After the plane arrived at Xiangtan, Song Bai Lao immediately took me to the Sanatorium and Hospital, and Luo Meng Bai took over personally.


After that, the test went on for a whole day, and I was pushed around from morning to afternoon, with little time to spare.
In the evening, Luo Meng Bai came to the ward with a summary of all the reports, followed by Song Bai Lao with a hesitant expression.


When they came in, I was talking to Song Xiao, and when I heard the movement, we both looked at the door and stopped talking at the same time.


“Do you feel better?” Luo Meng Bai’s voice was soft, and her white clothes fluttered, like a god of death from heaven who was about to read the verdict, and the sickle that fell on my neck would not hesitate because of her gentleness.


“It’s better.” No nosebleeds or vomiting today, just a little fever.


She sat by the bed, her eyes became a little sad, she hesitated for a while, and finally said: “I’m sorry, Ning Yu…”


At that moment, I already realized what she was going to say next, from the moment I knew that I might break out c20 After that, I prepared for the worst.


“The results show that it is indeed c20.”


I nodded, indicating that I understood: “In other words, I only have the last few months, right?”


The explosion of c20 is rapid and irreversible.
Months, the human body eroded by the virus will slowly die out.


Song Xiao leaned on his cane and turned his back.


“Don’t you remember what I studied?” Luo Meng Bai raised his hand and pressed my arm, “I won’t let you have any trouble.”


I would probably have believed her words ten years ago.
But now I have deeply understood that luck cannot patronize the unfortunate.
The more hope you hold, the greater your disappointment is.


I smiled and said, “I don’t want to live another year or two, that’s too embarrassing for you.
I just want… to live another four months.” I looked at my stomach, “I don’t want to die with him.”


Children are too precious to Beta, and not everyone can get a second chance like me.


There was a loud bang on the door, and I suddenly looked up and found that Song Bai Lao was no longer in the room.


Luo Meng Bai did not look back, her face was still calm, and she sighed: “I will try my best.”


The diseases caused by C20 are varied, and each individual will be different.
Just like me, the main symptoms are bleeding and fever.
What will happen, we can only take one step at a time.


What surprised Luo Meng Bai was that in my state, it is reasonable to say that I couldn’t keep the child, but now he is staying in my fertility sac, and there is no sign of miscarriage or damage to the fertility sac.


“This may be God’s will.” Finally Luo Meng Bai concluded.


After talking about some c20 precautions and a series of problems I may encounter in the future, she got up and wanted to leave.


“Excuse me.” Song Xiao took her to the door.


Luo Meng Bai glanced at his legs and said, “Just come with me, we’ll check your knees.”


Song Xiao hesitantly looked back at me: “But Ning Yu…”


“It’s alright.” I waved the pulse monitoring device on my fingertips towards him, “I’ll call someone if there is a problem.”


Luo Meng bai also said, “The nurse will patrol the door every ten minutes, don’t worry.”


Song Xiao nodded and followed Luo Meng Bai.


When everyone was gone, I slowly slid into the quilt, lay flat on the bed, and began to stare at the pale ceiling.


You need a lawyer to draw up a will.
And the child’s name, what should I choose?


Call Ning…Ning…Ning Xi, may he be like the sun, always shining warmly and warming others.
I’m already doomed to die, and there’s only a little bit of life left, hoping to hold up my little sun.


The more I think about it, the more I think this name is good, not only has a good meaning, but it can be used no matter what gender the child is.


I stretched my right hand in front of my eyes, clenched and stretched my fist with difficulty, the scar across my palm was red and dazzling.
I don’t know if I can recover smoothly in the last days and get the baker certificate again.


Although I’m dead, and these external things don’t seem to be that important, I still want to hold my head high and go to see Master without any regrets.


Maybe he can help him open a “Xu Mei Ren” underneath…


Just thinking about it, the door of the ward was pushed open, and someone walked in.


I put down my hands and saw that it was Song Bai Lao who had returned.


Before he even got close, I could smell a faint odor of smoke, completely masking the pheromone smell on him.
When he sat on the sofa beside the bed, the smell of smoke became stronger, and at the same time, I found that the knuckle of his right finger was red and swollen, and even had a cut.


