In the disturbing silence, Song Bai Lao’s lazy voice sounded again.

“Your seduction skills are too clumsy, aren’t you?”

I froze, looking up from his arms, just in line with his drooping eyes.

His pupils were as black as ink, and his facial features appeared darker and less warm in the dim light.

“Can’t wait to dedicate yourself?” When he spoke, his thin lips were slightly upturned, but it was by no means a friendly arc.

He thinks that I fell on purpose, so that I can give him a hug… This person has a bad temper, but his imagination is good.

“No…” I hurriedly struggled to get out of his embrace, stepped back a little, and stood an arm’s length away from him.

I stared at an indistinct pattern on the carpet and defended myself weakly: “I really just fell.”

He let out a cold snort of disdain from his nostrils, as if he was laughing at me and he would be stubborn until now.
Out of the corner of my eye, he flicked his shirt, as if to brush away the unsightly folds I had left on his clothes.

For the next ten seconds, neither of us spoke.
The time is extremely long because of the blank, which makes people restless.

I heard Song Bai Lao suppressed his impatience, and sighed heavily from his nose: “Then will you wear a tie?”

With a nervous finger twitching, I swallowed uneasily: “This is also… true.

He didn’t speak any more, walked in front of me, pulled the tie from my hand, raised my shirt collar not very gently, and even started to tie my tie for me.

I held my neck stiffly, letting him toss, not daring to move.
His eyes inevitably met my face, and I had to admit that even among the generally good-looking Alphas, Song Bai Lao’s face could still be called amazing.

Unlike Liang Qiu Yang’s delicacy, and Zhu Li’s immortal look, Song Bai Lao’s looks are more masculine and more aggressive.
If Liang Qiu Yang and Zhu Li are precious collections displayed in the museum, then Song Bai Lao is a magnificent scenery in nature.

It didn’t take a minute, and he skillfully tied the tie that I couldn’t do with all my tossing.

“Okay.” He adjusted the position of the tie so that it fit snugly against my chest.
I was finally able to breathe normally without deliberately holding my breath.

I saw his eyelids slightly raised, and quickly staggered his face, walked back to the bed and quickly put on the white suit jacket.
When I turned around, I saw that Song Bai Lao was still standing there, his eyes fixed on the front.
I just noticed that there was a full-length mirror behind me just now, and he was silently staring at his own reflection in the mirror.

“Come here.” He seemed to sense my gaze through the mirror, and ordered without looking back.

I walked over obediently, and he stepped aside a bit, motioning me to stand beside him.
I did, and the mirror immediately showed us standing side by side.

The same style of dress, he wears black, I wear white.
He was tall, handsome, and dazzling; I was pale, haggard, and cringed.

“Does it match?” he asked, looking at me in the mirror.

Not at all, even a little funny.

If he wants me to be ashamed, I don’t need to do it this way.
I’ve always been clear about what this marriage means to him and my role in it.

I looked away: “The clothes are a bit big.”

The dress on me should be made to the size of Zhu Li, and it fits on me like a child wearing an adult’s clothes, which is funny and ridiculous.

My reaction may have made him feel a little boring, Song Bai Lao looked at me in the mirror for a while, then turned to take off his coat, and did not continue to stab me.

“I’ll ask the tailor to make it a size smaller.” He threw his coat casually on the armrest, and leaned back on the sofa.

I stood at a loss for a while, thinking that this should mean “the end”, and took off my coat as I walked towards the bed.

“Do you know why I want to marry the Zhu family?”

I took off my clothes and looked at Song Bai Lao blankly.

He crossed his legs and rested his chin on the back of his hand: “In the industry field, Xia Sheng and Ruan’s family are also called two giants, and the Zhu family has begun to get involved in the industry in recent years.
I also need to draw new forces to fight against the Ruan family and break the deadlock, so it makes no difference to me whether it is the Zhu family or the Yang family.” He said lightly, the canine teeth looming under his thin lips, “Although you two brothers are not very good, business Marriage has nothing to do with wishes.
I hope that after marriage, you can abide by your duties, do what you should do, and don’t cause me trouble.
In this way, we may still be able to coexist peacefully.”

