After listening to my words, Xiao Yu seemed to be suddenly interested in Song Bai Lao’s upbringing environment, and he kept asking me about him all the way back.


“Does he have a bad relationship with his father?”


“Does he get whipped often?”


“Will his father still beat him when he is so old?”


The more he asked, the more strange it would be, after all, he and Song Bai Lao had never met, he shouldn’t be so curious.


Xiao Yu might also see my doubts, and explained embarrassingly: “I’m thinking of my son.” He said in a low tone, “I left him to his father because I hope he can get a better education and don’t have to follow me running around, wandering around.
If he doesn’t have a good time because of this, I…”


He didn’t go on, but the sad expression said it all.


It was my words that made him empathize.


“Are you out of touch with the child?” I asked.


“After my wife and I divorced, his family warned me to stay away from their father and son, saying that as long as I was still in contact with them, they couldn’t really start a new life, and it was not good for anyone.
I moved for this reason.
I changed my mobile phone number, and worked hard.” He sighed deeply, “I originally wanted to go back to see it in a few years, but I accidentally fell off the mountain and was seriously injured.
I lay on the bed for a long time.
After more than a year, I was completely healed, and my legs were lame.
I didn’t want my children to see me like this, so I tried to write a few letters back, but there was no response.”


I think of the letters Song Bai Lao wrote to his mother.
The letter said, “Could it be that something went wrong and the letter was not delivered to him?”


Xiao Yu shook his head: “Maybe he also blamed me for abandoning their father and son, and doesn’t want to recognize me anymore.”


The relationship between Song Bai Lao and Luo Qinghe He was nervous and rarely talked about his parents.
The only time he mentioned his mother was when Song Mo was on a swing last time.


If it was him, would he blame Song Xiao for not abandoning him? After so many years, has he been relieved?


I used to be curious about my father, whom I had never met, and pestered Ning Shi to find out who he was.


At first, Ning Shi just said “I don’t know” impatiently, but got annoyed by the question, she slapped the table and asked me to ask again, then get out and find my father, don’t move under her nose.


I didn’t dare to ask any more questions, and huddled against the wall, tears streaming down my face.


Ning Shi glared at me, and after a while, it seemed like she had no choice but to throw a ball of tissues over.


“Why are you crying? Wipe away your tears.” She frowned, “Your father is like a male dog who is only responsible for sowing seeds.
His children are not only you, but more women like me.
If you were an Alpha, our situation might be very different now, but you are just a Beta, after giving me a sum of money, you have nothing to do with him at all.
Even if you go to him now, he will never admit you It’s his child.”


I sobbed and pressed the tissue to my eyes, stammering: “But…but I just want to take a look at him from a distance, it doesn’t matter if he don’t admit it, let me know what kind of person he is.
That’s good, this way right?”


At that time, I was less than ten years old, she even said to a ten-year-old child “your father is just a male dog”, and I don’t know what she thought.


“If you know it, you will have expectations and longings, and then you will start resentment, jealousy, and unwillingness.” She said, “If you know something that is not beneficial, it is better not to know it.”


Ning Shi is not a qualified and good mother.
But she doesn’t always have pure malice towards me, she’s always thinking about how to use me.
Sometimes she also does things that she thinks are good for me, and in her opinion fits her status as a “mother”, such as letting me study at Shangshan, and for example, she has always kept a tight lip on my father for more than 20 years, not mentioning a single one character about him.


I didn’t understand what she was doing before, and felt that she took away my right to know.
As a child, I had the right to know who my father was, even if he was an asshole.



But now, I’m not sure.


The poor mother made me look forward to a “father” who never appeared in my life.
I just looked at him from a distance, and it doesn’t matter if he don’t admit it, but in fact, there is still a voice deep in my heart that whispers, “What if he recognizes me”, “What if he is a good father”.


As Ning Shi said, if this expectation is not answered, or even hits me hard, it will not benefit me when I was young.
It may not be a bad thing to keep a beautiful dream in your heart forever with expectations for the other party.


When I slept until the middle of the night, I gradually felt that my body was hot and sweaty, and every bone was sore.
I struggled to open my eyes in the obscurity and stared at the darkness for a long while before I realized that I might have a fever.


I swallowed my saliva, my throat instantly tingling.
I sat up and went to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water.


The bedside clock said it was three-fifty in the morning, and it would be hours before dawn.


Leaning on the wall and walking out of the door, just as I was about to turn on the light, the doorbell rang in the middle of the night.


This weird scene made me freeze in place, looking at the door at a loss.


It’s a very simple rule of thumb.
I only have Xiao Yu, an acquaintance in Manshui.
If it’s not Xiao Yu outside the door, no matter who rings the doorbell in the middle of the night, it’s definitely not a good thing.


With this thought in my heart, I approached and glanced nervously, and saw Song Bai Lao’s figure in the corridor with the sensor light on.


He didn’t seem to be in a good mood…


He seemed to be sensing something.
He met my eyes directly across the cat’s eyes, raised his hand and rang the doorbell at the same time.



I took a step back in fright and accidentally bumped into the shoe cabinet on the side, and the cardboard box placed on it fell down, making a lot of noise.