This kind of injury that seems to be caused by a violent blow on the surface of a hard object… What did he do in just 20 minutes? Did he fight someone?


Sensing where my eyes were standing, he covered the wound with his other palm as if nothing had happened, preventing me from continuing to watch.


“In a few days, when you are more stable, I will take you back to WeijingShan,” he said.


“Okay.” I nodded, no objection.


Although I just escaped from there not long ago, I am dying, I still care about what to do, and where I stay in my last days makes no difference to me.


He didn’t speak any more, just sat quietly by the side, as if thoughtful, and as if he was simply staring at me.


I had a day’s inspection, and I was very tired going back and forth.
Seeing that he had nothing to say to me, I simply closed my eyes.


When I was about to fall asleep, I heard some noises in my ears, and after a while, my forehead was gently stroked.
The smell of tobacco pouring into my nostrils made me frown uncomfortably, and I retracted my hand as if it had been scalded.


I wanted to open my eyes, but couldn’t.


After a while, there was a long sigh in my ear.


After two days in the hospital, the fever subsided, but some rashes appeared on my body for no reason.
After hearing it, Luo Meng Bai said that this was also caused by c20.
Except for some itching, there is no other danger, so I don’t need to worry too much.


Song Xiao’s leg was consulted by the top orthopaedic surgeons in Xiangtan, and an elective operation was arranged.
After the operation, he recovered well.
He might be able to walk without crutches like a normal person.
He has also been admitted to the ward for the past two days, and occasionally sneaks over to see me.
After half an hour, he will be driven back by the nurse.


Luo Meng Bai said I was not allowed to play with my mobile phone, and the nurse would bring me a newspaper of the day every morning, and all my pastimes would be on it.


Today, the nurse brought me a business newspaper, and I was confused.
After a few pages, the news about Zhu Li was found.


After marrying into the Ruan family, he lived quite well.
Ruan Xiong Hua, the head of the Ruan family, that is Ruan Linghe’s father Ruan Xiong Hua, valued him very much.
Not only let him enter the company to hold an important position, but also accepted him as a member of his campaign team.


Zhu Li is more than clever, and even more cunning.
If he hadn’t regarded Luo Qinghe as an opponent, it would have been better for him.
Once he felt that the opponent was blocking his way, Luo Qinghe would be annoyed.


I don’t know if the layout of this newspaper was intentional or not.
The four-fold layout was given to Ruan Xiong Hua on the left and Luo Qinghe on the right.
Ruan Xiongn Hua has sharp eyebrows and pointed his index finger at the person reading the newspaper.
The title of the cooperation is that he hopes that Alpha, Omega, and Beta will each perform their duties, so that capable people can have a better life.


Compared with him, Luo Qinghe is not like a politician, but more like a celebrity artist accidentally photographed by the media.
He is standing on the podium with his face half-sideways.
His slogan is succinct and powerful – change discrimination, equality for all.


These two people, the paper media can see that they are tit for tat, from attitude to slogan, they all regard each other as lifelong enemies.


Turning the page again, I gradually saw interest, and suddenly the door slammed open, and a figure rushed in, startling me.


Liang Qiu Yang was wearing a cool leather jacket, took off his sunglasses, and stood in front of me with a dark face, his eyes were full of anger and some grievances.


“Ning Yu, did you take me as a friend?”


Luo Meng Bai followed shortly after, and waved to me behind him, looking a little embarrassed.
I would come over immediately, maybe it was because she accidentally leaked her mouth in front of Liang Qiu Yang, and Liang Qiu Yang rushed over in such a hurry.


I put down the newspaper and said with a dry smile: “I still want… to contact you in a few days.”


Liang Qiu Yang sneered: “Just wait for the day you give birth to your baby and contact me.”


“I’m sorry.”


“You didn’t tell me when you were seeking revenge from Xiang Ping, you didn’t tell me you were pregnant, and now you’re almost…you’re already like this, so don’t tell me.” His voice was choked, “Ning Yu, let’s get to know each other soon.
It’s been eight years, do you need such a life?”


I looked up, his eyes were red, and he had a headache.


“Qiu Yang…” Luo Meng Bai took his hand worriedly, but she was also thrown away.


Liang Qiu Yang glanced at her: “My affairs with you will be settled later.”


