Song Mo refused to leave, and insisted on staying and sleeping with me after lunch.


Fortunately, the bed is the size of a VIP, 1.5 meters, enough to sleep with this little baby.


I disappeared for the past few days, he couldn’t wait for my live broadcast, and he didn’t have my phone number.


“I told my grandfather to go home and see you, and it took him a long time to bring me here.” He lay in my arms and played with my fingers, like a coquettish kitten.


I said softly, “I’m sorry, I’ve been sick these few days and I’m in the hospital, so I won’t be able to live stream and call you.
I’ll definitely not in the future.”


Song Bai Lao’s lessons told me that I must not leave it to my children.
under the impression of “abandoned”.
Song Mo is just a child, he can’t understand the twists and turns of adults now, all I can do is to give him a sense of security as much as possible and let him grow up happier.


As for the rest, maybe he will understand naturally in the future, or maybe…he won’t remember me at all.


“I don’t blame you.” He turned sideways and rubbed my stomach seriously, “Because my mother has a younger sister, the younger sister is more important.”


I scratched the tip of his nose: “You are also very important.”


He looked at me, shook his head slightly, and whispered: “Sister is more important.
With my sister, I can protect her.”


The moment Song Mo finished saying this, I built a picture in my mind that seemed to be a beautiful fairytale picture, and almost the next second, I realized that this picture may only exist in my dreams forever.


The fear and sadness of the imminent death came without warning.
For the first time, I felt a kind of “unwilling” emotion.
It was as if a boulder was choked in my throat, making my nose sore and my chest choked.


Like Liang Qiu Yang said, why me? I haven’t grown up with my children yet, so how come I’m dying.


I put my hand on his little hand: “Well, Mo Mo will definitely become a…qualified good brother.”


Song Mo cuddled me and gradually fell asleep.
I pulled the quilt to cover him and patted it lightly.


“You really like him.”


I looked at Song Bai Lao on the sofa not far away.
When I was talking to Song Mo just now, he sat there quietly and didn’t interrupt, almost making me ignore his existence.


After a few days of rest, my complexion was much better, not as ugly as when I was in Manshui.
At this time, my clothes are straight and my hair is meticulous.
Although there are still some signs of fatigue, I roughly recovered to that unruly Alpha.


I glanced at him and staggered: “There’s no one doesn’t like a good boy.”


He heard the words and chuckled: “Good boy… I haven’t been a good boy since I was a child, no wonder no one likes me.”


Pauses slightly, then picks up again soon.


What he said was almost gibberish.
He didn’t need to make a sound, just a look.
I don’t know how many people are willing to crawl at his feet to beg him for mercy, and most of them like him as a “bad boy”.
He never lacks liking.


I didn’t plan to tell him about the dispute in the garden downstairs.
After all, listening to the corner is not a glorious thing, and I always feel that he should not want to participate in the grievances of the previous generation.


From the fact that he did not hesitate to throw away the flash memory disk that Xia Qiao had sent to him, it could be seen that he hated this mess of fatherly love history.


Seeing Song Mo slept soundly, my eyelids were heavy and drowsy.


Suddenly there was a soft knock on the door of the ward, and after a while, Liang Qiu Yang probed in.


Seeing that Song Mo was asleep, and Song Bai Lao was on the side, he shook his phone at the door and whispered, “I’ll see you in a few days.
If you have anything, just call me, I’ll go first.”


I see his lips were red and swollen, and the corner of his lips even broke a small hole, and I could imagine what he had been doing for more than two hours.


These Alphas, can you control the strength of kissing, it really hurts to be bitten by canine teeth.


“Be careful on the way.” I waved goodbye to him.


The door closed again, and silence returned to the ward.


Suddenly, Song Bai Lao’s voice came from my ears: “You like him very much too.”


I unconsciously looked over, he maintained the previous sitting position, and his face was expressionless, as if the words just now were just casual remarks when he was bored.


Thinking that he didn’t allow me to communicate with Liang Qiu Yang before, no matter how I listen to this sentence now, it seems to have some other meaning.


Liang Qiu Yang is the man who will become his “cousin-in-law” in the future.
Is he really good?


I adjusted my sleeping position, closed my eyes next to Song Mo, and said in my mouth, “Because he is also a good boy.”


Song Bai Lao didn’t say anything for a long time, and after a long time he laughed and said, “…So that’s the case.”


Even if the surrounding environment So quiet, these four words are still like his muttering.
If you are not careful, you will not be able to hear clearly.


Two days later, my condition was stable and I could be discharged from the hospital.


Luo Meng Bai prescribed me some antiviral drugs that are better than nothing, and asked me to review them every week and notify her at any time.


The night before I was discharged from the hospital, Song Xiao came to see me off with a ukulele in his hand.


He was going to have an operation tomorrow, and he would stay in the hospital for a while.
He said that he couldn’t send me in person, and only sent a song to apologize.


Perhaps feeling that it was a new beginning after the operation, he shaved his beard and cut his long hair short, making him look twenty years younger all of a sudden.


