“Are you going to send me?” I asked Song Bai Lao.


“It’s not worth much anyway.” He seemed to be just giving away a piece of chewing gum of fifty cents, his tone was light, “The decoration is almost finished, I thought I’d give it to you when it’s all done, but now…”


Now I’m dying , If you don’t send it, it will probably be rotten.


Rubbing the words on the title deed, the more I think about it, the more amusing it becomes.
I thought I missed it, but it came back into my hands after going around.


It doesn’t seem to be too bad luck.


God closed my door, and in the darkness, someone gave me a hammer to open a window.


“Are you so happy?”


“Huh?” I suddenly returned to my senses, and found that the corners of my lips rose slightly, and I actually smiled.


Song Bai Lao stretched out his hand towards me, his fingertips touching my lips.


I held my breath, the corners of my lips froze.
The skin can clearly feel the heat of his fingertips, and the nostrils can faintly smell the tobacco smell brought by the airflow.


He has a lot less cigarette smell lately, and I haven’t smelled the choking cigarette smell for a few days.


He gently tapped the corner of my mouth with his fingertips: “I haven’t seen you for a long time…you smiled like this.”


How to laugh?


I blinked at him, not understanding why he said that.


He looked up and met mine, his fingers suddenly curled up and quickly retracted.


“I don’t think it’s expensive, so I just took a picture of it.
After all, it’s a cake shop I used to like.”


Ten million is indeed not a lot of money for him, and any sports car in his garage is more than this price.


I lowered my head and touched the land deed, smiled and said, “Thank you, it is very important to me…”


After a while of silence, his voice sounded again: “I’m in the study, if you need anything just call me.”


The dull footsteps on the carpet gradually faded away, and after the slight sound of the door lock, the room returned to silence.
I lay on my back on the bed, put the thin contract in front of me, closed my eyes and pressed it against my chest.


My physical condition was unclear before, and I never called Daoist Weijing.
Now that I feel more stable, I called and told the other party that I had returned to Weijingshan.


The things for the dojo have already been prepared.
He said that he can go to him at any time in the past two days.
I set the time for tomorrow.


After reading the bedside story to Song Mo in the evening, I went back to the room after he fell asleep.
After half an hour, I was going to sleep, and Song Bai Lao pushed in the door from outside.


Strictly speaking, it’s my room with him, so it’s not surprising, but I’m still instantly nervous, and my hands and feet are a little out of tune.


He walked to the bed and stopped, probably seeing that I was nervous, and unbuttoning the button, he said, “You need someone to watch your situation at night, don’t worry, I have nothing to do to you at this time.”


I didn’t know what to say, I nodded randomly, and lay down in the quilt with my back to him.


After a rustling of clothes in my ears, the sound of water was heard in the bathroom not long after.


I was obviously sleepy before, but after being stimulated by Song Bolao, I regained my spirits.


I stared at the dim room furnishings in front of me, unable to condense sleepiness again.


Twenty minutes later, the bathroom door opened again, and Song Bai Lao returned to the bedroom.


The bed collapsed slightly, and after a while, the lights were completely dimmed.


The darkness dispelled anxiety and masked tension, and I slowly began to feel sleepy.


“By the way, I’m going to Qingfeng View tomorrow.” Suddenly thinking that I should talk to Song Bai Lao about this, I endured sleepiness and opened my eyes again.


The quilt moved behind me, and Song Bailao’s voice came from the darkness: “Yes… Are you going to do a dojo?”




After being quiet, he said, “I’ll go with you tomorrow.”


In view of his previous behavior, I was actually a little conflicted and didn’t want him to go, but I couldn’t find any suitable reason, and I thought he might not.
Let me go alone, so I have to come down.


On the second day, according to the appointed time, Song Bai Lao and I went up the mountain together.


The last time I was on this road, I was secretly followed by Xiang Ping, and I was still alive.
After a month, I still had some lingering fears.
When Song Bai Lao walked behind, I couldn’t help but look back.


After watching a lot, he frowned and asked me, “Are you uncomfortable?”


I quickly turned around and said, “…No.”


As soon as I entered the dilapidated door of Qing Feng, I saw the usually deserted front yard hung up.
A lot of bright yellow flags, Daoist Weijing wearing a Taoist hat and a yellow vest, were already waiting there.


“You’re here.” He held a sword made of wood in his hand, and when he saw me, his eyebrows suddenly knitted together, “Little friend, have you been in bad health recently? Your complexion feels worse than the last time I saw you.”


It must be really accurate, and it is very accurate to see people’s faces.


“I’m pregnant.” I smiled at him, not mentioning c20.


Daoist Weijing was startled: “Really pregnant? I thought I made a mistake in the diagnosis…”


His eyes touched Song Bai Lao, as if he was stunned by his arrival, he opened his mouth, but before saying anything, Song Bai Lao called him “Uncle”.


“Don’t call me uncle, call me Taoist!” Daoist Weijing corrected him.