Luo Meng Bai blinked, raised her eyebrows pitifully, and called him again: “Qiu Yang…”


Liang Qiu Yang eats softly and not hard.
She was so softly chirped, and her momentum dropped immediately.


“You…you go out first.” Fortunately, he was interrupted by Luo Meng Bai, his eyes were no longer red, and he even held back his tears.




Luo Meng Bai replied obediently and withdrew, leaving only Liang Qiu Yang and me in the ward.


He sat next to me, touched my hair, and asked me, “Does it feel bad?”


I shook my head: “It’s not bad.”


Compared with vomiting blood and fever a few days ago, the rash in the past two days is almost the same as pediatrics.


“Aren’t you have shooting today?” I saw him dressed so brightly, as if he ran out of some activity.


“There were originally, but Luo Meng Bai told me that something happened to you, and I couldn’t get through when I called your cell phone.
She said you was not feeling well, pushed the activity and ran over.” As he spoke, he burst into tears without warning, ” Ning Yu, I can’t bear to part with you.
Why are you… There are so many bad people in this world, Xiang Ping and that bitch are not dead, why are you? Why are you not an Alpha, not an Omega…”


He burst into tears, tears crawling with a full face, I hurriedly pulled out a tissue for him, but didn’t know how to comfort him.


The world is like this, it doesn’t mean that you can live a hundred years without doing wrong.
Life is more precious because of its impermanence.


He cried for a while and then slowly stopped.
I saw that the sun was shining outside, so I suggested to him: “Let’s go out for a walk, I haven’t been in the sun for a long time.”


He blew his nose and muttered: “Okay, I’ll help you.”


The two of us went to the garden downstairs together.
In the late autumn, the maple trees in the garden showed a gorgeous red color, and with some other trees that changed color, it presented a very layered picture.
The garden is huge, with lush trees, bridges and water, and a small green labyrinth.
The maze is not difficult to walk, even an inexperienced maze can get around it in ten minutes.


Liang Qiu Yang helped me wander aimlessly and walked into the maze.


“I heard Luo Meng Bai say that Song Bai Lao and his dad had a big fight about you, and he almost didn’t even have to do the father and son.”


I paused and looked at him in surprise: “For me?”


“Divorce agreement.”


“Oh.” I don’t think it’s all about me, it should be a deep resentment that erupted at once.


Speaking of this, Song Xiao is back now and has been admitted to the Luo family’s Sanatorium and Hospital.
Luo Qinghe has a lot of eyes and ears here, and he doesn’t know if he will take any action after learning the news.


Thinking of what was coming, he walked to a corner, and suddenly there was a fierce arguing sound from the place blocked by the hedge in front of him.
After listening carefully, it turned out to be the voices of Song Xiao and Luo Qinghe.


“Why hide my letter…”


“Since you have abandoned everything, why don’t you disappear completely, what are you going to do when you write letters back in a few years?”


Song Xiao’s momentum suddenly weakened: “I just… just miss Bai Lao.”


“Then why did you leave him in the first place? You can leave if you want, come back if you want, what do you think of others, a plaything in your palm?” Luo Qinghe pressed step by step, not giving the other party any room to breathe.


Song Xiao was forced by him to rebel: “What can I do if I don’t go… You and I both know that pheromones are not under their own control, that’s biological instinct.
It’s like a person who has been thirsty for days and nights suddenly Putting a bowl of clear water in front of you, can you refuse?”


“I can.” Luo Qinghe gritted his teeth and said viciously.


Song Xiao was silent for a moment, then suddenly smiled: “Luo Qinghe, don’t be so naive.
If you refuse once, twice, even three or four times, can you refuse for a lifetime? I’m Beta, I know, the marked Alpha and Omega, as long as you miss one estrus period, your desire for each other will increase exponentially the next time you are in estrus.
If you tie yourself up, there is no way to escape the pain, you will only torture yourself to death.”


I admit that Luo Qinghe is indeed an excellent Alpha, but even the best of humans can’t resist instinct.
Marking is not something that can be gotten rid of with perseverance, otherwise why did he fail to resist his instinct and mark each other with Xia Qiao.


Luo Qinghe didn’t speak anymore, this was indeed an unsolvable problem.


