Life in Mangshui is comfortable and relaxing.
If it is not for having children, this place can be said to be the ideal land of my dreams.


Tang asked me to make a choice as soon as possible, saying that there is no problem now, but it does not mean that there will be no problem in two months.
When the fetus grows, my fertility sac may rupture at any time, and not only will I be in danger, but the fetus will not be able to survive.


This feeling of powerlessness is so frustrating.


I thought this child was a second chance, a gift from God.
But after going around, it turns out that I still can’t keep anything.
Good luck is not on my side, and I hope that there will always be greater disappointment afterward.


“That’s a hummingbird.” I stared at a photo on a low cabinet, and Xiao Yu introduced it to me with a smile, “Yellow-tailed sickle-billed hummingbird.”


The hummingbird’s feathers are a dark green with a metallic feel, the beak is, as its name suggests, in the shape of a sickle.
It was resting on a yellow hemerocallis at the time of the shooting.


Xiao Yu’s family has many photos, on the cabinets, on the walls, all kinds of natural scenery and wild animals.


“It’s so beautiful.” I said, taking the hot tea he handed to me.


In the past few days, Xiao Yu has always invited me to his house for dinner.
However, Xiao Yu said that my hands are inconvenient, and now that I am pregnant, I can’t eat takeout casually.
Sometimes he wants to eat two more dishes, but he is afraid that he will not be able to eat too much.
This is just right.


Naturally, I could hear that this was an excuse he was looking for because he was afraid that I would think too much.
While appreciating his kindness, he insisted on paying for his food.
He didn’t reject it, he accepted it quickly, and added two more dishes in the evening.


After dinner, I always sit at his house for a while before leaving.
Sometimes I turn on the TV to watch some news or variety shows, and sometimes I just chat like this.


“I used to be a field photographer.” Xiao Yu picked up a photo in front of him and said with a lot of nostalgia, “Unfortunately, I fell down and crippled my leg, so I didn’t get used to this job.
In the later period, I made a living by selling old photos, but I could barely make a living.”


I looked at his problematic left leg: “Is there no cure?”


Xiao Yu moved the stiff leg and smiled wryly: “The knee is broken, it should be cured.
I don’t want it to be better now, I just want it not to be a monster in rainy days.” He looked around and pointed it to me, “Well, it’s just to shoot I just fell.”


I followed his direction and saw a very eye-catching landscape photo hanging on the wall – the rising sun rises from the end of the mountains, dyeing half of the sky red, clouds and mist covering the mountains and forests, The other half was dyed a light blue.
The layers of forests are pinnacled, and the rising sun begins to dawn.
The beauty is breathtaking and majestic, which makes people unconsciously sigh at the magnificence of nature.


“Do you know Luoyang Mountain?” he asked.


“I’ve heard it, but I haven’t been there.”


I’ve only heard this name on TV and the Internet, and I know it’s a high mountain in the north, with a high altitude and beautiful scenery.
However, because it is too north, there are few people going there, and there are not many tourist facilities.
It is a relatively unpopular tourist destination.


Xiao Yu waved his hand: “There’s nothing to go there, walking can crawl you to death, it’s too wild, only people who like to climb mountains go there.
If I hadn’t made an appointment with someone, I wouldn’t go there.
Just for this photo He also crippled his leg, so you can say it’s not bad.”


Even though he said that, his expression was very relaxed, and he didn’t have much regret.
Even that photo was hung in the most eye-catching position by him, occupying the C position exclusively.


“That must be someone very important to ask you to go.”


Xiao Yu smiled when he heard the words: “It’s my lover.” He said, “I promised him before that I would go with him to climb Mount Yang.
Later… we separated, but I promised him what I would do.
So I went alone, but I fell off the mountain in a flash.”


Having said this, his expression darkened: “This may be retribution, I forsake his retribution.”


Walking in the world is not easy for everyone, and opening it is a thick storybook.
On the surface, he is optimistic and open-minded, but behind his back there are bloody scars.


Daoist Weijing is, so is Uncle Xiao…


“I’m going to buy two sets of clothes tomorrow.” Seeing him like this, I couldn’t keep asking, so I quickly changed the subject.


A week after landing in Manshui, I called Liang Qiu Yang.


After a few beeps, he picked up a voice that sounded anxious and expectant: “Hello?”


“Qiu Yang, it’s me.”


The other party gasped as if frightened, “Ning Yu?”


Then he started roaring: “I thought you are going to die! Send a text message and you disappear.
Do you know how much I worry about you these days?”


Just small, this skinny has to be taken off.


I coaxed him lightly: “I’m sorry, the situation was more urgent at the time, and I didn’t think about it too much, it wasn’t intentional.”


Liang Qiu Yang’s temper came and went quickly, and he was very coaxing.
If I speak softly, he won’t move.


“Forget it, I’ll spare you this time.
But how do you say divorce is divorced? Didn’t I ask you before that you were fine with Song Bai Lao?”


I pondered for a while: “Actually…”


I brought Luo Qinghe to the door to hand over the divorce agreement I told him about the matter, Liang Qiu Yang was silent for a few seconds after hearing it, and then he started to get angry again.


“What! Why is Luo Meng Bai’s uncle so disgusting? You didn’t insist on marrying Song Bai Lao, but now he is forcing you to divorce in less than a year, what is he doing! If he don’t bully people like this, I want to marry Luo Meng Bai.
Break up!”


I was stunned, unable to laugh or cry: “What’s the matter with Luo Meng Bai?”


Liang Qiu Yang gasped and said, “You are my cub, their family bullies you like this, I can’t bear it, I feel bad!”