He should have heard it, stopped ringing the doorbell, and started banging on the door.


“Ning Yu, open the door!”


After only a week, he actually found me.


My heart was beating violently because of nervousness and panic, which made it even harder for me, who was already having a fever, to think.


If you open the door, you don’t know what will happen, if you don’t open the door, you don’t know what he will do.
In a dilemma, the door at the other end was slapped louder, and he justly had no idea that he was disturbing the people at all.


If he keeps messing around like this, the whole building might be woken up by him.


“Ning Yu, I won’t do anything to you, open the door and let’s talk, okay?” Seeing that I didn’t say a word, he paused, and when he spoke again, he even took a negotiating tone.


I thought he would kick open the door and rush in in a fit of rage, but with such a calm and calm attitude, I was a little lost.
However, in this state, he is already outside the door, and I don’t seem to have any other choice but to open the door.


Although he is an Alpha and I am a Beta, I may suffer from a physical disadvantage, but he should not be so bloody and violent that he will punish me on the spot because I signed the divorce agreement given by Luo Qinghe right?


I put my hand on the doorknob, took a deep breath, and finally unlocked the door.


The door opened slowly, and Song Bai Lao appeared in front of me completely.
The cat’s eyes were not very clear, but when I looked again, I found that his eyes were blue, his skin was pale, his hair was messy, and he looked like he hadn’t slept for days and nights.
Even the shirt he was wearing had more wrinkles than it should have.


“Ning Yu…”


He called my name, and when I was looking at him, he was also looking at me with deep and complicated eyes.


Suddenly, he stepped forward and hugged me, wrapping me in his arms.
The sore bones were hugged so hard by him that they were about to break in an instant, and I couldn’t help but let out a very low hoarse moan.
After smelling the fragrance of the flowers on his body, my startled heart miraculously gradually calmed down.


He loosened up a bit, but still hugged me, his lips pressed against my ear: “I’ve been looking for you for eight days, do you know how I spent these eight days?”


I was probably confused, I actually felt that there was some grievance and coquettishness in his voice.


“Let go, let me go, don’t you want to talk? Go into the room…” I stretched out my hand to push him, the muscles in his chest were like a stone, and I couldn’t push him.


He completely ignored my words, rubbed my cheeks with his fingers, and suddenly looked stunned: “Why is your face so hot?”


Then he pressed the back of my head, forcing me to raise my head and touch my forehead.


After a while, he let go of me, frowned and said, “You have a fever, don’t you feel it?”


I felt…


I pushed him again, but this time he was unprepared, but I pushed him away.


“Just talk about things, don’t… don’t do anything.” After a pause, I added, “I will take care of myself, so you don’t need to worry about it.”


The sensor lights in the corridor dimmed, shrouding us in the In total darkness.


It was so dark that I could only see Song Bai Lao’s vague body outline.
He stood there silently, not responding for a long time.


I wondered if he was holding back his anger and was on fire, and thinking about how to deal with me, he suddenly spoke again.


“I don’t touch you, you follow me to the hospital.”


As soon as I heard he was going to take me to the hospital, my hair exploded and I backed away subconsciously.


“Don’t.” Dazed, everything was based on instinct, I tightened the clothes on my abdomen and stared at him vigilantly.


“I just…” Halfway through his words, the door opposite opened with a creak, and the sensor light came on.


Song Bai Lao and I looked at it at the same time, Xiao Yu was half-bent out in a coat, and his expression was still a little dazed.
He should have heard the movement outside the door and wanted to get up to see what was going on.


“Ning Yu?” He opened the door further and walked towards us.


Song Bai Lao looked at him, suddenly turned around and walked over, and the two of them greeted in front of my room.
In the dim light, from my point of view, I could only see Xiao Yu’s misty eyes slowly widening, and he looked up at Song Bai Lao in front of him in shock.


His voice was soft and careful, with a faint trembling, as if afraid of breaking something.





Accompanied by the sound of these two words, Song Bai Lao’s back was instantly tense, and his hand on the door frame also tightened suddenly.


I was at a loss when I heard Song Bai Lao calling out to Xiao Yu: “…Mom.”


Wait, Mom?


I held my forehead, a little hard to come back to my senses.


Xiao Yu, Yu Xiao, plus his occupation, the things he said about his ex-partner and children are always added together, so… Xiao Yu is Song Xiao? !


It’s also a coincidence that this happens to me every time I rent.


The first time I rented a house, I met Liang Qiu Yang, who generously helped me in the tattoo parlor, and the second time I rented… I met Song Bai Lao’s mother.


What kind of luck is that?


I really didn’t intend to interrupt their mother-son reunion, but tonight everything was weird.
My eyes turned black, and the contents of my stomach rushed up my throat without warning.
I didn’t even have time to turn around and run into the toilet.


My vision gradually became blurred, and there was a dark pool on the floor, and I didn’t know what was spit out, and my mouth was full of strange sweetness.


“Ning Yu!”


One second before I lost consciousness, Song Bai Lao turned around and charged at me, taking me, who fell down, into his arms.


People really can’t be too hard.
Five minutes ago, I swore that I would tell him not to move his hands and feet without him bothering.
Five minutes later, I could only fall into his arms like a dead fish.

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