Song Bai Lao didn’t treat him as cold and hard as he did to Luo Qinghe and the others, but rather treated his elders a little bit.
The other party wouldn’t let him call him uncle, so he lowered his eyes and changed his words obediently.


“That…” Daoist Weijing cleared his throat, pulled me aside, and asked me vaguely, “Is it okay if he is present?”


I glanced at the offering table in the courtyard facing the Sanqing Hall, shook my head and said: ” It doesn’t matter, the child is his.”


This time it was Daoist Weijing’s turn to be dumbfounded, and he lost his voice: “The child from seven years ago is also his?”


His voice was too loud, and before I could answer, Song Bai Lao who was not far away said, “It’s mine.”


Daoist Weijing Holding the wooden sword in his arms, looking at me and then at Song Bai Lao, he stretched out his finger and pointed at the two of us reluctantly: “You young people…”


I touched the tip of my nose, but said nothing.


He greeted us to stand at the offering table and explained all the steps in the dojo.


“There are five parts in total, each part is ten minutes, the intermission is ten minutes, a total of one hour.” He lit three sticks of incense and inserted it into the incense burner in front of him.
A black radio, the tape rolls in the next second, and the iconic Taoist music with gongs and chanting sounds from the loudspeaker.


“Yingling!” With a loud shout, Daoist Weijing danced his wooden sword and recited scriptures.


Song Bai Lao stood quietly beside me, and suddenly asked, “Does this really work?”


To be honest, I don’t know, I don’t even know if unborn children have “souls”, and doing this is just a picture Just peace of mind.


“I hope there is.” I said, following the figure in the Daoist scene.


After that, Song Bai Lao didn’t speak any more.
Ten minutes later, Daoist Weijing stopped chanting, put the wooden sword on the table, held up the basin next to him, and shouted again: “Bath!”


The flag swayed on the basin, his lips moved quickly, and then he lifted the thing that had been covered with the red cloth on the offering table.


The flower pot was on the table, the soil was fluffy and dry, and the flag was moving back and forth between it and the copper pot.
I was stunned by this sudden scene, and Song Bai Lao next to me took a step towards the offering table.


I looked at him.


“That potted flower…” He murmured three words repeatedly, his tone full of unbelievable fear.


He didn’t say what happened to the potted flower at the end, as if every word of this sentence cut his throat, making him exhaust all his strength just by spitting out the first three words.


“No wonder you treasure it so much, no wonder you are so angry…”


He turned around, his face was as pale as paper after such a short time, without a trace of blood, he looked more seriously ill than me.


“Ning Yu, I…”


My heart trembled slightly, I glanced at Daoist Weijing’s side, and whispered, “I’ll wait until the ritual is done .” He didn’t make a sound, and he didn’t even look away, and he fell on the pot of soil all the way.


Seeing him like this, I know that he doesn’t care, and I feel “pain”.
I should feel refreshed, but I can’t.


I have no way of being happy because of someone else’s pain, and I don’t need to build happiness that way.


The whole ceremony was completed in exactly one hour.


Daoist Weijing took a deep breath, held the sword in front of him, raised two fingers with his left hand and wiped the sword from top to bottom, echoing the end, and took the sword behind him.


He took a deep breath, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and said, “Okay, the transition is over.”


I stepped forward to thank him, and then took the flower pot from the offering table into my arms.


“He’s gone, and now he’s going to Immortal Realm.
He should be able to reincarnate into a good family soon.” Daoist Weijing patted the flower pot and said, “Don’t worry about it.
Take good care of yourself and start a new life.”


A new life…




I thanked him again and bid him farewell.


Carrying the flowerpot down the mountain road, Song Bai Lao has been following behind me, silent, almost making me forget his existence.


There are several viewing guardrails on Weijing Mountain, the cliffs are ten thousand feet at the foot, and the tall buildings in the city are in the distance.
We happened to pass through one of these on our way back.


There is some wind today, but I don’t feel it in the woods, but it becomes bigger when we get to the edge of the cliff.


Daoist Weijing scatters the ashes of his lover and child in the mountains.
From then on, seeing that the mountains are not mountains, and that the waters are not water, it is as if he is still with them when he is between heaven and earth.


I take it for granted.
In the end, the fate of mankind will always return to dust and dust, and it will be turned into nutrients to nourish the earth.
Why not look at it from the beginning?


I picked up the flower pot and dumped the soil inside with the wind.


The wind blew the soil, fell into the mountains, and blew into the distance.




Song Bai Lao rushed from behind and knocked off the flower pot in my hand.


Song Bai Lao leaned out of the guardrail with his entire upper body, and grabbed a handful in the wind, but couldn’t catch anything.


“After I die, please sprinkle my ashes into the sea, and you don’t need to buy a tomb for me.” If there is a soul after death, maybe I can travel around the world along the river and sea.


He was shocked and turned back suddenly, staring at me with slightly red eyes.


I thought he was going to yell at me, but he laughed.


“You are really, clean and leave nothing behind.”

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