After a while, Song Xiao’s voice sounded again, with a hoarse and tired voice: “And… Xia Qiao is also innocent.
Since you mark each other, according to the law, you should be together.”


Luo Qinghe said slowly and sarcastically: ” So you gave me to him, so rational and great…”


Reason told me that Song Xiao did the right thing, emotionally… I can even understand Luo Qinghe’s anger.


In this incident, all three were victims.
Song Xiao made what he thought was the right choice, fulfilling Luo Qinghe and Xia Qiao, fully thinking that his exit would bring the peace of the three.
Perhaps in his opinion, as long as Luo Qinghe is well and no longer in pain, it doesn’t matter whether he is with the other party or not.


But Luo Qinghe was different.
He didn’t need Song Xiao to make a choice for him.
He couldn’t accept that when he was still holding the opponent’s hand tightly, the other party released him first.
This, in his view, was betrayal.


While thinking about it, the two talked for several rounds, Luo Qinghe’s words became more and more vicious, and every word was poking at Song Xiao’s heart.


“Didn’t you tell me to treat him well? Until his death, I treated him very well.
We even had a child, are you satisfied?”


“Qinghe…” Song Xiao trembled to stop him, did not succeed.


“Didn’t you ask me why I did that to your child? When I saw him, I would think of you, and remember that when I begged you that way, you still left me.
I did take anger at him, but I would become like this, It’s all your fault.” The words were like sharp swords, Luo Qinghe said coldly, “It’s all your fault that we have become like this!”


After saying this, he turned around and strode away, leaving Song Xiao behind in place.


Liang Qiu Yang wanted to step forward, but I grabbed him and shook his head silently at him.


Song Xiao stood there for a while, then limped away with a cane.
The maze returned to silence again, and no sound was heard.


“That’s… Song Bai Lao’s parents?” Liang Qiu Yang asked me.


“Yes.” I told him about my encounter with Song Xiao in Manshui.


Liang Qiu Yang exclaimed amazingly, before he sighed and said, “It’s also a pitiful person.
The former sweetheart has now become a grudge.
The old guys of the Luo family and Xia family are really nothing, and they are not afraid of going to hell after death.”


They are not afraid, you will also be complacent, thinking that you have made a very wise decision.


On the way back, Liang Qiu Yang and I were somewhat affected, and our words were obviously much less.
Returning to the floor where the ward was located, as soon as he got out of the elevator, he saw Luo Meng Bai waiting at the door, staring at Liang Qiu Yang with crooked eyes.


Liang Qiu Yang looked at her for a long time, then turned back and said to me: “Ning Yu, is it okay for you to go back to the ward by yourself?”


The ward is only ten meters away from the elevator entrance, so I can’t have any problems.


“No problem.”


Liang Qiu Yang said, “Then I’ll take care of my own affairs first.”


He went over to grab Luo Meng Bai’s hand and dragged her to the other side, with a handsome face that tried to disguise the seriousness.


“Qiu Yang, you are hurting me…”


As soon as Luo Meng Bai opened her mouth, she was all broken.


“How can you be so squeamish as an Alpha!” He said so, but his hand was still loose.
Before they could be completely separated, Luo Meng Bai grabbed it from behind.


I smiled and shook my head, feeling happy and envious.


It’s so nice to hold hands with the loved one… Walking to the door of the ward, I just grabbed the handle, and the tender voice from inside made me stagnate.


“Is mom pregnant with a baby?”




With just one word, I guessed his identity from the casual and impatient tone of his voice.


The little boy continued to ask, “Is that a younger sister or a younger brother?”


“I don’t know.”


“I want a younger sister…”


I twisted the door, and two people in the ward looked at me at the same time.
Song Mo, who was sitting on Song Bai Lao’s lap, was stunned for a while, and immediately stretched out his arms towards me, making a gesture of wanting me to hug him, his face full of joy mixed with longing.


“Mo Mo…” I hurriedly sat over and picked him up from Song Bai Lao’s lap.


Song Mo wrapped my neck with his hand and put his chin on my shoulder: “Mom, I miss you so much.”


The cast on his hands and feet hadn’t been removed, so I didn’t dare to hold it too hard, but I couldn’t hide my excitement, and my voice was shaking.


“I miss you too.”

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