He said this bluntly, but it was very inaccurate.
But I didn’t seem to have any other choice but to nod my head in agreement.

“I see.” I turned my back to him and changed back to my clothes.
I was hesitating whether or not to fold the gowns I took off neatly.
Song Bai Lao, who was behind me, saw my intention and stopped me coldly.

“Just put it there, you can go.”

As if receiving amnesty, I straightened up and walked out, almost impatiently leaving the room with Song Bai Lao.

Secretary Li sent me downstairs, and I didn’t dare to look back until I walked out of the Xia Sheng Building.
The towering 28th floor, whether it is from the bottom to the top or the top to the bottom, should not be perceived by reason, but I feel strangely that a touch of eyes always falls on me from the high-rise building, lingering.

Obviously I just tried on a suit, but I was exhausted physically and mentally.
After returning home, the bowl of white jade noodles had already grown into a lump of dough.
Although it must be very hard to eat, I was hungry and tired, and I couldn’t give birth to the heart to start cooking again, so I could only eat this bowl of cold noodles.

After eating the noodles, I put down my chopsticks, put my palms on the bowl of residual soup in front of me, and clenched into a fist.

“Happy Birthday to me.”

I don’t really feel much about the day I was born.
In the past, when Master was here, I would celebrate my birthday.
After he left, I didn’t even remember much about it.
This year, I will think of eating a bowl of noodles, but I just want to make a birthday wish.

I put my forehead on my thumb, closed my eyes and said softly, “I hope my child will be healthy and safe.”

Over the past two decades, I have made only a handful of wishes, and even fewer have come true.
Seven years after he was born, I have not done anything for him, so I can only comfort myself in this way.
I always blame Ning Shi, but after all, I am not a competent father myself.

After finishing the dishes and taking a shower, it was already eleven o’clock in the evening.
I sat down at my desk, opened my diary with the key, and wrote down what happened today.

Since seven years ago, I have had the habit of keeping a diary.
All the thoughts that I can’t express during the day are kept in the diary and said, which can also be used as my daily catharsis.

[I saw him again, and he asked me to abide by my duty…]

When I wrote that evening when Song Bai Lao asked me to try on clothes, I paused for a while, until a spot of ink that could not be ignored appeared on the paper, and then I picked up the pen again and continue to write.

After writing the diary, turn off the lights and go to sleep.
I don’t know if it was because of the relationship with Song Bai Lao that I saw him today, and I have him in my dreams.

Zhu Li knocked on my door, smiled and invited me to a party, saying I would definitely like it.

At that time, he was well-disguised, gentle, beautiful, and excellent, and even allowed me, the son of a mistress, to call him “brother”, so you can imagine how flattered I was when I was young.
I trust him unconditionally, and feel that he is the opposite of the arrogant and indifferent classmates in the school, a white lotus flower that emerges from the mud and is not stained.

I didn’t expect the white lotus to be a real white lotus, or a black-hearted lotus with a profound Taoism.

He often asked me about my situation at school at the dinner table, and inquired about the details of my relationship with my classmates.
At that time, I thought he cared about me and would always hide the truth and tell him that I was fine and everyone was friendly.

In fact, he was just watching my jokes and admiring my lame performance that I wanted to cover up.

Not long after, Zhu Li took me to a carnival party.
On the top floor of a building, there is an infinity pool overlooking the panoramic view of Xiangtan.
I don’t know what the theme is and who the organizer is.
From the moment you walk in, you will be greeted by a dizzying array of alphas and omegas, all dressed up in their signature bitestops and collars, and having fun within safety.
There were betas on the scene, but only a few, and I quickly found out that it was the waiter who poured them drinks.

Many people came to say hello to Zhu Li, and he was also a dazzling presence in the upper circle that could not be ignored.
Zhu Li introduced me to them one by one, calling me “younger brother”.
Whenever this time, the opposite A or O will show a subtle surprise.