I advise him not to be impulsive, Luo Qinghe can’t, Luo Meng Bai is still very good.
I have specifically asked Aunt Jiu before.
Luo Meng Bai has been obsessed with research these years.
She is not interested in Omegas and Betas.
She is very clean and self-sufficient.


“Okay, she stays, and their family gets the hell out of me!” I persuaded for a long time, and Liang Qiu Yang finally let go of the idea of ​​breaking up for the time being.


He scolded Luo Qinghe and Song Bai Lao for another five minutes without hesitation, he finally had enough of the scolding, and changed the topic: “By the way, the next day you sent me the information, Song Bai Lao came to me and asked if I had any news about you.
I saw him in such a hurry at the time, thinking that you were just an ordinary couple quarreling, afraid that something would happen to you, and even took him to the old house to find you.
It turned out that you had been there, but it didn’t take long, so you packed up and left again.” Suddenly, his voice was a little hollow, “Then cough… Song Bai Lao found the notebook on your desk and asked me what it was.
I said it was your diary… He, he took it all away.”


Song Bai Lao’s actions surprised me.
Then, I tightened my back and said, “Take it all?!”


“I’m sorry, I didn’t stop…”


Hearing this, I slack off, Song Bai Lao has a domineering personality, what he wants to do can’t be stopped by Liang Qiu Yang ofcourse.


I sighed and said, “It’s okay, forget it, he can take it as he takes it.”


Seven years, more than 2,000 days and nights, I don’t believe he can see it day by day.
Even if he read it, it’s nothing, it’s just everyday life, and I don’t have any secrets to hide.
I kept the diary I wrote after I met him again, so he shouldn’t have seen me calling him “stupid”.


After that, Liang Qiu Yang asked me where I was now.
I said that I was in Mangshui.
He said that when he asked the agent if he could line up the announcements, he would have to spare a day to see me.


I actually don’t want him to come to see me at this time.
After all, my situation is undecided.
If he comes and finds me lying in the hospital, I don’t know what to cry.
Although he seldom cried, but once he started crying, he would never stop and could not stop.


“Then remember to contact me if you have anything to do.
Don’t hide it from me.” After repeated instructions, he hung up the phone without much confidence.


Staring at the screen of the mobile phone back to the desktop for a moment, thinking that I was doomed to renege on his promise, I called Daoist Weijing again.


The signal in the mountains was not very good.
He had to feed him several times before he could hear my voice, and then he was startled.


“Oh, little friend, you finally called me.”


“I’m sorry, I haven’t thanked you face to face before…” If he didn’t kick Xiang Ping in time, I’m afraid I’d have to go to the hospital now.
Master and his old man are companions.


“It’s a lot of work.”


“Daoist, I’m not in Xiangtan these days, so I’m afraid the event at the dojo will be delayed.”


“I know this, I called you two days ago and couldn’t get through, so I went down the mountain.
One trip, I happened to meet the donor Song, so I told him.”


I took a breath and had a bad feeling in my heart: “…What did you tell him?”


“I’ll be honest, just tell him.
Said that you want to be a child’s death dojo, and then you can’t be contacted, ask him where you have been.” Daoist Weijing said a few simple words, and my head was dizzy, “He asked me what kind of child , I said it was the child seven years ago.
He asked me about my child’s birthday, and I told him everything.”


“You…you said everything?”


“Monks don’t lie, and Taoist priests can’t lie, I can answer whatever you ask.
Why, did I answer wrong? Wait…” He suddenly reacted, “By the way, little friend, has it been less than a year since you got married, that child from seven years ago…” He hissed and asked, “Am I saying something wrong?”


I felt a little powerless, and this powerlessness was not for Daoist Weijing himself, but more for the unpredictability of the world.


Who would have thought that Song Bai Lao would finally know the existence of that child in this way.


I buffered for a while, and said, “It’s okay, just know if you know it.
Is the flowerpot still with you?”


Don’t tell me about my contact with him.


He was a little embarrassed at first, but finally came up with a coup: “Then I’ll keep my mouth shut.
If anyone asks me, it won’t be considered a relapse.”


After thanking him, I hung up the phone, feeling a little mixed for a while.


I never thought that the truth would be revealed in such a situation.


But it shouldn’t be too bad for Song Bai Lao, maybe he still feels fortunate that I didn’t give birth to a child, and that there is one less person in this world that shouldn’t be born.


I don’t know, will he be a little… a little sad?


I took out the old SIM card, and I hesitated, but in the end I couldn’t resist my thirst for knowledge, so I reinserted it into my phone.


There was no movement at first.
After about ten seconds, the information came in like a snowflake, and the phone vibrated for two minutes before it stopped.


There are spam text messages, from Liang Qiu Yang, Taoist priests, and… Song Bai Lao.


The fingertip hovers over the red dot and eventually presses.


[There is no other Alpha at all, right? It’s only me from start to finish, you were pregnant with my child seven years ago, right? ]


[Ning Yu, call me back and tell me where you are.]


[Are you going to drive me crazy, Ning Yu? Call me back, please call me back…]


Just had time to glance at the last few pieces of messages the phone began to vibrate.
When I saw that it was Song Bai Lao’s call, I was so frightened that I didn’t smash the phone, and turned it off in a hurry.


I don’t know if he happened to call me, or if he has been calling my phone uninterruptedly for the past few days.


I felt a little dizzy, rubbed my forehead, got up and poured myself a cup of hot water.
My vision suddenly blurred, and the glass fell to the ground and shattered in an instant.


I squatted down and slowed down for a while, and felt much better.
Just as I was about to get up, my nose was hot, and I bowed my head in astonishment.
A little blood had dripped on the beige tiles, and I could taste the smell of blood in my mouth.

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