Only now did I realize that Song Bai Lao’s eyebrows and eyes were like Luo Qinghe, but the lower half of his face was very similar to him, especially the lip shape, the upper lip was thin, and the lower lip was slightly thicker.


He plucked the strings, smiled at me, and said, “I asked the young man in the next ward to borrow it.
I haven’t played it for a long time, and I’m a little rusty.
Don’t laugh at me…”


He used to be unshaven and tangled with long hair, like a despondent and unwilling artist, but now he has shaved his beard, his shoulder-length hair is tied into a short ponytail at the back of his head, and he looks like a high-spirited artist.


“You sure look swell.
Don’t let that faze you…” Song Xiao spoke slowly, his singing voice was not the ethereal and transparent of Liang Qiu Yang, nor so skillful, with a languid sluggishness, like a lover’s whisper.


He played and sang, with a bright smile, like the wind of a summer night, refreshing and warm.
The person with the same ice cube as Luo Qinghe has two completely different personalities.
I’m just curious how they fell in love in the first place.


After singing a song, Song Xiao held down the strings, and I held the venue and clapped my hands continuously.




Maybe he hadn’t sung for many years, his voice was a little hoarse: “It’s much worse than before, before Bai Lao…” He paused for a while, then took a break before picking it up, stroking the instrument and smiling a little awkwardly, “Bai Lao likes to listen to me sing this song.”


These days, I can also see that he and Song Bai Lao always get along with a sense of embarrassment and caution.
Song Bai Lao didn’t reject his closeness, and at the same time, he didn’t express more.
Maybe, like him, he didn’t know how to get along with each other.


The lack of more than ten years does not mean that it can be made up.


When it comes to Cao Cao, he mentions song Bai Lao.
The next moment, song Bai Lao pushes the door and enters.
When he sees song Xiao, he does not obviously frown.

“Why are you here?”


Song Xiao quickly stood up, grabbing the ukulele in one hand, and holding his tripod cane in the other hand.


“Uncle Xiao came to see me off.
He has an operation tomorrow, so he can’t see me off…” I explained for Song Xiao.


Song Bai Lao glanced at the musical instrument in his hand, his eyebrows stretched, but his words couldn’t soften: “If you know that you will have an operation tomorrow, don’t run around.
Didn’t the doctor tell you to rest earlier?”


Song Xiao smiled and nodded hurriedly: “I’ve said it, I’ll go back now.”


He dragged his cane and moved to the door a little bit.
When he passed by Song Bai Lao, he couldn’t help but say, “Then you too… rest early, don’t work too hard.”


Song Bai Lao looked down at him, unable to hold back the smile on his face.
Then he nodded slightly and said, “Got it.”


Song Xiao got a response from him, and was overjoyed: “Ah, okay, then I… Then I’ll go!”


After finishing, he turned around and waved at me.


Song Bai Lao watched him leave, but after a long time he took his eyes back, probably seeing the other person entering the elevator.


Sometimes this person is tough-mouthed and soft-hearted…


Song Bai Lao brought his laptop over today, and turned it on as soon as he sat down, as if he was going to work at my place all night.


I saw that he was concentrating on typing without speaking, and I took a newspaper to read under the lamp.


There is a piece of news about Xia Sheng.
The commercial espionage case of Xia Sheng suing Yanhua Century will be held next month.


“Before, Luo Qinghe and I liked to listen to him sing the most.”


I was stunned for a while, and looked up from the newspaper.
Song Bai Lao’s typing sound did not stop, and his eyes remained on the screen.


“They met on the streets of a foreign country.
One is the eldest young master who is studying abroad, and the other is a young photographer.
The photographer fell in love with the eldest young master at first sight.
He took a picture of the eldest young master on the road, and he was discovered by the eldest young master…”


He was intrigued.
After a pause, I couldn’t help but ask: “Then what?”


“Then I deleted it.
But this photographer is very poor, and he has no travel expenses and can only sing on the street.
For the next week, the eldest young master passed by that street every day.
I can always hear him singing “loving you” there…” He stopped, a smile on the corners of his lips, and some nostalgia in his eyes, “In the past, Luo Qinghe and I had exclusive songs, his “loving you”.
So, until they got divorced, I couldn’t believe someone who loved us so much would just walk away.”


It starts like a fairy tale and ends like a literary film.


I sighed, heartbroken.
I’m afraid that Song Bai Lao had already been outside the door just now, but he couldn’t bear to interrupt, and only came in after listening to the whole song.


“I once thought that your dim sum…is the same as that song “loving you”.” There was no sound of hitting the keyboard, but he still stared at the computer screen with his eyes down, not looking at me.


I was stunned for two seconds before I understood what he meant.
He felt that the dessert I made for him was like the song Song Xiao sang for Luo Qinghe.
It was a… courtship behavior?


Song Bai Lao finally looked up, his eyes full of distress: “If you don’t like me, why did you marry me in the first place?”

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