These people are well hidden, but I can still keenly capture the emotion behind their perfect upbringing that I can’t help but leak out, the slightest bit of emotion that can be called “disgust”.

The only difference between them and my classmates is probably that one party still maintains poor superficial skills, while the other party is too lazy to maintain even superficial skills.

Zhu Li was surrounded by his friends, who were talking about everything from the financial situation to the international dynamics, and they didn’t look like a group of underage high school students.
It was also at this moment that I clearly realized that the power, wealth and even the future of this world are only in the hands of a few people, and those who participate in this party are the best among them, and Beta will never try to squeeze into them.

Feeling unable to fit in, I walked away bleak, just looking for a quiet place to stay until the party was over.

This may be the purpose of Zhu Li taking me there, so that I can recognize the reality and know the gap within them.

In the midst of the loud music, I was attacked from behind by a sudden strong force, crushing the wall.

I looked back in horror to see an unfamiliar alpha, wearing bright amber contact lenses, a brass-like bitestop, and a terrifyingly jagged canine tooth.

“You smell very clean.” He sniffed me and smiled drunkenly, “Want to play with me?”

Beta, who was carrying a tray at the party, was wearing revealing clothes and enchanting makeup, flirting with the AO, and was more like a “service industry” than a waiter.
I even suspect that these betas are their “fun”.
And without Zhu Li by my side, it was obvious to them that it was something that could be entertained at will.

“I don’t want to play…” I pushed him away and turned into a corridor with my head covered.

The Alpha behind me was chasing after me, as if I thought I was going to play hard-to-play with him again.

“Don’t go, slow down…” The other side leaned against the wall crookedly, “Little Beta, let me mark you…” He was amused by himself, and laughed inexplicably there, wondering if he had taken some medicine.

I kept turning back and forth, turning another corner, finding in despair a dead end.
Fortunately, there were several closed doors on both sides of the corridor.
I was in a panic and went to the doctor.
I chose one of them and twisted the handle.
Unexpectedly, it opened.

I hurriedly entered the room, closed the door softly, put my forehead against the door and let out a long breath.
It’s just that before I could completely put my heart back to its original place, the abnormal noise behind me instantly made me nervous again.

When I entered the door, I only glanced quickly, only to see the moonlight and the light shining into the house through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, casting a lattice-like reflection on the ground, but I did not notice anyone else.

I turned around abruptly, and I saw a dark corner where the afterglow of the lights did not shine, a big soft and messy bed, and the topless alpha sat up slowly, clutching his forehead.
After a while, a similarly naked female beta sat up beside him.

Seeing the black grid-like bite stopper on the lower half of the alpha’s face, my heart moved, and I had a vague premonition.
Sure enough, when the other party moved his hand away, I found out that the other party I knew, or I had met, was Song Bai Lao.

He also saw me.
I don’t know if it was because of a hangover or because he was unhappy about being interrupted.
He frowned, “Who let you in?”

Weird Alpha.

I hurriedly explained to him: “I’m… Did you forget when we met? You climbed over the wall at the back door of the laboratory building that day.” I tried to evoke his memory, “I’m Zhu Li’s younger brother, and there is a man outside.
Alpha has been pestering me.
Please, let me hide for a while.”

He raised his eyebrows: “Zhu Li’s… brother?” He looked at the beta beside him and raised his chin at her, “You, go out.

The woman gathered her curly hair and pouted with some dissatisfaction, but she still obediently got out of bed and got dressed, and did not dare to leave without a trace of complaint.

She also rolled her eyes at me as she passed me, as if to blame me for disturbing her good deeds.

Song Bai Lao and I were the only two left in the room.
I pressed against the door uneasily, not knowing what to say for a while.

In the end, it was Song Bai Lao who spoke first: “Zhu Li actually has a beta brother?”

I pursed my dry lips: “We… are not related by blood.”

He suddenly realized: “No wonder, you are not alike at all.”

