate.

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