There seemed to be a deep meaning in his words, and I didn’t like his tone very much: “How can I have a relationship with Brother than…”

The door behind me was suddenly slammed, I stared at the door in horror, backed away from it, my heart was beating violently, and I almost jumped out of my chest.

My back suddenly hit a solid and scorching human wall, and I turned around in astonishment.
Song Bai Lao stood behind me, put his hands on my shoulders, and pushed me aside.

“Get out of the way.”

I was still stunned when he walked over and yanked the door open.

“Go away if you don’t want to die.” He made a vicious threat to those outside the door.

“Song, Song Bai Lao?” The man seemed to be frightened, and I could even hear in his voice the image of a puppy with its tail tucked out of its throat, letting out a pitiful whimper.

Song Bai Lao’s reputation at that time was already very loud, whether it was family background or fighting fiercely.

His excellence is obvious to all, and his rebellion is known to all.
Even as the same kind, no Alpha will easily provoke him.

The door quickly became quiet, and Song Bai Lao closed the door again.
And it was only now that I realized that he was completely naked.

He stood in front of me carelessly, like a living marble statue, the texture of the muscles and even the light and shadow cast by the outdoor light on his body, revealing an unreal beauty.

Although the lower body is hidden in the shadows, it is also very impressive to look vaguely.

I looked away awkwardly: “Well… thank you, thank you.”

“This is not the place where a Beta like you should come.”

I was stunned for a moment, what he said was right, but he said it too directly, it made my face doesn’t look good.

This night I was at a loss, I was out of tune, I was holding a breath and had nowhere to vent, and he hit me at the gunpoint.

I met his eyes and asked him, “Then where should I be?”

Ning Shi asked me to join them, but they didn’t accept me.
I also don’t want to pretend to be their kind, but I really have nowhere to go.

At that time, I was still very naive, thinking that everyone is human, why should Beta be inferior to others? I can go by myself, but they can’t chase me away.
“It’s where your betas are supposed to be.” Song Bailao stretched out his hand and rubbed the back of his neck, walking around in a circle, avoiding the most important things.
“It’s not here anyway.”, rebutted him with an eerie heroism.
“It’s so easy to say, aren’t you born from Beta? Since you also have half of the beta genes in your body, shouldn’t you stay here?”

It’s too late.

I not only stabbed Song Bai Lao’s inverse scale, but also stabbed it to the death.

By the time I reacted, he had already grabbed my neck and threw me against the wall.

My toes barely touched the ground, I had difficulty breathing, and the blood all over my body seemed to condense on my face.
I struggled to grab the hand on my neck, but I couldn’t resist alpha’s strength.
His hand was like an unbreakable iron pincer that couldn’t be shaken at all.

In a trance, I even saw a tyrannical blood light flashing in Song Bai Lao’s eyes, as if he was going to kill me.

I thought I was going to die, he really wanted to strangle me.
But gradually, the pressure on the neck to compress the trachea became less and less, and I was able to breathe smoothly again.

I took a big mouthful of the precious air, and because I was so eager, I even coughed, and tears came out of the corners of my eyes.


He squeezed my chin and forced me to look up: “What do you know? Do you think you can point fingers at me if you hear one or two gossips about me? It’s because of your self-righteous beta that I’m here.” He looked at me like he was looking at an ant, “What a disappointment.”

He withdrew his hand, threw me there, turned and pushed open a bathroom door and walked in without turning back.

I covered my neck and watched his back disappear behind the door with lingering fears, until the faint sound of water sounded in my ears, and then I opened the door and escaped from the bedroom as if I was awakened.

After the party, Zhu Li found me in a dark corner.

He reluctantly asked me why I was hiding, and I smiled at him and said that I was not used to the noisy environment.
His gaze lingered on my neck for a moment, then looked away as if nothing had happened.

When I got home and looked in the mirror, I found that there was an obvious choke mark on my neck, which was glaring across my skin, and I could see it as long as I wasn’t blind.

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